Poikkea Aikakoneessa osoitteessa

Itsenäisyydenkatu 12-14
33500 Tampere

ma-pe klo 11-17.00
la klo 10-14




p. 0400 834 838




Boothe, Ken: Reggae for lovers ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 8e
Brown, Dennis: Nothing like this ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Carlos, Don: Deep concerned M-/ex- Us-orig. 20e
Cimarons: Freedom street ex-/M- shrink UK-orig. 10e
Cocoa Tea: Good life ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Ellis, Babatunde Tony: No palce to run ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. ins 10e
Gladiators: S/T M-/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
Jah Lloyd: Black Moses M-/ex- Uk-orig. 40e
Jah Woosh: Dreadlocks affair ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 17e
Little John: Clarks Booty: ex-/ex- Jamaika-orig. 25e
Luciano. A New day M-/M- Us-orig. 8e
Luciano: Messenger ex-/ex- Uk-orig, inn 8e
Luciano: Serve Jah M-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Mad Professor: Science & the Switchdoctor ex/ex Uk-orig. 15e
Moosman with Bunny: Message in the dub ex/ex numeroitu 66/1000 15e
Niney the Observer: Roots with quality ex-/ex Us-orig 2-LP 17e
Parker, Clint: A glint of gold ex/ex- 15e
Ranking Dread/Massive Dread: 2 Dread inna Babylon ex/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Shiloh, Ras: Only King Selaissie M-/ex Saksa-orig 8e
Skatalites: Rollin on ex/ex- Uk-orig 15e
Sly & Robbie: The Summit M-/Ex Us-orig 8e
Smith, Ernie: Life is just for living M-/ex Uk-orig. 15e
Steel Pulse: Handsworth revolution ex-/vg´ Ruotsi-orig. gs 8e
Taxi Gang: Electro reggae vol. 1 M-/ex 10e
Tolerance: Jampara ex/ex- Jamaika-orig. 15e
Turbulence: Join Us ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Twilight Circus Dub Sounds System: Dub plates volume two ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
V/A Reggae Chartbusters 75 ex-/ex Uk-orig. 10e
V/A Best of Studio One M-/M- -83-Us (shrink, ins) 12e
V/A Catch this beat - the Rock Steady years 66/68 ex-/ex- Uk-orig 20e
V/A Flag flown high - the bet of Bobby Digital´s Roots productions ex/ex Uk-orig. 2-LP gs 17e
V/A Rebel music an anthology of reggae music ex-/ex -79-UK 2-LP 12e

Soul, funk

*Womack, Bobby: The Bravest man in the Unioverse M-/ex- Uk-orig. gs + CD 17e
*Moore, Jackie: Sweet Charlie Babe ex/ex Us-orig. tiny co 15e
*Cooke, Sam: Tribute toi the Lady M-/ex Eu-re 180gr. vinyyli 12e
*D/roit: Soul sound system M-/ex- Tanska-orig. 15e
*D/roit: Heavy M-/M- Tanska-orig, 20e
*Pointer, Bonnie: S/T M-/ex US-orig. 7e
*V/A The Sound of ALabama soul M-/ex 7e
*Blue Lab Beats: Motherland journey M-/M- Eu-orig. 2-LP gs 20e
*Booker T. & The MG´s_ Hip hug-her M-/ex- 2014 Music on Vinyl -painos 15e
*Hill, Jessie: Naturally ex/vg+ Us-orig, gs co 15e
*Wonder, Stevie: Where I´m coming from ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 17e
*Ross, Jackie: Full bloom ex/ex -88-Italia -repro 15e
*Gray, Dobie: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig, co 5e
*Imagination: Night dubbing ex/ex Suomi-orig. sstoc 8e
*Simpson, Roy: Tiger love ex/ex- Us-orig. co 5e
*Oiginal Soundtrack: Black Fist ex/ex Us-.orig. ei co 17e

21st Century: Ahead of our time Mint(muoveissa)/ex Us-orig. co 30e
5000 volts: S/T ex-/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
8th Day: Call me up/Body Buddy ex/- Funk America-pussi (ex-) Uk-orig. 5e
Aalon: Cream city ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Abao, Rick: I´ve got it ex/ex- Saksa-orig. sstol, sstoc, sstobc, gs 20e
Ace Spectrum: Just like in the movies Mint (muoveissa) US-orig. co 10e
Afro American Ensemble: Free the black man´s chains ex/ex- US-orig. 13e
Al Agami: Deep undercover -MAxi M-/- promo wol 7e
´ Anderson, Carl: S/T ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Anderson, Kip/Willie Walker: Southern soul stock vol. 1 M-/ex 70/80-luvu vaihteen Italia/Chess 15e
Arizona: S/T ex/vg+ Uk-orig, cut out thru label 8e
Arnau, BJ: S/T ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Austin, Patti: Every home should have one M-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. inn co 6e
Austin, Patti: S/T ex/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. inn 5e
Baby Ray: Where soul lives M-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Banks, Ron & the Dramatics: The Dramatic Jackpot Mint(SS)/vg+ Us-orig., ei co 8e
Banks. Ron & Dramatics: Dramatically yours ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Banks, Ron & the Dramatics: The Dramatic Jackpot ex/ex- Us-orig gs co 7e
Banks, Rose: Rose ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Barnes, Marjorie: I got a name ex/ex- Hollanti-orig 5e
Bautista: sama M-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Beautiful Bend: Make that feeling come again! ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Bee, Celi & The Buzzy Bunch: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
´ Benson, George: Summertime/2001 -MAXI CTI-pussi US-orig. MINT(muoveissa) 10e
Benson, George: Love songs ex/ex Saksa-orig. 6e
Benson, George: In flight ex-/ex- Uk-orig. gs 7e
Benson, George: Livin inside your love ex-/ex- Italia-orig.2-LP gs 8e
Benton, Brook: Endlessly vg+/ex- Us-orig. (-59) swobc 10e
Benton, Brook: Today ex/ex- Us-orig, 10e
Biblical Gospel singers: It´s so easy now ex/ex Us-orig. co 12e
Blast, CL: S/T M-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Blockbusters: Boys on the block Us-orig. MINT (muoveissa) 17e
Bloodstone: Unreal ex/ex- Us-orig. inn co 10e
Blowfly: Funk you vol. 4 -MAXI M-/ex- Us-orig. yellow vinyl 17e
Blue Aquarius: S/M Mint US-orig. Gospel Truth -73 gs co 12e
Blue Magic: Thirteen Blue Magic lane Mint (sealed) Us-orig. co 10e
Blue Magic: Thirteen Blue Magic Lane Mint (SS) US-orig. co 10e
Blue Magic: Mystic dragons Mint (SS) US-orig. co 10e
Blue Magic: Mystic dragons ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Blue Magic: The Magic of the blue Mint(muoveissa) US-orig. co 10e
Bobcat: Cat got ya tongue ex-/ex(-) Saksa-orig. inn 10e
Bohannon: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Bohannon, Hamilton: Bohannon ex-/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 10e
Bonds, Gary US The Satr -EP 10" -81-Charly-UK 5e
Booty People: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Boys on the Block: Blockbusters Us-orig. MINT (sealed) ei co 7e
Bradford, Alex: A lifetime believing M-/ex- Us.orig. small co 10e
Brass Construction: II ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 13e
Brazukas: S/T ex/ex- Uk-orig. 35e
Briscoe, Jimmy & the Beavers: S/T Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 13e
Brooks, Pattie: Our Ms Brooks ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Brooks, Ray Full Fource: Songs with In M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 5e
Brother to Brother: Let your mind be free ex/ex -76-Us blue label 8e
Brothers: Disco soul ex-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Brothers Johnson: Kickin ex/ex Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Brothers Johnson: Out of control vg+/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Brothers Johnson: Blam ex/ex Kanada-orig. gs co 8e
Brown, Bobby: Dace you know it ex/ex Saksa-orig. inn 6e
Brown, Latimore: Everyday I have to cry ex/ex- 80-luvun Charlty 8e
Brown, James: Superstarshine vol. 25 ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 15e
Brown, James: Think M-/M- Wax time -repro 10e
Brown, Peter: Stargazer ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. inn 5e
Brown, Shirley: Woman to woman ex/ex 80-luvun alun Saksa-repro 10e
Brown Sugar: Featuring Clydie King ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
B.T Express: Do it til you´re satisfied ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Buc Fifty: Sever the devil praise the Lord ex-/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP gs 10e
Burke, Keni: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Burrows, Vinie: Walk together children ex-/ex Us-orig. 35e
Butler, Jerry: Make it easy on yourself ex/ex 70-luvun Uk-painos 2-LP gs 15e
Butler, Jerry: You & me Mint (SS) gs co 25e
Butler, Jerry & Exuma: Joe original soundtrack ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 17e
Butler, Jerry: It all come out in my song ex-/ex- US-orig. co 7e
Butler, Jerry: Power of love ex/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Butler, Jerry: More of the best of ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Butler, Wild Child: Keep on doing whta you are doing ex-/ex Us-orig. ei co 25e
Butler,Tommy: The Selma album-a musican tribute to Martin Luther King 2-Lp Us-orig. M-/M- ei co 10e

Cafe Creme: Citations initerrompues (Beatles Medley)/Dreaming M-/ex Espanja-orig. MAXI, hieno Cube-cover 10e
Caldwell, Quantella: I´ll have love this time M-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Cameron, G.C: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. co 17e
Cameron, Etta: I´m a woman ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 8e
Camp Galore: Deco disco ex/M- (shrink) kiva "disco"-piirroskansi 7e
Carne, Jean: Closer than close Mint(muoveissa)/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Carroll, Diahann: S/T ex-/ex US-orig 8e
Carlton, Carl: drop my place M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 10e
Carlton, Carl: Everlasting Love Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig, co 10e
Carlton, Carl: I wanna be with you ex-/ex- Us-orig. 6e
Carter, Ralph: Young and in love ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 7e
Castor, Jimmy Bunch: It´s just begun M-/ex Us-orig co 17e
Chambers Brothers: Unbonded vg+/vg+ Us-orig. co 12e
Chambers Brothers: Right move M-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Charles, Ray: Genius + soul = jazz UUSI 15e
Cherry, Neneh: Raw like sushi ex-/ex Saksa-orig. inn 5e
Chic: Tongue in Chic M-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Chic: Believer M-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Chi-Lites: Happy being loney ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Chi-Lites: Half a love ex/vg+ Ranska-orig. 8e
Christopher, Gavin: sama M-/ex(-) Us-orig. 6e
City Streets: Livin in the jungle ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Commodores: Nightshift M-/ex- Us-orig co 5e
Connors, Norman: Romantic journey ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Cooke, Sam: The Man and his music M-/ex Saksa-orig. 2-LP gs 10e
Cooke, Sam: Encore M-/M- Get Back 180 gr. re shrink 15e
Cookin on 3 burners: Blind bet ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Coombay Dance Party: land of gold ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Controllers: In control ex-/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose: Greatest hits ex-/ex Us-orig. tiny co 10e
Controllers: My love is real M-/ex- 80-luvun Uk-painos 9e
Cortez, Baby: The Isley Brother sway ex-/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 15e
Cox, Danny: S/T ex(-)/ex Us-orig. ei co gs 13,5e
Cox, Danny: Feel so good ex/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Crackin: Special touch ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Crackin: Makings of a dream ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Crawford, Don: Anothes shade of black ex/ex- Us-orig. säilytetty kostessa, kansi hieman S:llä co 25e
Crouch. Andrae: Just Andrae M-/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Crown Heights Affair: Foxy lady ex/ex- Us-orig. ei co 12e
Crume, Dillard: Singing the hits of today ex-/ex Us-orig. 25e
Crusaders: Rhapsody and blues ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 2-LP gs 6e
Curb, Mike Congregation: S/T (-77) ex(-)/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Currie, Cherie: Beauty is only skin deep ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. ins swol 10e
Curry, Mini: 100 % M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 5e

Damion & Denita: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. co liite 6e
Commodores: Live ex/ex- Us-orig 2-LP gs co 10e
Dazz Band: Hot spot ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 7
Dazz Band: Rock the room M-/ex Saksa-orig. 8e
Dazz Band: Wild and free ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn. 7e
Delfonics: Let it be me ex/ex- 70-luvun Uk-painos 8e
Dells vs. Dramatics: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig gs co 10e
Dells: Musical menu ex-/ex Us-orig. gs co 10e
Dells: Always togerther/The Musical menu ex/ex Us-orig gs co thru label 10e
Dells: Sing Dionne Warwick´s Greatest hits ex/ex- Us-orig. reilu cut out 15e
Direct Disco: Featuring Dino Gentie & the Family ex/ex- Us-orig. suorakaiverrus 12" 6tr. 7e
Disco Tex & his Sex-Q-Lettes: S/T ex-/ex- US-orig. 8e
Disco-Tex: Manhattan millionaire M-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Douglas, Carol: Midnight love affair ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Douglas, Carol: Come into my life Mint (SS), kansi vg+, co Us-orig. 7e
Dozier, Lamont: For you ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Dr. Alban: One love the album ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig inn 15e
Dramatics: Joy Ride Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig co 15e
Dream express: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig. small co 5e
Drifters: Every nite's a saturday nite M-/ex Uk-orig. 8,5e-
D/roit: Do the right thing -EP 10" M-/M- shrink Tanska-orig. 10e
Dynamics: What a shame ex/ex- Us-orig. 17e
Dynamic Superiors: Pure pleasure Mint(muoveissa)/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Dynamic Superiors: Give & Take Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Dynamic Superiors: S/T Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. small co 20e

Earth, Wind & Fire: Faces ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 2-Lp 2xinn poster gs 8e
Easterling, Skip: Taking inventory ex/ex- 80-luvun Charly 7e
Eastbound Expressway: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. 20e
Eaton, William: Struggle buggy Mint(sealed)/M Us-orig. co 10e
Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign: Watchin you watchin me ex/ex- Us-orig. inn tiny co 10e
Ebonys: Sing about life ex-/ex Us-orig. co 15e
Edwards, John: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. ei co Aware 15e
Edwards, John: Life, love and living Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 6e
Equals: Sensational Equals ex-/ex(-) Uk-orig President sstobc 25e
Equals: Unequalled ex/ex Laurie SLP 2045 ei-co 13,5e
Escovedo, Thomas: Disco fantasy ex/ex- Us-orig. ins co 7e

Facts of Life: Sometimes Mint SS Us-orig. co 9e
Facts of Life: A matter of fact ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Faith, Hope and Charity: S/t ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Fantasy Hill: S(T M-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
' Faze One: Mellow down + 1 MAXI ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Fidenco, Nico: Black Emmanuelle´s Groove kulttileffan soundtrack, 90-luvun lopun Italia-painos UUSI 15e
Fingers:sama ex/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Fire: S/T ex/ex- Sunshine sound -78 Us-orig. 10e
Fire & Rain: Living together M-/ex- Us-orig. ins 15e
First Choice: The player ex/ex Us-orig. small co, shrink 20e
First Choice: So let us entertain you M-/ex- Us-orig co 6e
First class: Going first class ex7ex Us-orig. ei co 7e
First Fire: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig. co 5e
Flack, Roberta. Blue lights in the basement ex-/ex Us-orig. 7e
Flack, Roberta: Feel like makin love ex/ex- Us-orig, gs co 7e
Flavor: In Good taste Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Flavor: In good taste Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Floaters: Magic ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Floaters: S/T Mint (SS)/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Floaters: Into the future ex/ex Us-orig. inn ei co 8e
Four Choice: S/T Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Four Tops: Now ex-/ex- Us-orig. 17e
Four Tops: The Show must go on ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
Four Tops: Catfish ex-/ex Us-orig. ei co 5e
Four Tops: Night lights harmony Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. ei co 10e
Four Tops: Main street people M-/ex Us-orig. gs co 10e
Four Tops:At the top M-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Four Tops:Night lights harmony ex/ex(-) Us-orig. co 5e-
Four Tops:Main street people ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Four Tops: Yesterdays dreams ex(ex -68 Motown orig. 13,5e-
Four Tops: On Broadway ex-/vg+ Us-orig. tiny co, kannen reunaa näkymättömästi teippailtu 15e
Four Tops: Night lights harmony ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Four Tops: Yesterday´s dreams M-/ex- Us-orig. co 20e
Four Tops: Main street people M-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 10e
Four Tops: One more mountain ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. swobc 5e
Four Tops: The show must go on ex/ex- Us-orig. rw co 5e
Four tops: Catfish ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Four Tops: Main street people ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs 8e
Four Tops: Catfish ex/ex- rw Us-orig. co 5e
Four tops: Magic ex/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Foxy: Get off Mint(muoveissa) US-orig. co 10e
Franschene: Go sister +3 MAXI ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 3e
Frankie & Crocker and the Heart and Soul Orchestra: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 8e
Franklin, Aretha: With everything I feel in me M-/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 10e
Friends of Distinction: Crazin M-/ex Uk-orig. 20e
Friends of Distinction: Real friends ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Gap Band: VI ex/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Gentle Persuation: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Gibson Brothers: My heart´s beating wild/Come alive and dance MAXI ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Gibson Brothers: Non-stop dance/Come to America ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Glass Family: Mr Dj you know how to make me dance -MAXI M-/ex- hieno punainen vinyyli 8e
Golden Gate Quartet: The best of ex/ex- Ranska-re 7e
Golden Gate Quartet: 35 historic recordings ex/ex 2-Lp 80-luvun alun RCA-Saksa gs 10e
Golden gate quartet: Shout for joy! ex/ex Uk-orig. -59 Columbia green label 25e
Golden Gate Quartet: Portrait ex/ex 70-luvun alun Hollanti-painos 10e
Golden Gate Quartet: Negro spirituals no 3 vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. 60-luvun Columbia 10e
Goldstein, William: Bingo Long Traveling all-stars & Motor kings soundtrack Mint (sealed) Us-orig. co 8e
Gonzalez: Haven´t stopped dancing ex-/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Gonzalez: Move it to the music ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 8e
Good Question: Got a new love ex/ex Saksa-orig. 7e
Gooding, Cuba: Love dancer ex-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
GQ: Face to face ex/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
Graham Cental Station: My radio sure sounds good to me ex/ex Us-orig inn co 10e
Graham, Larry: Victory M-/ex Us-orig. inn co 5e
Graham, Larry Central Station: My Radio sure sounds good to me Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. inn co 15e
Graham Central Station: Now do u wanta dance ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Howell, Reuben:: Rings ex/ex- Us-orig., 10e
Graham Central Station: Mirror M-/ex- Us-orig- ins co 15e
Grandmaster & Melle Mel: Jesse/instr -MAXI M-/ex Suomi-orig. 15e
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious FiVe: Beat street/Internationally known MAXI mints/ex Suomi-orig. 15e
Green, Al: He is the light ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Grouch, Andrew: Take me back ex/ex Uk-orig. gs gospel 8,5e-

Hailey, Josh Albert: Living a saved life now ex-/vg+ Us-orig. rw co 5e
Haircuts: Sock it to me Oscar OS-129 Us-orig. 8e
Harris, Major: My way Mint (SS) Us-orig. co 12e
Harris, Thomas: Dark horse ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Hawkins, Edwin Singers: New world ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. swoc 7e
Hayes, Isaac: Tough guys ex/ex Us-orig. ei co gs 12e
Hayes, Isaac: Disco connection ex-/ex Us-orig. shrink co 8e
Hayes, Isaac: Groove-a-thon ex-/ex Us-orig. juliste ins gs 10e
Hayes, Isaac: Tough guys Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. gs co 15e
Hayes, Isaac: Grove-a-thon Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Hayes, Isaac: Juicy fruit Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. 10e
Haywood, Leon: Keep it in the family ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Haywood, Leon: Back to stay ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Heavy Traffic - original soundtrack ex/ex- co Saksa-orig. sstol. sstoc 10e
Hector, Karl & the Malcouns: Sahara swing ex-/ex Us-orig. 2-Lp 15e
Helicentrics: 13 degrees of reality ex/ex Us-orig. 2-LP 15e
Henderson, Michael: In the night-time ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 6e
Hewett, Howard: I commit to love ex/ex Saksa-orig. inn. 6e
Hicks, Mighty Joe: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig. co 40e
Hightower, Donna: This world today is a mess ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 25e
Hightower, Donna: I´m in love with love ex/vg+ Ranska-orig. 10e
Hill, ZZ: The best thing that happened to me ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 12e
Hill, ZZ: Z.Z ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Holman, Eddie: I love you ex/ex Us-orig. small co 35e
Holman, Eddie: Lonely girl ex/vg+ 70-luvun alun Uk-painos 10e
Hot: If that´s the way you want it ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Hot chocolate: You sexy thing/Jermanine Jackson: Let´s get serious MAXI MINT SS Us-90 5e
Houston, Cissy: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. ei co 10e
Houston, Cissy: sama ex/ex us-orig. Private stock -77 8,5e-
Houston, Thelma: The devil in me ex/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Houston, Thelma & Jerry Butler: Two to one ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e-
Houston,Thelma: The devil in me ex/ex (-)Us-orig. co 5e
Houston, Thelma & Jerry Butler: Thelma & Jerry Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 6e
Houston, Thelma & Jerry Butler: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Houston, Whitney: I´m your baby tonight ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 5e
Houston, Whitney: How will I konw -MAXI M-/ex Saksa-orig upea kasari-kansikuva 5e
Howard, George: Love will follow ex/ex Suomi-orig. 6e
Howell, Reuben:: Rings ex/ex- Us-orig., 10e
Hudmon, RB: Closer to you ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Hudson, Al: Especially for you ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Hudson, Al: Cherish Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 15e
Hues Corporation: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. inn co 7e
Hues Corporation: I caught your act Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig co 6e
Hues Corporation: I caught your act ex/ex Us-orig. co 6e
Hues Corporation: Love corporation ex-/ex- Us-orig. 5e
Hues Corpoaration: Freedom for the stallion Mint(muoveissa) US-orig. co 8e
Hues Corporation: Your place or mine ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
Hues Corpoatation: Freedom for the stallion ex/ex 70-luvun alun Us-painos co 7e
Huff, Terry: The Lonely one ex/ex Us-orig. (shrink) 10e
Hughes, Jimmy: Something special Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. 50e
Hummingbird: Diamond nights ex/ex- Us-orig. 12e
Humphrey, Paul: Wake up America Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Hutch, Willie: Concert in blues ex/ex Us-orig. co 15e
Hutch, Willie: Havin a house party ex/ex Us-orig tiny co 10e
Hutch, Willie: In tune M-/ex Uk-orig. 10e

I. Burging Expression: Why can´t this feeling go on/Busy airport -Maxi M/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Ice MC: Cinema ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. 5e
Impact: S/T M-/ex US-orig. co 8e
Impressions: First Impressions ex-/ex Us-orig. co 6e
Impressions: Loving power Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Impressions: It´s about time Mint(SS)/ex- co 8e
Impressions: For your precous love M-/ex Get Back -re 180gr.vinyyli, inn, shrikn 15e
Independants: The First time we met Greatst hits M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 7e
Intrique: Together forever + 2 MAXI ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Intruders: Super hits ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e

Jackson Five: Zip a dee doo dah ex/ex 70-luvun MFP-Uk 7e
Jackson 5: Moving violation ex/vg+ Us-orig. wobc co 7e
Jackson, Shawne: S/T ex-/ex- Uk-orig. ins 10e
Jackson, Henry Company: Just being alive ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 8e
Jackson, Jermaine: My name is Jermaine ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 5e
Jackson, Jermaine: My name is Jermaine M-/ex Us-orig. gs co 6e
Jackson, Lee Reverand: At Calvary ex-/vg+ US-orig. co 7e
Jackson 5: Greatest hits ex/ex- Uk-orig. -72 10e
Jackson, Janet: 1814 ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 6e
Jackson, JJ-Linda Jones: This is Loma vol. 7 ex-/ex- 70-luvun Uk-painos 8e
Jackson, Mahalia: In Memoriam 5-LP BOX ex/ex 70/80-luvun vaihteen Saksa-painos 25e
Jackson, Mahalia: The power and the glory ex-/ex 60/70-luvun vaihteen Hollanti-painos 10e
Jackson, Mahalia: Mahalia vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. 60-luvun puolivälin Columbia, wobc 10e
Jackson, Mahalia: In the upper room ex/ex- 2-Lp 70-luvun Ranska-painos gs 10e
Jackson, Mahalia: Starportrait ex-/ex Hollanti-orig. 2-Lp gs 10e
Jackson, Michael: Farewell my summer love ex-/ex- Motown-Saksa -84, juliste 7e
Jackson, Michael: Who is it +3 MAXI ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 10e
Jackson, Michael: Music and me ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Jackson, Millie: Free and in love ex-/ex- Saksa-oig. 7e
Jackson, Walter: I want come back as a song ex/ex- Us-oriv. co 8e
Jacksons: Live ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 2-Lp 2xinn 7e
Jacksons: Destiny ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn gs 6e
Jacksons: Victory ex/ex Hollanti-orig. gs 6e
The Jade: Mr Joy M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 7e
Jam Factory: S/T ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 10e
James, Etta: The heart and soul of ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
James, Gregory Edition: Prophets of soul M-/M- shrink Us-re 10e
Jebadiah: Rock n soul ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn co 12e
Jensen, Dick: White hot soul ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 10e
Johnnymelfi´s: Sun sun sun album ex/vg+ Us-orig. promo, ins, co 17e
Johnson, Alphonso: Moonshadows ex-/vg+ Us-orig. inn 8e
Johnson, Brother Vernard: Rocking the gospel ex/ex kasetti, Roir-orig. 7e
Johnson, J.J: Man and boy ex-/vg+ Us-orig. Bill Cosby-leffan soundtrack ex-/vg+ Us-orig. gs 10e
Joneses: Keeping up with the Joneses ex-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Jones, E.Rodney: Contractual blues vg+/ex- 60-luvun lopun Hollanti-painos 20e
Jones, Quincy: Hot rock -soundtrack ex-/ex. Redford/Segal-leffa Us-orig. co 20e
Jones, Quincy: In the heat of the night ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 17e
Jones, Tamiko: Love trip ex-/ex Us-orig. inn co 8e
Jones, Wornell: S/T ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 13,5e
Jordan, Lonnie: Diferent moods of me ex/ex Uk-orig. gs 10e
Jordan, Lonnie: Different moods for me ex/ex- Us-orig. gs 10e
Joseph, Margie: Hear the words feel the feeling ex-/ex Us-orig. co 6e
Junie: When we do ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 25e
Just Us/Junior Gee: We want justice MAXI ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 10e

Kalyan: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. co 12e
KC "Space cadet": Solo flight Mint(sealed)/ex- Us-orig. ei co 10e
KC & the Sunshine Band: Queen of clubs ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 11e
KC & the Sunshine Band: The Painter ex/ex- Us-orig. inn. promo-leima obc 10e
KC & the Sunshine Band: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn 10e
KC & the Sunshine Band: All in tge night´s work ex-/ex- Italia-orig. inn 7e
KC & the Sunshine band: Do it good ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Kelly, Paul: Stand on the positive side MINT SS Us-orig. co 8e
Kelly, Roberta: Gettin the spirit ex/ex us-orig. ei co 7e
Kendricks, Eddie: He´s a friend M-/ex Us-orig. tiny co 10e
Kenney, Howard: Superstar MINT(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
King, Ben E: Supernatural ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
King, Ben E: Greatest hits ex-/ex Atlantic-Uk n. -70 15e
King, Ben E: Supernatural Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 15e
King, Ben E: Greatest hits ex/ex 80-luvun Us-repro -66-LP:stä 8e
King, Ben E: I had a love ex-/ex- US-orig. leima etiketissä 6e
King, Clydie: Direct me ex-/ex- Us-orig. ei co 17e
King, Martin Luther Jr (tribute): Selma album M-/ex Us-orig. 2-Lp gs 13,5e
Kinney, Fern: Groove me ex/ex- Italia-orig. 7e
Kirkland, Bo & Ruth Davis: Bo & Ruth ex/ex- Uk-orig. 20e
Kissoon, Mac & Katie: The two of us ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Knight, Robert: Everlasting love ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Knight, Gladys & Pips: Knight time ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: In the beginning M-/ex 70-luvun alun US-painos, tiny co 8e
Knight, Gladys and the Pips: I feel a song M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: The best of ex/ex 70-luvun Uk-painos, swoc, gs 10e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: If I were your woman ex/vg+ Us-orig. kannen yläkulmassa siisti teippi, co 15e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: All in a knight´s work ex-/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 15e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: Pipe dreams ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: All you need is time ex/ex Us-orig 10e
Knight, Gladys & the Pips: Claudine ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Kongas: S/T ex-/ex- 70-luvun lopun Ranska-painos 15e
Kool & the Gang: Spin their top hits ex/ex Us-orig. shrink 7e
Kool & the Gang: Something special ex/ex Suomi-orig. shrink 7e
Kool & the Gang: Ladies night ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 7e
Kool & the Gang: The Force ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Kool and the Gang: Cherish remix//Fresh/Misled MAXI ex/ex Suomi-orig. 10e
Kool & the Gang: Spirit of the boogie ex/ex- Us-orig. gs co 15e
Kool & the Gang: Peacemaker + 3 MAXI ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 8e

LaBelle: Phoenix ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 10e
LaBelle, Patti & the Bluebelles: The Very best of ex/ex 70-luvun puolivälin US-painos co 10e
Labelle: Pressure cookin ex-/ex Us-orig. inn 12e
Labelle: Nightbirds ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 7e
Lasalle, Denise: rain & fire ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
LaSalle, Denise: Second breath ex/ex- Us-orig, inn co 5e
LaSalle, Denise: Holdoing hands with the blues M-/ex Us-orig. 5e
Leace, Donal: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. ei co 15e
Leccia, Jean Interpolation: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. ins 15e
Lee, Frankie: Face it ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Le Pamplemousse: Planet of love/You can get off on the musci M-/ex Us-orig. 12e
Les Freres Smith: Free to go ex/ex Ranska-orig. 2-LP 15e
Lifestyle: S/T ex/ex US-orig. co 15e
Lingua Franca: EP-4 ex-/ex Belgia-orig. 10e
Linton, Reverend Joseph D: Rain down fire ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Little Coati Mundi: The former 12 year old genius ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. inn 10e
Little Funk Machine: Street corner symphony ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Little Royal: Jealous ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 25e
Long, Shorty: Here comes the judge vg+/vg+ Us-orig. co 10e
Love Machine: S/T ex-/ex- Italia-orig. upea kansi 7e
Love Machine: Everybody loves ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 20e
Lucas, Carrie: Street corner symphony ex/ex(- scw Us-orig. co 5e
Luther: S/T ex/vg+ Us-orig. 15e
Lyan, KA: Trini-Vibes Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 7e

Made in the U.S.A: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Mahal, Taj: Brothers M-/ex- Us-orig. OST co 8e
Mahoaney, Skip & the Casuals: Land of love ex/ex Us-orig. gs, co 8e
Main Ingredient: Rolling down a mountainside ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Mammatapee: On the one ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Manchild: Power and love ex/ex Us-orig shrink co 7e
Manhattans: Back to basics ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn, die cut sleeve 5e
Mansfield, Keith / Richard Elen: Contact ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Marcus, Wade: Metamorphosis ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Mark IV: S/T ex-/vg+ Us-orig. Mercury -73 co 20e
Martin, Margaret M: Hymn Rhapsody ex/ex Kanada-orig. Calvary Custom CM 6116 15e
Marz: Pick me up (dance mix)/ instr. MAXI Suomi-orig. 15e
Mason, Barbara & Bunny Siegler: Locked in this position ex-/ex- Us-orig. Curtom co 17e
Mason, Harvey: Funk in a Mason jar ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Masquarades: Love anynomous M-/Ex Us-orig. co 7e
Masqueraders: Love anonymous ex-/ex- Us-orig co 6e
Matumbi: Point of view Mint(sealed)/ex- Kanada-orig. co 15e
Mayfield, Curtis: Party party/No Goodbyes ex/- Uk-orig. MAXI 4e
Mayfield, Curtis: Short eyes ex/ex Us-orig. ins co 10e
Mayfield, Curtis: Never say you can´t survive M-/M- Us-orig. ins. co 10e
Mayfield, Curtis: We come in peace M-/ex- Suomi-orig, 10e
McCall, Toussaint: Nothing takes the place of you ex-/ex Us-orig. co 40e
McCoo, Marilyn & Billy Davis Jr: I hope we get to love in time Mint (SS)/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
McCoy, Van: The Disco Kid ex/ex- UK-orig. 10e
McCoy, Van: The Real McCoy Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. 10e
McCoy, Van: From disco to love ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
Mc Hammer: Too legit to quit M-/ex- Saksa-orig. 2-LP 8e
McKee, Lonette: Lonette ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 15e
McRae, George: Diamond touch ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Meco: Moondancer ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Mighty Sam: Nothing but the truth M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 15e
MED: Push comes to shove ex-/ex Us-orig. 2-lP shrink 12e
Medwick, Joe: Why do heartaches pick on me ex-/ex US-orig. 10e
Melvin, Harold & the Blue Notes: Now is the time ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 5e
Melvin, Harold & the Bluenotes: Reach for the world ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Memphis Horns: High on music ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
Memphis Horns: Welcome to Memphis ex/ex Us-orig. pieni co inn 15e
Mercury, Eric: Funky sounds nurtured in the fertile soil of Memphis that smells rock ex-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Mercury, Eric: Love is taking over ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
MFSB: Love is the message ex-/ex Us-orig. Quadrophonic 10e
Mighty Clouds of Joy: It´s time Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Mighty clouds of joy: Live and direct ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Mighty Clouds of Joy: Changing times M-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Mighty Clouds of Joy: It´s time ex-/ex- Us-orig. 6e
Mighty Clouds of Joy: It´s time Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Mighty Clouds of Joy: Live and direct Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Mighty Knights: Run and tell that ex/ex Us-orig. Mainstream 15e
Mighty Sam: Nothing but the trtuhm M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 8e
Mighty Pope: Sway ex-/ex Us-orig. 7e
Mills Brothers: Such sweet singin ex/ex oikein siisti 60-luvun US-Vocalion 13,5e
Mills, Stephanie: For the first time ex/ex Us-orig. co 6e
Miracles: City of angels M-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Mirage: Princes of love Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 20e
Mitchell, Willie: Live M/ex (SS) Us-orig. -77 co 15e
Moments: Live at the New York State Women´s prison ex/ex 80-luvun alun Us-re 7e
Moments: Best of M-/ex -77-UK 10e
Moments: Greatets hits M-/ex 80-luvun Italia-painos 7e
Moments: With you M-/ex Us-orig. gs 13e
Montgomery, James Band: Gooba gooba song/Foot floppin ex/ex Us-orig. MAXI 5e
Moore, Bobby: Searching for my love ex-/vg+ Us-orig. rw, co 25e
Moore, Dorothy: Once Moore with Feeling ex/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Moore, Jackie: Sweet Charlie babe ex/ex Us-orig. tiny co 15e
Mother´s finest: Live ex/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
Mystique: S/T featuring Ralph Johnson ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Natural Four: Heaven right here on earth ex/M- Us-orig. tiny co 20e
New Birth: Love potion ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 6e
New Birth: Behold the mighty army ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Neville, Art: rock n soul hootenanny ex-/ex- 80-luvun Charly 7e
Newman, David: Front money ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
New Sensation: S/T ex-/ex Uk-orig. 12e
Nights: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. ABC co 7e
Norman, Jessye: Negro spirituals ex/ex- Ranska-orig. gs 7e
North, Freddie: I´m your man ex-/ex 80-luvun Charly 15e
North, Freddie: North ex/ex- Us-orig. juliste co 10e
Northern-Airs: Without God I could do nothing ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Notations: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. 20e
Nytro: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Odetta: S/T ex/ex- Archive of Folk & Jazz Music Us-painos 70-luvun alusta 8e
Odyssey: Hollywood party tonight Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. small co 10e
O´Jays: Live in London ex(-)/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8,5e
O´Jays: Family reunion ex/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
O´Jays: In Philadelphia vg+/ex Hollanti-orig. 10e
O´Jays: S/T (-74) ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Original soundtrack: Cooley high ex/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP swoc gs 10e
Original Soundtrack: Black fist M-/ex Us-orig. 20e
Originals: California sunset ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Originals: Portrait of M-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Originals: Portrait of ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 13e
Originals: Communique ex/M- Us-orig. tiny co 10e
Original Soundtrack: Black Fist ex/ex- Us-orig. 20e
Original soundtrack: Gordon´s war ex/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 20e
Orr, Michael: Spread love ex/ex 2000-UK -re, ins 30e

Pace, Evan: face to face ex/vg+ inn, die cut sleeve, co 8e
Page, Gene: Close encounters ex/ex- Us-orig inn co 7e
Paris, Mica: Contribution ex-/ex Saksa-orig. inn 5e
Parker, Ray jr: Woman out of control M-/ex Us-orig. inn co 7e
Passage: S/T ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 20e
¨ Patterson, Robert Singers: People get ready - Gospel now ex/ex Saksa-orig. (-68?) 2-Lp gs 17e
Paul, Billy: Live in Europe ex-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Paul, Billy: Live in Europe ex/vg+ Us-orig. 8e
Paul, Louis: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 12e
Payne, Freda: The best of M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. (-72) 37e
Payne, Freda: Payne pleasure ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Payne, Freda: Out of Payne comes love ex/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Pentecostal Ambassadors: Lord you're the one ex/ex Us-orig. ei co gospel 7e
Peebles, Melvin Van: Don´t play us cheap ex/ex Us-orig. 2-LP gs 20e
Per Cussion: Don´t stop vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. inn 8e
Person, Houston: Get out of my way vg+/ex Us-orig. 12e
Persuaders: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Persuations: We still ain´t got no band ex/ex- rw stamp obc co Us-orig. 8,5e
Petterson, Robert Singers: Gospel Now - People get ready M-/ex Saksa-orig- (-68) 2-LP gs 12e
Players Association: Turn the music up ex/ex- Uk-orig. 8e Pointer Sisters: Best of ex-/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP gs co 8e
Pointer Sisters: That´s plenty ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn tiny co 8e
Pointer Sisters: Having a party ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Pointer Sisters: Special things ex(-)/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Pointer Sisters: Priority ex/ex Saksa-orig. inn. co 8,5e
Pointer Sisters: Serious slammin M-/ex Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Pointer Sisters: Contact M-/ex- Us-orig, inn co 6e
Pointer Sisters: Steppin ex/ex- Us-orig. gimmick-kansi, tiny co 10e
Pointer Sisters: S/T (-73) M-/ex Us-orig. gs 15e
Porter, Nolan: No apologies ex/ex Us-orig. 25e
Pree, Karen: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. ins small co 20e
Preston, Billy & Syreeta: Fastbreak original soundtrack ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Preston, Billy: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. (-76) inn co 8e
Preston, Billy: A whole new thing M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn. 8e
Preston, Billy: S/T M-/M- US-orig. inn 10e
Preston, Billy: The best of ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Prince: Around the world in a day M-/ex- Us-orig gs co 8e
Purch, Vernon: Love-a-thon ex/ex- Us-orig. inn ei co 10e

Queen Samantha: The letter ex/ex Us-orig. MLP co 5e
Radice, Mark: Intense ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 7e
Radice, Mark: Ain´t nothing but a party ex/ex Us-orig. inn co 10e
Rare Earth: Band together ex/vg+ Us-orig. co 5e
Rare Earth: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Rare Earth: Grand slam ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 7e
Rare Earth: Midnight lady ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Rare Earth: Prodigal ex/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Ravan, Genya: S/T ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Rawls, Lou: Black and blue ex-/ex Us-orig, 10e
Rawls, Lou: Natural man ex/ex- Saksa-rig. 10e
Rawls, Lou: Your good thing ex-/ex Us-orig. small co 10e
Rawls, Lou: Starring Lou Rawls w. Joe Tex & Brook Benton ex(-)/ex- Deacon Uk-70 12e
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas: Super star series M-/ex 80-luvun Motown-Kanada, upea kansikuva co 7e
Reeves, Martha : The rest of my life ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Reflections: Love on Delivery ex/ex Uk-orig. 30e
Renegade Soundwave: The Phantom mixes/Space gladiator -MAXI ex/ex Uk-orig. sstoc 7e
Reynolds, Jeannie: Charries, bananas & other fine things ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 17e
Rhythm Heritage: Sky´s the limit ex/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Riot: Welcome to the world of ex/vg+ Us-orig. co 10e
Ritz: Putting on the Ritz ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. Robeson, Paul: The glorious voice of ex/ex -69 MFP-Uk 10e
Roberts, Lea: Lady Lea ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Robinson, Roscoe: Why must it end ex-/ex- 80-luvun Charly 17e
Robinson, Shirley & Company: Shame shame shame ex/vg+ Us-orig. small co 10e
Rocco: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
Rockin Sydney: My toot toot + 3 maxi ex/ex- Us-84 4e
Roman, Lyn: A girl for all reasons ex-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Romeos: Precious memories ex-/ex- Us-orig. 13e
Rongetz Foundation: Kiss kiss double jab ex/ex Ranska-orig 10e
Rose Royce: Fresh cut ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 6e
Ross, Diana: An evening with ex/ex Us-orig. 2-LP gs 10e
Ross, Diana & Supremes/Temptations: On Broadway MINT (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 20e
Ross, Jerry Symposium: vol. 2 ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Ruer, Raymond: Discotheque no 8 ex/ex Ranska-orig. Concert Hall -69/70 15e
Ruffin, David: Who I Am ex/ex- Us-orig tiny co 8e
Ruffin, David: In my stride ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Ruffin, David: In my stride ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Ruffin, David: Who I am M-/ex- US-orig. co 7e
Ruffin, Jimmy: Sunrise ex-/ex- US-orig. 8e
Rufus: Camouflage vg+/vg+ Us-orig. co 5e
Rush, Bobby Rush hour M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 8e
Rush, Merrilee: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e

Santa Esmeralda: Another cha-cha ex/ex- Korea-painos, komea kansikuva 8e
Santana, Jorge: S/T ex(-)/ex Us-orig. inn. co 6e
Sa-Ra: Glorious + rosebuds ex/ex Us-orig. ins 7e
Scott, Peggy & Jo Jo Benson: Soul shake ex-/ex 80-luvun Charly-UK 8e
Seaton, BB: Dancing shoes ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 17e
S Express: Original soundtrack ex/- Saksa-orig. kuvalevy 8e
Shalamar: Circumstantial evidence Mint Saksa-orig. 7e
Shaw, Marlena: Anthology ex-/ex- 2000-UK 2-LP 17e
Sheer Elegance:S/T Us-orig. MINT (muoveissa) ex- kansi, small co, nätti mirri kannessa 6e
Shelton, Roscoe: Strain on your heart M-/ex- 80-luvun Charly-UK 10e
Shirelles: Happy and in love ex/ex Us-orig. co 15e
Shock Stars: Shock shock shock M-/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Shock Stars: Ava et Ben M-/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Shuman, Alden: The Devil in Miss Jones -soundtrack ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 17e
Sigel, Beanie. the B. coming ex-/ex Us-orig. 2-LP ins 8e
Silver Convention: Golden girls ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Simone, Afric: Boogie baby ex/ex Suomi-orig. Finnlevy!!! 10e
Singana, Margaret: Tribal fence ex-/ex- Us-orig. 13e
Smith, Charles/Chuck Armstrong/Ted Ford: Sound stage testifyin ex/ex 80-luvun Charly 10e
Smith, OC: Love is forever ex/ex Us-orig. 5e
Solid productions - Taking Over ex/ex Tanska-orig. inn 8e
Sos Band: SOS ex/vg+ Italia-orig. 5e
Soulful dynamics: Mademoiselle Ninette - Annabella ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 15e
Southern Exposure: Headin south ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Spinners:New and improved ex-/ex- Us-orig. ei co 6e
Spinners: The Best of ex/ex 80?-luvun Us-painos co 7e
Smith, OC: Love is forever ex/ex Us-orig. 5e
Smash: Bite the beat/A little bit more//Bite the beat MAXI M-/- Us-orig Sugarhill-pussi 17e
Smith, Harold Majestic Singers: In the beginning vg+/ex Us-orig. w. Little Milton, Aretha Franklin ym. cut out thru label 10e
Smith, OC: Love is forever Mint (sealed) Us-orig. 10e
Southroad connection: Positive energy ex-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Soul II Soul: Vol. 2 a new decade ex/ex Saksa-orig. inn 5e
Soul Patrol: More disco dynamite ex(-)/ex- Us-orig. co 12e
Southside Movement: Moving south ex/M- Us-orig. ei co, shrink 50e

Spinners: Love trippin ex/ex- Us-orig. swoc 7e
Spinners: Live ex-/vg+ US-orig. 2-Lp 2xinn gs 8e
Spinners: The best of M-/ex- 80-luvun Us-painos co 7e
Springer, John: I´ll tell the world his name M-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
k Staple Singers: Be what you are Mint (muoveissa) kansi ex- Us-orig 10e
Staples, Pops: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Staples: Pass it on Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Staples: Family tree ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Staple Singers: Be what you are ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Staples: Family tree ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Staples: Pass it on ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Staple Singers/Curtis Mayfield: Let´s do it again ex/ex US-orig. 8e
Stargard: What you waitin for ex/ex- Us-orig 7e
Stars of faith: Stars of faith of Black nativity In Europe ex/ex Ranska-orig (MPS) gs 15e
Staton, Candi: Candi ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 7e
Staton, Candi: Young hearts run free ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Staton, Dakota: I want a country man ex-/ex- Us-orig co 8e
Staton, Candi: Young heart´s run free ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Staton, Candi: Candi ex/ex- Us-orig. (-74) co 20e
Staton, CandI: Your heart´s run free vg+/vg+ Us-orig. 7e
Staton, Candi: Music speaks louder than words M-/ex- Us-orig gs 7e
Stewart, Amii: Paradise bird ex/ex Saksa-orig. gs 6e
Stratovarius: S/T M-/M- Us-orig. shrink 10e
Street Corner Symphony: Little funk machine ex/ex Us-orig. co 15e
Street People: S/T ex/ex Us-orig., small co 15e
Stuff: Stuff it ex/ex- Us-orig. inn 6e
Stylistics: Fabulous M-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Sugar Hill Gang: Kick it live from 9 to 5 -MAXI ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 5e
Sugarhill Gang: Rapper´s delight (Hip Hop Edit Mix)/Hip hop mix Suomi-orig. Mint MAXI 8e
Sugarman 3: What the world needs now ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
Supremes: S/T (-75) ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Supremes: Meet the Supremes Rossin ja kummpanien debyytti -62 UUSI 18,5e
Supremes: New ways but love stays ex/ex 70-US-painos, gimmick-gs -kansi, small co 8e
Supremes & Four Tops: The Magnificent ex/ex Uk-orig. 15e
Supremes: Produced and arranged by Jimmy Webb ex/ex- Saksa-orig co 7e
Supremes: Mary, Scherrie & Susaye ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Supremes: Sing Rodgers & Hart ex-/ex- Us-orig ei co 15e
Supremes: Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland vg+/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 17e
Supremes: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. -75 Motown co 6e
Supremes: High energy M-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Sure Shots ex/ex soul-kokoelma Back Beat-, Duke-, Peacock- ja Sure-Shots-merkeiltä M-/ex Kent Uk 7e
Swamp Dogg: Have you heard this story? ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn 8e
Sweet cream: Do a dance for you -maxi MINT SS Us-orig. ei co 5e
Sweet Cream: & Other delights M-/ex Us-orig. 12e
Sweet Inspirations: Sweet soul music ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 25e
Sweet Salvation: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Swordsmen: S/T ex/vg+ Us-orig. co 17e
Sylvers: Disco fever ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 8e
Syreeta: Set my love in motion ex/ex- Us-orig 5e
Syreeta & G.C Cameron: Rich love, poor love ex/ex- US-orig. co 8e
Syreeta: Stevie Wonder presents ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Tate, Tommy: S/T M-/ex -87-Uk 10e
Taylor, Debbie: Comin down on you ex/ex(-) Us-orig. ei co 40e
Taylor, Johnnie: The best of ex-/ex- Us-orig. -74-Stax wobc 13e
Taylor, Johnny: The best of ex/ex- Us-orig. swobc 10e
Taylor, Little Johnny: Everybody knows about my good thing ex/ex- Us-orig, small co 13e
Taylor, Johnnie: The Johnnie Taylor philisophy continues ex/ex Us-orig 20e
Temptations: Live at the Copa ex/ex Us-orig. tiny cio 20e
Temptations: A song for you ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn co 7e
Temptations: Touch me Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Temptations: S/T (-81) ex/ex- Us-orig tiny co inn 5e
Temptations: Power ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn 6e
Temptations: Live at the Copa M-/ex- Us-orig. -68 20e
Temptations: Wings of love ex/ex Us-orig. small co 7e
Temptations: House Party ex/ex Uk-orig, 10e
Temptations: Truly for you ex/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Tex, Joe: Best of ex/ex- 70/80-luvun vaihteen Saksa-painos 7e
Tex, Joe: I gotcha ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
T.Life: That´s Life vg+/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Tharpe, Rosette: Famous negro spiritulas and gospel songs vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. swol, swobc 10e
Thievery Corporation: Radio retaliation ex-/ex Us-orig 2-Lp gs 15e
Thomas, Carla: Love means ex/ex 80-luvun alun Saksa-Stax 8e
¨ Thomas, Irma: New Rules ex/ex- Us-orig. 6e
Three Degrees: S/T ex-/ex Uk-orig. (-73) gs 13e
Three Degrees: S/T ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. gs hieno kevyne eroottinen kuva gatefoldissa 7e
Three Degrees: S/T ex-/ex- -74-SAksa- hieno kansikuva 8e
Three Degres: Take good care of yourself ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Three Ounces of Love: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig. "promo"-tarra oc 7e
Time Machine: Grime machine ex/M- Us-orig. shrink 8e
Tolbert, Israel: Popper Stopper ex/ex- Us-orig. co 13,5e
Toms, Gary Empire: 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Blow your whistle ex/ex Us-orig. gs co 10e
Toney, Oscar Jr: Papa Don´s Preacher M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 7e
Townsend, Ed: Now M-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Trammps:Legendary Zing album ex/ex Us-orig. co 12e
Trouble Funk: E flat boogie ex/M- 2000-US 8e
Trouble Funk: Drop the Bomb ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Troy, Doris: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. 25e
Turner, Ike & Tina: Rock me baby ex-/- upea kuvalevy v. 84 20e
Turner, Ike & Tina: Greatest hits M-/ex Us-orig. shrink, sticker, co 10e
Turner, Ike & Tina: The best of ex/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Turner, Ike & Tina: The World of Live ex-/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP gs 12e
Turner, Spyder: Music web ex/ex- (hrw) Us-orig. co 7e
Twennynine with Lenny White: Just like dreamin ex/ex(-) Ruotsi-orig. inn. 10e
Tymes: Trustmaker Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e

Undisputed Truth: Cosmic truth ex/ex Us-orig. gs co 17e
Undisputed Truth: Method to madness ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Undisputed Truth: Down to earth ex/ex Us-orig co 15e
USA-European Connection: Come into my heart Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 6e
U 96 Das Boot vg+/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Ward, Clara: Hang your tears out to dry ex/vg Us-orig. kannessa vesivaurio 15e
V/a Liquorice allsorts ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 70-luvun alusta Marsha Hunt, Labelle, Sandpebbles ym.. 13,5e
V/A Universal message vol. 3 ex/M- shrink 8e
V/A Mood Mosaic 9 ex-/ex- 13e V/A Great soul hits of ex-/ex- 60-luvun Us-Brunswick mm. Young-Holt unlimited/trio swobc 13e
V/A Marked for death original soundtrack ex/ex Saksa-orig. promoliite 8e
V/A Motown highlights 1976-79 ex/ex(-) Saksa-orig. -79 7e
V/A Phillysound ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 6e
V/A Nova Ipanema - A Brazilian funk afair M-/ex- 2004-Saksa 2-LP gs 15e
V/A Superstition - Songs in the key of jazz The Music of Stevie Wonder ex/ex- 2003-Saksa 2-LP gs 10e
V/A Jazzin with the Soul Brothers M-/ex 2003-Saksa 2-LP gs 12e
V/A The Bitch after the Stud ex/ex- Uk-orig. hieno Joan Collins -kansi gs 7e
V/A Urban hits vol. 19 ex-/ex (company sleeve) 6e
V/A Front in Line ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
V/A The Sound of Alabama soul M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 10e
V/A Windy city soul ex/ex- 80-luvun alun Italia-painos 8e
V/A Cook in with Kent ex/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 15e
V/A Soul Spin ex/ex 80-luvun Kent-UK 15e
V/A the Best of Wattstax ex/ex- -81-US 7e
V/A Major Bill´s Texas soul ex/ex 80-luvun Charly 10e
V/A Message Some rare grooves M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 8e
V/A Tear Stained soul vol. 1 M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 12e
V/A Motor City Magic vol. 1 M-/ex 80-luvun Charly 8e
V/A Motor city magic vol. 1 ex-/ex Charly Uk 5e
V/A Cai! Cai! This is really latin disco sound vol. 1 ex/ex Suomi (only)-painos v. -72, brassikamaa, swobc 10e
V/a Soul from the Vault - Rare Sweet dynamite vol. 1 ex/ex harvinainen japsi-bootsi, ex/ex die cut sleeve 25e
V/A Rap attack 3 ex/ex Suomi-orig. Sugarhillin bändejä 10e
V/A Tamla-Motown is hot hot hot vol. 3 ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. gs 8,5e
V/A Mystic Brew For Play M-/ex Uk-orig. 2-LP 12e
V/A One Minit at a time ex-/ex- 80-luvun Stateside-UK 10e
V/A Best of Chess/Checker/Cadet ex-/ex- 80-luvun Us-painos 7e
V/A Heavenly stars Cotillion Sd 052 Mint (SS) Us-orig. co 17e-
V/A A little bit of soul m ex-/ex- Uk-orig Page One POS 605 -69 13,5e
V/A Tomorrow´s Golden Goodies ex-/vg Us-orig. -63 w. Big Dee Irwin, Byrdie Green, Little Joe Cook etc. 17e
V/A Village Soul 2 ex/ex 2-LP Soul Togetherness 15e
V/A The Chess/Janus mobile discotheque vol. 1 ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Walker, Jr: Sax Appeal Mint(sealed) Us-orig. ei co 8e
Walker,JR: Whopper bopper show topper ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Walker, Junior: Hot shots M-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
War: Love is all around ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Warwick, Dionne: Freewheelin ex/ex- Uk-orig. mono swoc, hieno kansikuva 10e
Warwick, Dionne: Valley of the Dolls ex-/ex- Uk-orig, mono 8e
Warwick, Dionne: Greatest hits of ex/ex- 3-LP 70-luvun Pickwick-Uk 10e
Warwick, Dionne: Here I am M-/vg+ hrw Us-orig. hieno kansikuva 12e
Warwick, Dionne: Here I am ex-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Warwick, Dionne: The Love machine ex-/ex- Us-orig. soundtrack gs, small co 10e
Washington, Baby & Don Gardner: Lay a little lovin on me ex-/ex Us-orig. 20e
Waters, Ruth: Never gonna be the same ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 8e
Weather Girls: Big girls don´t cry ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Weather Girls: S/T ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
West Street Mob: I can´t stop/instrumental M-/ex Us-orig. Sugarhill-promocover 10e
Wham: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Whispers:Whispers gettin louder ex/ex Uk-orig. (soc) 7e
Whispers: Planets of life ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Whispers: Headlights Mint(muoveissa) kansi ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Whiteside: Bittersweet stories ex/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Wildfire: Flame thrower ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 8e
William D: A good feelin ex/ex Us-orig. tiny co, mukana mm. Metersin soittajia, tuottajana Allen Toussaint 10e
Williams, Lenny: Rise sleeping beauty ex/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Williams, Eugene & Sister Lee Ida Brown: Seek ye first kingdom Mint (SS) US-orig. co 12e
Wilson, Al: Show and tell ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 13e
Wilson,Nancy: Come get to this ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Wilson, Mari: Showpeople ex/ex Skandinavia-orig. inn 6e
Wilson, Spanky: Specialty of the house ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 13e
Wilson, Tony: I Iike your style ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 5e
Vincent, Eric: Voyage pour L´mmediat ex/vg+ Ranska-orig. gs 15e
Winners: S/T ex-/vg+ Us-orig. Roadshow ei co 15e
Winners: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. shrink 8e
Withers, Bill: Black magic ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 8e
Womack, Bobby: I don´t know what the world is coming to M-/ex Us-orig. inn co 12e
Womack, Bobby: I don+t know what the world is coming to M-/ex Us-orig. inn co 10e
Womack, Bobby: Looking for love again ex/v g+ Us-orig. co 10e
Womack, Bobby: BW goes C and W ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Wonder, Stevie: The secret life of the plants ex-/ex Us-orig. 2-Lp, gs, co 10e
Wonder, Stevie: Jungle fever (original soundtrack) ex/ex Saksa-orig inn 8e
Wonder, Stevie: Looking back M-/ex- Us-orig. 3-LP double-gs co 10e
Wonder, Stevie: Looking back M-/ex- Us-orig. 3-LP double-gs co 15e
Wonder, Stevie: Tha Jazz soul of Little Stevie ex/ex 70-luvun lopun Us-repro 10e
Wonder, Stevie: Down to earth M-/ex- 2006 Lilith 180gr shrink 15e
Wonder, Stevie: In Square circle ex/ex Us-orig. inn gs co 6e
Wonder, Stevie: The best of - Greatest hits vol. 2 ex-/ex- 60/70-luvun vaihteen Hollanti-painos 10e
Wonder, Stevie: Talking book ex-/ex- Hollanti-79 hieno KUVALEVY 20e
Wood, Brenton: Come softly ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 7e
Word: Soul food M-/M- Us-orig. 2-LP gs 20e
World wonders: Don´t give it up ex/ex- Us-orig. rw co 10e
Voyage: Fly away ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Wright,Betty: Traveling in the Wright circle ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Wynne, Philippe: S/T ex/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. 8e
Wynne, Philippe: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. Sugarhill co 15e
Yagmur: Ali Baba extended/Ali Baba percussion -MAXI ex/ex- Italia-orig. 7e
Yancey: S/T ex/ex Us-orig, upea kansikuva gs 10e
Young Brass: Rhyhm & Brass ex-/vg+ Us-orig. kannen yläreunassa siisti teippi 10e
Younghearts: All about love ex/ex Us-orig. small co 12e
Younghearts: Do you have the time ex/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Yuro, Timi: What´s the matter baby ex/ex- Us-orig 15e
Yuro, Timi: Hurt ex/vg+ 70-luvun Uk-painos 8e
Zandra: 2 ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 35e
Zulema: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. -75 co 10e



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