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33500 Tampere

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*Lee, Peggy: Pretty eyes/Guitars ala Lee 5e
*Lee, Peggy: Pass me by/Big Spender 7e
*Lee, Pegy: Latin ala Lee/Ole ala Lee 7e
*Four Freshmen: Graduation day 2-Cd 48tr. Jasmine 10e
*Mrs. Miller: Ultra-lounge Wild, cool & swingin 10e
*Day, Doris: Milestones of a legend 10-Cd-Box 15e
*Jones, Spike: Strickly for music lovers 4-CD Proper 12e
*Mancini, Henry_ Mr. Lucky/The Mancini tocuch 15e
*Mancini, Henry: Mancini in surround 5e
*Mancini, Henry: Hatari & High time 5e
*London, Julie: Julie/Love on the rocks 5e
*London, Julie: The end of the world/Nice girls don´t stay for breakfast 5e
*London, Julie: Lonely girl/Make love to me 5e
*Mancini, Henry: Milestones of a legend 10-CD-BOX 15e
*Mancini, Hnery: In the Pink Ultimate collection 2-Cd 6e
*Mancini, Henry: The real 3-Cd digipak 6e
*Como, Perry: The Real 3-Cd digipak 6e
*Warwick Dionne: The windows of the world/Valley of the dolls slipcase 10e
*Day, Doris: The Real Doris Day 3-Cd 5e
*Andrews Sisters: Wake up an liv 4-CD-BOX Jasmine 12e
*Andrews Sisters: The Golden age of 4--BOX Jasmine 12e
*Paul, Les & Mary Ford: In perfect harmony 4-Cd-Box Proper 15e
*Gene & Eddie_ True enough: Gene and Eddie with Sir Joe at Ru-Jac digipak 10e
*Kelly Brothers: Sanctified Sotuhern Soul 28tr. Kent 10e
*Barge, Gene: Dance with Daddy G plus 5e
*Rinneradio: ROK digipak 6e
*Dankworth, Johnny: Too cool for the blues -. the BBC transcription recorddings vol. 2 8e
*Dankworth, Johnny: Duet for 16 - the BBC trasncription recordings 15e
*Dankworth, Johnny: Highgate hideway - the BBC transcription recordings vol. 3 15e
*Jenkins, Gordon: Stolen hours/Richard Jones: Stringtime 7e
*V/A BBC Jazz Club vol. 1 7e
*V/A BBC Jazz Club vol. 2 7e
*Legrand, Michel: Broadway is my beat/Plays Richard Rogers 10e
*Valente, Caterina: The Breeze and I the Caterina Valente collection 5e
*Francis, Panama and the Savoy Sultans: Get up and dance with 5e
*McFarland, Gary: The in soiund/Soff Samba 22tr Ace 10er
*V/A Instrumentally yours - cinematic variations 6e
*V/A El records - the legendary B sides 2-Cd 6e
*Baxter, Les: The Pop side ex- 5e
*Port of Harlem Jazzmen: S/T 7e
*Baker, Chet: Do it the hard way . the Riverside years ex- 7e
*Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra; Mambo Machito Mambo the Complete Columbia masters 6e
*Jenkins, Gordon: The Gordon Jenkins collection 5e
*V/A Black Britsh Swing 10e
*Reese, Della: And that reminds me - the Jubuilee years 10e
*V/A Das mach ich mi8t musik 21tr Bear Family ex- 7e
*V/A Ein Schiff Wird Kommen 25tr Bear Family 10e
*Muller, Werner: Blende auf 27tr Bear Family 10e
*Zacharias, Herlmut: Ich habe Rhythmus 26tr. Bear Family 8e
*Majewski, Hans-Martin: Film Jazz 23tr. Bear Familu 10e
*V/A So wie es damals war 25tr. Bear Family 10e
*Brandenburg, Inga: All of me 24tr. Bear Famiuly 10e
*V/A Looking for my baby - Soul treasures from the vaults of Amy, Mala & Bell 2-Cd Sundazed 15e
*V/A The Dance sounds of Hi 7e
*Knight, Curtis & the Squires: You can´t use my name - the RSVP/PPX sessions 10e
*Webb, Roger and his Trio: John, Paul and all that jazz 19tr. Rollercoaster 10e
*Cypress Hill: Skull & Bones 2-Cd 5e
*Kirk, Roland/Booker Ervin: Soulful saxes 5e
*V/A Keep it light - a panorama of Briths Jaz: The Modernists 3-Cd-Bocx 15e
*Xzibit: Restless 5e
*Ice Cube: Greatest hits 6e
*50 Cent: Get rich or die tryin 4e
*50 Cent: Best of 4e
*King, Ben: Original album series 5-Cd 10e
*Barry, John: Goldfinger original soundtrack 5e
*Barry, John: The Man with the Golden Gun original soundtrack 5e
*Barry, John: From Russia with Love original soundtrack 5e
*Viitamäki, Kalevi: Grand Old Swing 5e
*Hargrove, Ron: Nothing serious 5e
*Collins, Lyn: Mama Feelgood the best of 5e
*Green, Al: Legendary Hi records albums vol. 1 2-Cd slipcase 15e
*Withers, Bill: Still Bill 5e
*Withers, Bill: Menagerie 8e
*Sly and the Family Stone: Fresh digipak 6e
*Sly and the Family Stone: Small talk 5e
*Isley Brothers: Givin it back 10e
*Temptations: Anthology 2-Cd ex- 6e
*Simone, Nina: Original album classics 5-CD 10e
*Simone, Nina: Gold 2-CD 5e
*Ebony Rhythm Band: Soul heart transplant: The Lamp sessions 8e
*Jones, Sharon & Dap-Kings: 100 days 100 nights digipak 5e
*Blow, Kurtis: The best of 5e
*Strong, Barrett: The Complete Motown collewction 8e
*Prysock, Arthur; Too late baby The Old Town Singles 1959-66 24tr. Ace 10e
*Mighty Sam: Papa true love the Amy sessions 15e
*Thomas, Irma_ The time is on my side 24tr. Kent 10e
*Webster, Ben: Dig Ben 8-Cd-longBOX 70e
*Coltrane, John: Heavyweight champion the Complete Atlantic recordings 7-Cd 40e
*Thompson, Lucky_ Complete Pariesien Small group sessions 1956-59 4-Cd slipcase ex- 35e
*Desmond, Paul: The Complete RCA albums collection 6-CD-BOX 55e
*Byas, Don: Complete 1946-54 Paris recordings 3-CD 15e
*Charles, Ray; Pure Genius - the Complete Atlantic recordings 1952-59 7-CD-Box 17e
*Brown, James: I´ll go crazy every track recorded 1956-60 2-CD digipak 8e
*Johnson, Ruby: I´ll run hurt hurt away 7e
*Toney, Oscar Jr: Loving you too long - the Contempo sessions 7e
*Toney, Oscar Jr: Oscar´s winners 7e
*Johnson, Lou: The Incomparable Soul Vocalist 25tr. Kent 10e
*Hill, ZZ. THE down home soul of 22tr. Kent 7e
*Pickett, Wilson: Sings Bobby Womack 20tr Kent 12e
'Stant, Barbara: That man of mine 12e
'Patterson, Bobby: Soul is my music 2-Cd Sundazed 17e
*Holiday, Jimmy: Spread your love - the Complete Minit singles 1966-70 7e
*Hobbs, Willie: A penny for your thought the John Richbourg sessions and more 12e
*Fletcher, Darrow: The pain gets a little deeper - the complete early years 1965-71 10e
*Fletcher, Darrow Crossover records 1975-79 LA soul sessions 12e
´*Gowan, James: Wanted the Fame sessions 7e
*Tolbert, OC: Black diamond dave Hamilton´s Detroit masters 10e
*Tate, Tommy: I´m so satisfied 8e
*Floyd, King: I feel like dynamite the Early Chimneyville singes and more 1970-74 10e
*O´Dell, Brooks: I´m your man the Anthology 1963-72 10e
*Hughes, Jimmy: Steaal away the Early fame recordings 10e
'Garrett, Vernon: I made my own world 12e
*Bland, Bobby: His California album ex- 7e
*Clay, Otis: That´s how it is 12e
*Conley, Arthur: I´m living good .. the soul of 1964-74 8e
*Edwards, John: The careful man 7e
*Hill, ZZ: That´s it the Complete Kent recordings 1964-68 2-CD 15e
*Hammond, Clay & ZZ Hill: Southern soul brothers 8e
*Dees. Sam: It´s over 70s songwriter demos and masters 10e
*Dees, ´Sam: Second to none 6e
'Wright, OV. That´s how strong my love is 6e
*Jackson, George & Dan Greer: At Goldwax 7e
*Wiggins, Spencer: Feed the flame The Fame and XL recordings 8e
*Wiggins, Spencer: The Goldwax years 8e
*Dees, Sam: The show must go on 8e
'Dees, sam: Heritage of the black man 7e
*Haywood, Joe: Warm and tender soul digipak 15e
*Carr, James: Complete Goldwax singles 7e
*Duke, Doris: I´m a loser The Swam´p dog sessions 7e
*Johnson, Rozetta: A woman´s way the Complete 1963-75 10e
*Clark, Alice: The Complete Studio recordings 1968-72 10e
*Wright, O.V: Treasure moments the Complete Back Beat/ABC singles 2-CD digipak 20e
*Burton, Gary: Somethings coming/The ghroocvy sound of music/The Time Machine 2-Cd slipcase 12e
*Cables, George: Icons & influences 8e
*Waldron, Mal:: Blues for Lady day 10e
*Mulligan, Gerry & Ben Webster: Mulligan meets Webster cardboard sleeve 6e
*Kessel, Barney: Blues for a playboy 1952-56 recordings 8e
*McCann, Les & Eddie Harris: Swiss Movement 6e
*Rogers, Shorty: Vol. 3 Goes to Hollywood 2-CD 8e
*Rich, Buddy: Big Swing Face 4e
*Lunceford, Jimmie: The Collection 1930-47 2-Cd 7e
*Blakey, Art: Meet you at the jazz corner world of Art Blakey 2-CD 7e
'Hodges, Johnnyand Will Bill Davis: S/T 5e
*McGhee, Howard & Illinois Jacquet: Here comes Freddy 5e
*Edwards, Teddy: Steady with teddy 7e
*Flanagan, Tommy: Confirmation 5e
*Golson, Benny: One day, forever 6e
*Felder, Wilton: Forever, always 6e
*Woods, Phil: Woodlore 6e
*Waters, Benny & Bill Coleman: Live 1972/79 15e
*Irakere: In London 5e
*Johnson, JJ-Kai Winding - Benny Green: Trombone by tree 7e
*Blakey, Art:; The Big beat 5e

3Bass: Derelicts of dialect 8e
2 Live Crew: banned in the USA 10e
Aarset, Eivind: Sonic codex 8e
Abercrombie, John: Timeless 10e
Adderley, Cannonball: Plays Zawinul 4e
Adderley, Cannonball: Them dirty blues 4e
Adams, Greg: Hidden agenda 9e
Ad Lib Quintet: Jump UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Adult Nuthouse: Trust Björn Lindström/Sam Huber digipak 10e
Ahava: S/T digipak 15e
Alaoui, Amina: Arco Iris ECM, slipcase 10e
Albright, Gerald: Groovology 4e
Amadou & Mariam: Folila digipak 5e
Ambiaba: Going back to Aneho digipak 10e
Anderson, Carleen: True Spirit 5e
Anderson, Carleen: Soul providence digipak 8e
Apfelbaum, Peter: Jodoji Brightness 7e
Arkestra One: S/T 10e
Armstrong, Louis: Laughin Louie 5e
Armstrong, Louis: Very best of 40tr. Universal 2-CD 7e
Armstrong, Louis: Best of 4e
Armstrong, Louis: Louis for lovers 5e
Arnaz, Desi & His Orchestra: Babalu 8e
Asa: Beautiful imperfection slipcase 10e
Auger, Brian Oblivion: Live Oblivion vol. 1 -99-Espanja-painos 12e
Aura Flow: You´ll hear from me digipak ex- 7e
Aura, William: World keeps turning 5e
Auteur Jazz: Aphorisms digipak 5e
Avery, Teodross Quartet: In other words 7e
Aznavour, Charles: Apres l´amour 2-CD 5e
Ayers, Roy Ubiquity: Change up the groove digipak 12e
Babs, Alice w. Duke Ellingston & Nils Lindberg: Far away star Japani-painos, long deleted 25e
Bach, Karen Trio: Samtale digipak ex- 7e
Badalamenti, Angelo Twin peaks original soundtrack 5e
Badalamenti, Angelo: Twin Peaks Fire walk with me OST 4e
Bailey, Derek/George Lewis/John Zorn: Yankees 6e
Baker, Anita: Very best of 18tr. Rhino 7e
Baker, Chet: With Strings 7e
Baker, Chet: Chet Baker & Strings 5e
Baker, Chet: My funny Valentine 4e
Baker, Chet: Chet Baker & Strings 4e
Baker, Chet: Picture of heath 5e
Baker, Kenny: Love walked in UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Ballads: Sweet soul sensations 24tr. Famous groove 12e
Bang, Billy: Prayer for peace digipak 10e
Bang, Billy: Outline no 12 10e
Barron, Kenny: Wanton Spirit 8e
Barrueco, Manuel: Nylon & Steel 10e
Bassey, Shirley: Magic of 23tr. 4e
Bechet, Sidney: L´album souvenir 1949 Les premies enregistremaents Parisiens digipak 5e
Beets, Peter: New groove 10e
Bells of Joy: Second time around 10e
Benson, George: Breezin 4e
Ben, Jorge: Brazilian hits & funky classics 17tr 5e
Bennett, Tony: Duets 5e
Benoit, David: Inner motion 10e
Benson, George. Very best of 16tr. Warner 7e
Benson, George: It´s uptown 5e
Benson, George/Earl Klugh: Collaboration 4e
Benson, George: Beyon the blue horizon 5e
Benson, George Quartet: It´s uptown 8e
Benson, George The best of 4e
Benson, George: The best of 5e
Benson, George: It´s uptown 5e
Benson, George: Anthology 2-CD digipak, slipcase 8e
Benson, George: Trilogy ( 20/20/Gie me the night/In your eyes) 3-CD 15e
Berghäll, Joakim: Dialogues II digipak ex- 6e
Bergman, Borah/Rosco Mitchell/Thomas Brucker: First meeting 5e
Bernsen, Randy: Calling me back home 10e
Bernstein, Steve: MTO volume 1 10e
Binney, David: Barefooted town 10e
Björdstad, Ketil & Svante Henryson: Night song ECM slipcase 10e
Black Flames: S/T 8e
Blailock, Steve: Mixed bag (nimmarilla) ex- 20e
Blakey, Art: Ugetsu hieno japsi-painos LP-replica sleeve, ei bia 15e
Blakey, Art: Moanin 4e
Blank & Jones: Monument 10e
Bley, Paul Quartet: S/T ex- 7e
Booker Little & Booker Ervin: Sounds of the Inner city 7e
Booker, T & the MGs: Best of 17tr. Stax 5e
Booker T & MG´s: Green onions 5e
Booker T: Potato hole with. Drive-by-truckers & Neil Young digipak 10e
Booker T & MG´s: Best of Atlantic 5e
Booker T & MGs: Hip hug-her 5e
Booker T & MGs: Green onions 5e
Booker, T & the MGs: The best of 17tr. Stax 5e
Booker T & the MGs: Best of 5e
Brain Inventro Trio: The wall digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Brahem, Anouar: L pas du chat noir ECM slipcase ex- 7e
Brahem, Anouar: The astounding eyes of Rita ECM slipcase 10e
Braxton, Anthony/Richard Teitelbaum: Silence/Time zones 7e
Brecker Bros: S/T 10e
Brecker Brothers: Collection vol. 1 ex- 4e
Bregman, Buddy: Swinging kicks deleted UUSI 12e
Bremnes, Kari: Overr en by digipak 10e
Bremnes, Kari: You´d have to be here digipak 10
Bridgewater, Dee Dee: For Ella 4e
Bridges, Leon: Coming home UUSI (muoveissa) 15e
Brothers Johnson: The best of 4e
Brousseua, Paul: Voices project 10e
Brown, Dean: Unfinished business 10e
Brown, James: Messing with the Blues 2-Cd 8e
Brown, Oscar jr: Goes to washington UUSI digipak 10e
Brown, Ray Trio: Bassics the best of 1977-2000 2-CD 12e
Browne, Tom: Love aproach 7e
´ Brubeck, Dave: Goes to College 5e
Brubeck, Dave: Time changes 5e
Bruford, Bill Earthworks: S/T -87 EG 10e
Bruford, Bill: A part and yet apart 10e
Bruno, Jimmy-Joe Beck: Polarity 10e
Bryant, Anita: Red feather girl 25tr. Jasmine UUSI 10e
Bryant, Rusty: Legends of acid jazz 10e
Bryant, Ray: Little Susie hieno japsi-painos, pahvikotelo, obi 16e
Buarque, Chico: Favourites 10e
Buble, Michael: Call me irreponsible 5e
Buble, Michael: It´s time 6e
Buble, Michael: Caught in the act CD+DVD 6e
Buchanan, Jack: Elegance UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Burke, Solomon: Soul alive 2-CD ex- 13e
Burke, Solomon: Don´t give up upon me ex- 5e
Burke, Solomon: Very best of 116tr. Rhino 5e
Burke, Solomon: King of rock´n soul - 31 original recordings UUSI 6e
Burke, Solomon: Very best of 5e
Burke, Solomon: Like a fire digipak 6e
Burke, Solomon Proud Mary - the Bell sessions 17tr- Sundazed ex- 7e
Burke, Solomon: King Solomon/I Wish I knew 5e
Burrell, Kenny: Blue lights vol. 1 10e
Burrell, Kenny: Soul call 8e
Burrell, Kenny Trio: Live at Vanguard vanha Chess-painos 5e
Burrell, Kenny: Best of 13tr Blue Note 5e
Burton, Gary: Reunion 5e
Burton, Gary & Keith Jarrett: Throb 10e
Butler, Jerry: Time & faith 5e
Cabaret: original Broadway cast 6e
Cables, George trio: Al letter to Dexter slipcase 6e
Callaway, Ann Hampton: Blues in the night 10e
Camilo.Michel: S/T 5e
Campbell, Royce: 6x6 ex- 7e
Camilo, Michael: S/T 7e
Cannon, Steve: Full blown 8e
Carlton, Larry: Last nite 6e
Carr, James: Complete Goldwax singles 10e
Carrack, Paul: Groovin 7e
Carter, James: Carterian fashion HDCD, slipcase 5e
Carter, James ym: Heaven on earth digipak 7e
Carter, Regina: Reverse thread digipak 10e
Cavemen: Postive reaction 8e
Chance, James/James White: The Change White Boxset 4-CD-Box slipcase ex- 50e
Chandra, Sheila: S/T ex- 5e
Charles, Ray: The definitive 2-CD 5e
Cheikh Lo: Jamm digipak 10e
Cheik Lo: Lamp fall slipcase 10e
ChesnuTT, Cody: Landing on a hundred pahvikotelo 6e
Chevalier, Maurice Louise 24 hits 1921-46 UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Christie, Tony: Now´s the time 4e
Christian, Charlie: Swing to bop 6e
Clark, Petula: You are my lucky star 28tr. Sequel 8e
Clarke, Stanley: East driver drive 4e
Clarke, Stanley: If this bass could only talk 4e
Clarke, Stanley: Time exposure 6e
Clarke, Stanley: Hideaway 8e
Clarke, Stanley: If this bass could only talk 7e
Clarke, Stanley: Rocks, pebbles and sand 7e
Clarke, Stanley: Live 1976-77 7e
Clayton, Buck Jam Sessions # 1: How hi the fi digipak 5e
Clogs: Stick music promo co 8e
Cobham, Billy: Spectrum digipak 5e
Cogan, Alma: The best of 4e
Cohen, Avishai: Into the Silence slipcase 10e
Cole, Nat King: Where did everyone go?/Looking back 4e
Coleman, Ornette: Dedication to poets and writers 10e
Collins, Bootsy: Back in the day - Best of deleted 6e
Collins, Bootsy: Play with Bootsy UUSI muoveissa, slipcase 12e
Coltrane, Ravi: Blending times 6e
Columbo, Russ: Prisoner of love 23 crooning hits 1928-34 5e
Conjunto Niagara: Pra gozar la rumba 10e
Connick, Harry Jr: Lofty´s roach soufle 8e
Conniff, Ray: S´ marvelous UUSI 7e
Conniff, Ray; S + awful UUSI 7e
Conte, Nicola: Jet sounds ex- 7e
Cooke, Sam: The Rhythm and the blues 4e
Corea, Chick: Sundance 5e
Corea, Chic: Expressions 4e
Corea, Chick-Miroslav Vitous-Roy Haynes: Trio Music Live in Europe ex- 6e
Corea, Chick: Where Have I known you before 5e
Cortex: Inedit 79 digipak 12e
Costanzo, Jack: Latin fever hieno tyttökansi 10e
Cowell, Stan: Regeneration 5e
Crawford, Hank: Mr.Blues 5e
Criss, Sonny: The lost recordings 7e
Cropper, Steve: Dedicated ex- 8e
Crosby, Bob: Palesteena 4e
Crumit, Frank: Mountain greenery UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Crusaders: Rural renewal ex- 7e
Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango: Cubafrica 10e
Cubano, Ska: Ay Caramba digipak 4e
Curson, Ted: Tears for Dolphy 12e
Curtis, King: Instant Groove ex- 7e
Cyrille, Andrew Quintet: My friend Louis japsi-painos 12e
Dalindeo: Open scenes digipak 10e
Dankworth, John & Cleo Laine: Spead a little happiness 2-CD 5e
Davis, Miles: Sketches of Spain 5e
Davis, Miles: Vol. 2 13 classic albums plus live & bonus tracks 10-CD 25e
Dawson/Ellington: Orchestral works 8e
Day, Doris: Golden girl The Columbia recordings 1944-66 2-cd ex- 8e
Day, Doris: Golden girl 2-CD 48tr. ex- 7e
Deee-lite: Very best of 5e
Delaney, Eric: Beat this - the Very best of UUSI 5e
Del Gatto, Lew: Katewalk 5e
De La Soul: The Grinmd date 10e
De Lucia, Paco Sextet: Live..One summer night ex- 4e
Delta Rhythm Boys: Goin home 10e
Denny, Martin: Eight classic albums 4-CD 6e
Deodato: Prelude 4e
Dibango, Manu: Arfican soul - Very best of 5e
D´inverno, Charly Quartet: Tunes and cartoons 15e
Dick, Robert: Jazz standars on Mars 7e
Dinesen, Jakob/Kurt Rosenwinkel: Everything will be alright slipcase 10e
Doo-Hop Legacy: Rappin is fundamental 12e
Dors, Diana: Swinging Dors hieno booklet tässäkin 6e
Dors, Diane: Swing Dors - Expanded UUSI Jasmine 14e
Double exposuire: Ten percent 7e
Douglas, Dave: Strange liberation 4e
Dr. No Bond-leffan original soundtrack, hieno Connery&Andress-kansi 5e
Dub Narcotic Sound system: Out of your mind UUSI, muoveissa 15e
Dupont, Hubert: Spiders dance digipak 5e
Dutch swing College Band: Meets Teddy Wilson 5e
Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna: 1960-65 2-Cd 10e
Earth, Wind & Wire: Eternal dance 3-CD -long Box stobc 15e
Earth, Wind & Fire: Lovesongs 4e
Earth, Wind & Fire: All n all 5e
Earth, Wind & Fire: That´s the way of the world Alive in 75 7e
Earth, Wind & Fire: Gratitide 5e
Eazy-E: Eternal E 5e
Egan, Mark: A touch of light 10e
Eldridge, Roy: Heckler´s hop 7e
Elias, Eliane: Bossa nova stories ex- 4e
Elifantree: Movers and shakers digipak 8e
Ellington, Duke Orchestra: Digital Duke long deleted 8e
Ellington, Duke & Count Basie: First time 5e
Ellington, Duke and Count Basie: First time 5e
Ellington, Duke/Johnny Hodges: Back to back 7e
Ellington, Duke/Johnny Hodges: Side by side 5e
Ellis, Don: Live at Monterey 8e
Ellis, Don Orchestra: Electric Bath 5e
Esa Jazz Orchestra: The Beginning digipak 10e
Esma: Mon histoire digipak 10e
Estrellas De Areito: Los heroes 2-Cd, booklet, pahvikotelo 15e
European jazz Trio: Norwegian wood 10e
Evans, Bill: Consecration 2 5e
Evans, Bill: The Paris concert, edition 2 digipak 4e
Evans, Bill: Bill Evans album hieno japsi-painos, pahvikotelo, obi 15e
Evans, Bill: Explorations 4e
Evans, Bill. Consecration 2 10e
Farmer, Art & Bill Evans Modern art 5e
¨ Farnon, Rober & His Orchestra: The Songs of Britan/Stephen Foster Melodies 15e
Fields, Gracie: That old feeling UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Fitzerald, Ella: Ella swings lightly 6e
Fitzgerald, Ella The best of 4e
Five Corners Quintet: Hot corner digipak 4e
Flame Jazz Messnegers: Port Arthur digipak ex- 7e
Flory, Chris: For all we know 10e
Formell, Juan y Los Van Van: Te pone la cabeza mala 10e
Frahm, Joel/Bruce Katz: Project A digipak 10e
Franklin, Aretha: 30 Greatest hits slipcase 2-CD 10e
Franklin, Aretha: Soul 69 5e
Franklin, Aretha: Respect very best of 2-CD 10e
Franklin, Aretha: So damn happy 5e
Franklin, Aretha: Aretha arrives Japsi-painos ex- 10e
Franklin, Aretha: Aretha Now japsi-painos, Obi 12e
Franklin, Aretha: Aretha´s jazz 6e
Franklin, Aretha: Rare & unreleased recordings from the golden reign of the Queen of soul 2-CD 12e
Franklin, Aretha: Delta meets Detroit: Aretha´s blues ex- 8e
Franklin, Aretha: Jazz to soul 2-Cd 10e
Franklin, Aretha: Aretha´s gold 4e
Franklin, Aretha: Queen of soul 2-CD 10e
Fredator. Rebirth of the bad digipak UUSI 12e
Fredriksson, Jussi Trio: ? digipak 10e
Friedman, David-Anthony Cox-Jean-Louis Matinier: Other worlds 7e
Frisell, Bill: Intercontineltals slipcase 8e
Fugees: Bootleg versions 7tr. 7e
Funkadelic: You got the funk we got the funk 2-CD digipak 6e
Funkadelic: Best of 1976-81 ex- 5e
Funkadelic S/T 7 bonaria 8e
Gabrielle: S/T 10e
Galactic: We love em tonight 10e
Galliano, Richard: Love day 7e
Gardner, Erroll: Penthouse serenade 5e
Gardot, Melody: Sunset in the blue ex- 9e
Gaye, Marvin: Midnight love 2-CD pahvikotelo 12e
Gaye, Marvin: What´s goin on 2 bonaria 5e
Gaye, Marvin: Let´s get it on remastered 2 bonaria 4e
Gaye, Marvin: The Master 4-CD- long Box, sstobc 25e
Geils, Jay: Plays Jazz 10e
Ghent, AJ Band: Live at the Terminal West CD+DVD digipak 8e
Gilberto, Joao: Amoroso/Brasil 10e
Gilchrist,: Towards the shining path digipak 5e
Gilda: Shadows nimmarilla 7e
Gillespie, Dizzy: New wave 5e
Gillespie, Dizzy. Gettin Dizzy 2-cd 4e
Gillespie, Dizzy: Cool world 5e
Gillespie, Dizzy: Cognac blues digipak 5e
Gillett, Freitez, Franco: Terracota 10e
Giuffre, Jimmy: Free fall 5e
Glass, Philip: Songs from the trilogy 5e
Gnomus: S/T digipak 8e
Gondwana: Crece chileläistä reggaeta 10e
Gonzales, Tino: Latin gypsy digipak, kannessa Tinon nimmari 10e
Goodman, Benny: Best of Big Band featuring Peggy Lee ex- 5e
Graves, Milford/Bill Lasswell: Spacwe/time - Redemption digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 15e
Green, Al: And the message is love Best of 15tr A&M 8e
Green, Benny: Benny´s blues 5e
Green, Benny/Russell Malone: Bluebird 6e
Green, Ian: Revelation 10e
Griffin, Johnny: Introducing Johnny Griffin 5e
Griffin, Johnny: The Little Giant 8e
Grimes, Tiny with Coleman Hawkins: Blues groove ex- 8e
GRP All Star Big Band: 10th anniversary 5e
Grusin, Dave: 5 original albums 10e
Grusin, Dave: Two for the road 5e
Grussner, Johanna Band:S/T ahvenanmaalaista jazzia 10e
Guaraldi, Vince Trio: A boy named Charlie Brown 5e
Haffner, Wolfgang: Kind of Spain digipak 10e
HaiitBhutamBand: Affect of the old time digipak 10e
Haiti Vodou. The voodoo drums of Haiti 7e
Hammond, Clay & ZZ Hill: Southern Soul Brothers 26tr. Ace/Kent 10e
Hammond, Doug: It´s born 10e
Hammond, Johnny: Breakout ex- 6e
Hampton, Lionel: Live at the Muzeval 10e
Hampton, Lionel: Midnight sun deleted 10e
Hampton, Lionel: Planet jazz 5e
Hampton, Lionel: Essential digipak deleted 5e
Hampton, Lionel & His Orchestra: 1946-47 Midnight sun 6e
Hancock, Herbie: Takin off 5e
Hannu, Lauri: Tampere Big band playing late fortunes 7e
Hardscore: Surf, wind & desire ex- 8e
Harper, Billy Quintet: Live on tour in the far east 10e
Hathaway, Donny: Everything is everything 5e
Harris, Barry: Live in Tokyo 8e
Harris, Phil: The Thing UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Harris, Eddie: The Electrifying/Plug me in 8e
Hart, John: Bridges ex- 5e
Hayes, Isaac: Greatest hits singles Stax 5e
Heath, Ted: Decca singles & rarities vol. 2 5e
Heath, Ted: Decca singles & rarities vol.3 5e
Heinivaho, Matti Johtokunta: Shakki Matti UUSI (muoveissa) 15e
Heitger Duke Big Four: Prince of wails nimmarilla 10e
Henderson, Joe: A state of tenor vol. 1 & 2 2-CD 10e
Henderson, Joe Big Band: S/T 5e
Henderson, Scott: Tore down house 7e
Hendricks, Jon: Boppin at the Blue Note 5e
Herd & Aili Ikonen: Jazzbasilli digipak ex- Ailin ja bändin soittajien nimmareilla 5e
Herman, Woody: I´ve made up my mind hieno japsi-apinos obi 10e
Hill, ZZ: The Down home sou of 6e
Hill, ZZ: Love is so good when you´ re stealing it 5e
Hill, Warren: Kiss under the moon 5e
Hitchcock, Alfred: Master of suspence - Psycho, Vertigo & Spellboud + 9 famous film teams 2-CD UUSI 7e
Holiday, Billie: Lady in Satin 5e
Holiday, Billie: Lady in Satin 5e
Holland, Jolie: Springtime can kill you digipak 10e
Holloway, Loleatta: The Hotlanta soul of 23tr Kent 10e
Holmes, Richard Groove: After hours 5e
Holmes, Richard Groove: The best of the Pacific years ex- 10e
Hot Chocolate: Box selection their 8 Rak albums 1974-83 4-CD 13e
Houdini´s: Kickin in the front window 7e
Hunter, Charlie/Leon Parker: Duo 5e
Hunter, Charlie: Mistico 10e
Hunter, Charlie Trio: Bing bing bing ex- 4e
Ikonen, Kari: Karikko digipak 15e
Ikonen, Aili: Laulan digipak 10e
Ikonen, Kari & Karikko: The Helsinki suite pahvikotelo ex- 6e
Impressions: Very best of 16tr. Rhino 5e
Innanen, Mikko: Song for a new cacade 2-cd UUSI (muoveissa) 15e
Irakere: Live at Ronnie Scotts 7e
Jackie Brown - Original soundtrack 4e
Jackson, Ronald Shannon: Red warrior 5e
Jackson, Willis: Nuther n like thuther´n ex- 10e
Jackson 5 with Michael Jackson: The First recordings 5e
Jacquet, Illinois: The Ilinois Jacquet story 4-CD-BOX 12e
Jacquet, Illinois: Blues that´s e 5e
James, Bob: Ivory coast 10e
James, Etta: Time after time/Mystery lady 5e
James, Jose & Jef Neve: For all we know 4e
Jarreau, Al. Original alum series 5-CD 10e
Jarreau, Al: All I got 4e
Jarrett, Keith-Gary Peacock-Jack DeJohnette: Out-of-towners slipcase 6e
Jarrett, Keith: Mourning of a star digipak ex- 4e
Jarrett, Keith: Somewhere before the Atlantic years 1968-75 2-CD 10e
Jarrett, Keith: Treausure Island digipak 5e
Jarrett, Keith: Life between the exit signs 5e
Jarrett. Keith: Köln Concert Japani-painos UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Jarrett, Keith: El Juicio digipak 5e
Jarrett, Keith: Tokyo 96 slipcase 11e
Jarrett, Keith - Gary Peacock - Jack DeJohnette: Bye b ye blackbird pahvitasku gs 10e
Jazz Crusaders: Chile con soul 6e
Jazz No Problem: Praha 10e
Jazzanova: Remixes 1997-2000 2-Cd digipak 7e
J.B´s: Funky good time The anthology 2-CD 7e
Jean, Wyclef: Carnival 5e
Jobim, Carlos Antonio: The Girl from Ipanema - A retrospective 19tr. 8e
Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Jazz Masters 13 5e
Johansson, Markku Blue echoes ex- 15e
Jones, Hank: Sarala ex- 7e
Jones, Hank: Misbehavin 6e
Jones, Norah: Not too late 4e
Jones, Quincy: Smackwater Jack 6e
Jones, Quincy: Back on the block 10e
Jones, Quincy: Finest hour 6e
Jones, Quincy: Quintessance digipak 6e
Jones, Quincy & Sammy Nestico Orchestra: Basie & beyond 7e
Jones, Quincy Big Band: Lausanne 1960 7e
Jones, Quincy: Back on black 5e
Jones, Thad & Mel Lewis: Live at the Village vanguard 6e
Jordan, Ronny: A Brighter day 5e
Jordan, Stanley: Dreams of peace ex- 7e
Joronen, Jouni: Legmaster vol. 2 7e
Joseph, Anthony & Sparm Band: Live in Bremen pahvikotelo-gs 10e
Joutseno, Erkki Trio: Breathe in breathe out digipak 10e
Joyce: The essential 1970-1996 deleted 15e
Jupu Group/Jukka Linkola Octet: Jazz Liisa 5&6 5e
Jönsson, Alex 3: The lost moose digipak 10e
Kallio, Mika: S/T 15e
KC Flight: In flight 6e
Kenny G: The Moment 10e
Kennedy, Nigel: Plays jazz 7e
Kent, Stacey: Let yourself go 8e
Kent, Stacey: Close your eyes 10e
Kent, Stacey: Love is the Tender Trap 8e
Kenton, Stan: Eude for saxophone 1941-42 5e
Kenton, Stan: Adventures in blues 7e
Kentucky Minstrels: 1935-41 5e
Keskitapio, Terho: Unstedy rhythm 7e
Kessel, Barney: Blues for a playboy 5e
Kidjo, Angelique: Logozo 5e
Kiiskinen, Timo: Chet digipak 10e
Kioto: Masterpiece 7e
Kitt, Eartha: My greatest songs 7e
Koko Jazz Orchestra: Presenting the music of Lehtonen and Fredriksson digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Kolker, Adam Beckon digipak 10e
Konitz, Lee: Live Lee 6e
Kool & the Gang: Celebration the Best of 1979-87 17tr. Mercury 8e
Korma: Almost eatable 10e
Kourbova, Jana: Plesk 10e
Kremer, Gidon/Astor Piazzolla: El tango slipcase ex- 6e
Kroke: Live at the Pit 10e
Kronos Quartet: Salome Dance for Peace 2-cd ex- 7e
Kronos Quartet: Salome Dances for peace - Plays Terry Riley 2-CD ex- 15e
Krupa, Gene & Buddy Rich: The drum battle at JATP digipa 8e
Kuhn, Steve: Trance ECM ex- 8e
Kukkonen, Jarno: Present & absent 7e
Kunzel, Erich/Cincinnati pops orchestra: Movie love themes 7e
Kuti, Fela: Open & Close/Afrodisiac 10e
Kuusisto, Pekka - Trio Töykeät: Music! 8e
Kuusisto, Pekka & Iiro Rantala: Subterranee 10e
LaBelle, Patti: Live at the Apollo 8e
LaBelle, Patti: Burnin 5e
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Chillout sessions slipcase 5e
Lafayette, Bettye: Thankful n thoughful digipak 10e
Langeland, Sinikka: Starflowers ECM slipcase 8e
Lan Xang: Hidden gardens 8e
Laserdance: Discovery trip 7e
Last of the International Playboys: S/T 8e
Laswell, Bill: Into the outlands "Live In Osaka 1987" 6e
Late´s Brutal Mono: Live at theTampere Jazz happening 8e
Latin from the North: S/T 8e
Laube, Fabiane: Sol de agosto digipak, promo-tarra kannessa 10e
Lavette, Bettye: Let me down easy 7e
LaVette, Bettye: A woman like me 10e
Laws, Hubert: Romeo & Juliet ex- 5e
Lee, Peggy: Things are swingin/The man I love 2-CD 5e
Lee, Peggy: Blues cross country 5e
Lee, Peggy: Sings for you 2otr. Avid 4e
Legend, John: Evolver UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Lewis, Ramsey Trio: An hour with 3 bonaria 6e
Liebert, Ottmar: Nouvaus flamenco 6e
Liebman, Dave etc: Back on the corner digipak, promo 10e
Lindfors, Lill: Lill´s bästä 7e
Lines of reason: S/T ex- 5e
Little Beaver: Very best of 10e
Little Willie John: Nineteen Sixty Six 8e
Lloyd, Charles: Canto ex- 6e
Lobato, Pio: Brinquedo Mint (muoveissa) 10e
Logg: S/T uusi, muoveissa 9e
Lomo: Painkiller 10e
London, Julie Best of Liberty Years ex- 4e
London, Julie: London by night hieno japsi-painos, upea kansikuva, liite, ei obia 10e
London, Julie: 8 Classic albums 4-CD 7e
London, Julie: Julie London Best 24raitaa, hieno japsi-painos, obi, upea kansikuva Mint (muoveissa) 25e
London, Julie: Best of 18tr. Emi 4e
Los Angeles Jazz Quartet: Look to the east 5e
Los Zafiros: Bossa Cubana slipcase 10e
Loussier, Jacques Trio: Plays Debussy 5e
Lötjönen, Antti: East on ex- 8e
Lovano, Joe: Celebrationg Sinatra 6e
LTC: A different view 10e
Lucia, Paco De, Al Di Meola, John Mclaughlin: S/T (Guitar trio) 5e
Mabern, Harold: A few miles from Memphis 10e
MacAlpine, Tony etc: Cab 2 9e
Maceo & All the Kings Men: Doing their own thing vanha Charly 5e
Machine and the Synenergetic nuts: Leap second neutral 10e
Madhouse featuring Prince: After midnight After-show performance of the "Sign O' The Times"-tour held in Paris on June 15th 1987 90-luvun bootsi 15e
Magne, Michel: Les Miserarables soundtrack 10e
Malone, Russell: Heartstrings 5e
Malone, Russell: Look who´s here 5e
Mancini, Henry: Original album classics 5-CD 10e
Manhattan Transfer: Tonin 5e
Manhattan Transfer: Chick Corea songbook pahvikansi ex- 7e
Manne, Shelly: At the Black Hawk vol. 1 7e
Marcos, Juan de Afro-Cuban Allstars: Distinto, direrente 5e
Marsalis Family: A jazz celebration 10e
Marsalis, Wynton: Tune in tomorrow 7e
Marsalis, Wynton: In Gabreil´s garden 4e
Marsalis, Wynton: S/T (eka) 8e
Marsalis, Wynton: J Mood 4e
Martin, Sallie Singers/Cora Martin: Throw out the lifeline 10e
Martino, Pat: Nightwings 15e
Marvelettes: Greatest hits 4e
Marvin, Greg: I´ll get by 10e
Mattila, Karita - Lasse Mårtenson: Lauluja merelle 5e
Mayerl, Phil: Plasy Phil Mayerl UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Mayfield, Curtis: Heartbeat deleted Charly 5e
Mayfield, Curtis: Curtis 9 bonaria 6e
Mayfield, Curtis: Very best of 5e
Mayfield, Curtis: Gospel 5e
Mayfield, Curtis: Super fly 5e
McBride, Christian Trio: Live at the Village Vanguard digipak 8e
McCaslin, Donny: In pursuit 13e
McCaslin, Donny: Soar ex- 7e
McDuff, Brother Jack: Live 8e
McGriff, Jimmy and Hank Crawford Quartet: Blues groove 7e
McRae, Carmen: Carmen sings Monk 5e
McRae, Carmen: Finest hour 7e
Mehto, Viljami: Delibarate happenstance digipak 8e
Meier, Nicolas: Silence talks digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Melvin, Harold & the Bluenotes: The Ultimate 5e
Mergia, Hailu & Dahlak Band: Wede harer guzo 7e
Metallifonia: Far beyond the sun digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 12e
Michajlov, Angelo: Saxana - The Girl on a broomstick 10e
Micus, Stephan: The music of stones ECM ex- 8e
Middelhoff, Barend: Soil 10e
Midon, Raul: State of mind 10e
Miikhali and the Casters of the Universe: S/T digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 8e
Miller, Marcus: Ozell tapes 2-CD 12e
Mints: Follow your heart 10e
Mitchell, Roscoe: Nine to get ready 7e
Mitchell, Willie: Memphis rhythm king 6e
Modern Jazz Quartet & Jimmy Giuffre: Complete recordings 5e
Modern Jazz Quartet: Lonely woman 7e
Monheit, Jane: Taking a chance on love 10e
Monheit, Jane: Come dream with me digipka 6e
Monk, Thelonious: This is jazz 7e
Monk, Thelonious: Brilliant corners 5e
Monk, Thelonious: With John Coltrane 5e
Monk, Thelonious: Genius of modern music vol. 1 4e
Monk, Thelonious: Genius of Modern music vol. 2 5e
Monk, Thelonious: Monk 4e
Monroe, Marilyn: The essentials 13tr. 3e
Monroe, Marilyn: Very best of 20tr. ranskalaisen Anthology-merkin 20tr. kokoelma. 32 sivun booklet hienoilla kuvilla 7e
Montand, Yves: Le Paris de 5e
Montand, Yves: En tete a tete avec - Le coffret best of 5-CD 15e
Monteliu, Tete: The Man from Barcelona 10e
Monteliu, Tete: Solo piano 10e
Moody, James: Wail Moody wail 10e
Moore, Rudy Ray: Raw Rude and real 8e
More, Benny: El Barbaro del ritmo 23tr. Rev-Ola 8e
Morgan, Lee: Tom cat 8e
Monte, Marisa: A great noise 5e
Montgomery, Wes: The Incredible jazz guitar of ex- 5e
Morgan, Lee: Sidewinder 4e
Morse, Ella Mae: Magic of 4e
Morton, Jelly Roll: The Library of congress recordings 3-CD long deleted Affinity 15e
Moss, J: The J Moss project 10e
Motian, Paul Trio: Trio i sm 8e
Moura, Paolo: Gafieire etc & Tal 3e
Mr Fonebone: Hit & Run 10e
Mtukudzi, Oliver: Tsimba Itsoka 10e
Muldaur, Jenni: Dearest darlin digipak 8e
Mulligan, Gerry with Chet Baker: Reunion 6e
Mulligan, Gerry Quartet with Chet Baker: The best of 5e
Murtola, Anna: Fuego por dentro ex- digipak 6e
Music inc: Live at Historic slugs 7e
Music inc: Live at Historic slugs -98-Charly 10e
Muthspiel, Wolfgang: The promise deleted 12e
Mörglbl: Grotesk digipka 8e
National Youth Jazz Orchestra: Jazz in Film 10e
Natural Four: Heaven right here on earth 6e
Nelson, Oliver: Screamin the blues 6e
Newborn, Nat: Back to the moon digipak 10e
Neville Brothers: Yellow moon 4e
New York Jazz Guitar Ensemble: Four on six 10e
Nieminen & Litmanen: Third digipak 5e
Nikula, Heikki & The Brilliant Bass Clarinet: Hopenadium! 10e
Noga & Quartet: Kurt Weill Jazz songs slipcase ex- 5e
Norby, Caecelie: Queen of Bad excuses 10e
Nugent, John: West of Flatbush 10e
Nyrorican soul: Talkin loud 5e
O´Day, Anita: All the sad youg men digipak 5e
O´Day, Anita: Sings the winners 6e
O´Farrill, Arturo: Song for Chico ex- 7e
Ojos de Brujo: Techari digipak 8e
Olmarin Unioni: S/T 10e
Olson, Byron: Sketches of Miles small co, deleted 10e
Oneness of Juju: 1970-72 2-cd ex- 8e
Ooostenrijk, Jan Wouter: Open up your eyes digipal 10e
Orbital: In sides 10e
Organ High: S/T tamperelaista: Jouni Joronen, Juppo Paavola & Ville Rauhala 7e
Organic Fuel: The Spirit has left the building digipak 10e
Original soundtrack Bride of Frankenstein Silva Screen - Uk 10e
Origininal Soundtrack: 007 The Spy who loved me 6e
Original Soundtrack 007 Diamonds are forever 9 bonaria 6e
Original Soundtrack: 007 Live and let die 8 bonaria 12e
Original Soundtrack 007 Thunderball 6 bonaria 12e
Orpana, Masa: Brothers UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Orquesta Aragon: Quin sabe sabe digipak 10e
Orquesta America: Sabor profundo digipak 10e
OST: James Bond Dr. No hieno Connery/Ursula Andress -kansikuva 5e
Outkast: Big Boi & Dre present.... 6e
Oulu Big Band featuring Anneli Saaristo Tanssi! 10e
Paalanen, Antti: Breathbox digipak 10e
Padron, Julio y los Amigos de Sta.Amalia Secscarga Santa digipa 10e
Page, Patti:Keep me in mind 30tr. Jasmine 7e
Palmu, Osmo: Recital Espanol 10e
Parker, Charlie: At Storyville 6e
Parker, Charlie: Complete savoy sessions 4-CD 12e
Parks, Aaron: Invisible cinema 10e
¨ Parliament: Funkentelechy vs the Palcebo syndrome 6e
Parliament: Motheship connection 6e
Pass, Joe: Montreux 77 digipak 5e
Pass, Joe: At Montreux jazz festival 1975 digipak 7e
Patterson, Bobby: How do you spell love - The Paula recordings 1971-73 19tr. Westside 15e
Paul, Les & Mary Ford: All-time greatest hits 12tr Capitol 5e
Paul, Les & Mary Ford: America´s succesful duo - 80 original hits & rarities 1950-56 4-CD-box 8e
Pele: Peleginca CD+ DVD kyllä SE Pele, brassien huippumuusikoiden kanssa UUSI 12e
Perko, Jukka: Dizzy digipak 5e
Perko, Jukka: Retrospective digipak 4e
Perko-Pyysalo Poppoo: Garden of time 10e
Pepper Dots: Swingin Sixties 6e
Petrucci, Michel: Power of three 5e
Pettinen, Mikko: 2happy digipak 10e
Piazzolla, Astor: Master of Bandeneon 10-CD-Box 10e
Pickett, Wilson: Very best of 16tr. Rhino 4e
Pickett, Wilson: The Definitive 2-CD 6e
Pilc Moutin Hoenic: Threedom 10e
Pilafian, San: Travelin light ex- 7e
Pine, Courtney: Back in the day 10e
Pizzarelli, John: Live at Birdland 2-Cd digipak 7e
Pleasure: Get to the feeling 8e
Pohjola, Verneri: Hot pot place around the corner digipak 10e
Pohjola, Verneri: The dead don´t dream 12e
Pointer Sisters: The best of 1978-81 4e
Popp, Frank Ensemble: S/T digipak 10e
Popp, Frank Emsemble: Ride on! ex- digipak 7e
Powell, Bud/Don Byas: A tribute to Cannonball 8e
Powell, Bud: A portrait of Thelonious 7e
Prado, Perez: King of mambo 17tr. RCA 5e
Prado, Perez: Our man in Havana Very best of 25tr. BMG 5e
Pras: Ghetto Supastar 2-Cd 12e
Preisner, Zbigniew: Trois Couleurs Bleu original soundtrack 7e
Prince: Music from the Purple rain 5e
Prince: Sign of times 2-Cd 5e
Project G-7: A Tribute to Wes Montgomery vol. 1 promo-cut out 5e
Project G-7: A Tribute to Wes Montgomery vol. 2 7e
Quarterman, Sir Joe + Free soul: S/T ex- 7e
Queen, Alvin: I ain´t looking at you 10e
Rafta, Judy. Con Alma 5e
Rakka: Mykorritsan valtakunta digipak 10e
Raksin, David: The Band and the beautiful/Laura Minnellin ja Premingerin leffojen soundtrackit 2-CD 10e
Raney, Jimmy: A 8e
Ranglin, Ernest: Soul d´ern 10e
Rantala, Iiro: My history of jazz digipak 10e
Rantama Trio Catching the mystery train digipak UUSI (Muoveissa) 5 tr. 7e
Rawls, Lou: I can´t make it alone - the Axelrod years 7e
Red Sun/SamulNori: Then comes the white tiger 8e
Redd, Freddie: Shades of Redd 6e
Redding, Otis: Original album seires 5-cd (Pain in my heart/Sings Soul Ballads/Otis Blue/Soul album/Dictionary of soul) 10e
Redding, Otis: The very best of 16tr. Rhino 5e
Redding, Otis: Trilogy (Sings soul/Pain in my heart/Immortal) 3-CD Box 15e
Redding, Otis: Very best of 2-CD slipcase 10e
Redding, Otis & Aretha Franklin: Aretha & Otis 2-CD 10e
Reese, Della: The Jubilee Years singles 1954-59 deleted 29tr. Westside 15e
Reese, Della: And that reminds me/A date with ex- 5e
Reeves, Dianne: That day 4e
Retro Kings: Over the moon pahvikotelo UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
Ria Bändi: Tampereen Rian 40-vuotsijuhlalevy 5e
Ria Bändi: Keskiyön tunti 5e
Ribot, Marc: Exercises in futility 10e
Rich, Buddy: Latin silk 3,5e
Richie, Lionel: Dancing on the ceiling 5e
Richie, Lionel & the Commodores: The Definitive collection 2-CD, slipcase, erillinen booklet, upea virallinen Taiwan-painos 20e
Rinaldi Luhtala Jazz Project: Terranova digipak UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Rippinton´s Curves ahead 10e
Roach, Max: Deeds not words 6e
Roberts, Howard: The real 10e
Robinson, Smokey & the Miracles: Gold 2-Cd 50tr. 10e
Rok, Teddy Seven: Universal four 5e
Rollins,, Sonny: Here´s to the people 7e
Ross, Diana: Love & Life - Very best of 2-CD ex- 7e
Ross, Diana & Supremes: Love songs 4e
RTQ featruing Johanna Rusanen: Fooling myself 8e
Rubalcaba, Gonzalo: The Blessing 6e
Ruby & the Romantics: Ultimate collection 12e
Rudd, Roswell: Broad strokes 7e
Rugolo, Pete: Adventures in jazz 2-cd 10e
Ruiz, Hilton: Enchantment 10e
Ruller, Jesse Van: Views promo 10e
Saari, Wimme & Tapani Rinne: Soabbi 10e
Saksa,Paui Fragments & fusion 5e
Salama, Hannu & Hepa Halme: Auringonnousun talosata digipak, Salaman nimmari kannessa 12e
Salokoski, Emma Ensemble: Kaksi mannerta digipak 5e
Salonen, Kalle: Barracuda man 10e
Sane, Ismaila: Namandu digipak (Piirpauke-soittaja) 10e
Saoco: Siempre sere guajiro 8e
Sarmanto, Heikki - Aina Swan Cutler: Helsinki Haiku songs pictures bookformat 15e
Schaefer, Eric: Kyoto mon amour digipak 10e
Scott-Heron, Gil: Ghetto style 4e
Schultz, Max: Blues up ex- 8e
Scofield, John: Hand jive 4e
Screaming Head Torsos: Live UUSI (muoveissa) kotelo ex- 8e
Semper, George: Makin waves 5e
Seal: Human being 10e
Schuman, Tom: Extremites 10e
Scofield, John: Hand jive 5e
Szabo, Gabor: More sorcery 5e
Segundo, Combay: Compay Compay En concierto 2-CD digipak 12e
Sevåg, Öystein: Link 5e
Sharrock, Sonny: Highlife 10e
Sharp, Dee Dee: Cameo Parkway 1962-66 24tr. 15e
Shaw, Artie: Selfportrait 5-cd-BOX ex- 35e
Shaw, Ryan: This is 8e
Sheen, Bobby: Anthology 1958-75 24tr. Ace 10e
Shore, Dinah: Original recordings 1939-51 UUSI (muoveissa) 5e
Silver, Horace: Story of jazz 6e
Sinatra, Frank: Come fly wiith me 5e
Sinatra, Frank: Songs for swinin lovers 5e
Sinatra, Frank: Strangers in the night 5e
Sinatra, Frank-Dean Martin & Sammy Davis: The Rat pack live at the Sands UUSI 5e
Sly & the Family Stone: Greatest hits 5e
Sly & the Family Stone: Best of 20tr. deleted 5e
Sly & Family Stone: Thereá riot goin on 5e
Smith, Bessie: Essential 2-Cd 17e
Smith, Johnny: Walk don´t run 7e
Smith, Lonnie Liston: Expansions: digipak 8e
Solution: Will not be televised 5e
SomehowJo: Satans of swing UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Son 14: Their grestest hits 15e
Soul Stirrers: Heaven is my home 10e
Soundtrack: Chitty Chitty bang bang deluxe 10e
Sound & Fury: Pulsacion ex- 10e
Spirit of Life Ensemble: Collage long deleted, pientä pintajälkeä 10e
Spyro Gyra: Original cinema 10e
Spyro Gyra: Morning dance ex- 4e
Staff Benda Bilili: Tres tres fort digipak 10e
Staton, Candi: S/T 26tr. kokoelma 5e
Staton, Candi: His hands ex- 4e
Steig, Jeremy: Firefly 6e
Stewart, E. Reverend & Friends: S/T 8e
Sting & Gil Evans: Last session 10e
Stitt, Sonny: Night letter 7e
Stitt, Sonny & Don Paterson: Boss men 15e
Suvanne, William: Indian curry digipak 10e
Suvanne, William: The Tenor digipak 10e
Swan Silvertones: Love lifter me/My rock 10e
Swell, Steve: Suite for players, listerners and dreamers ex- 10e
Swing Gentlemen: Keeo on Swinging with Inka Ikna-tehtaitten mainoslevy 12tr. 5e
Sylvester: Original hits 8e
Syrjänen, Saxman: Free Nachos digipak UUSI 10e
Szakcsi: Mystic dreams 10e
Takalo, Arttu: Sept. Naif digipak 10e
Takala, Päivi/Otna Eahket/Me Naiset: Uni pimeän maan digipak 7e
Take 6: The Standard bändin nimmareilla 10e
Tate, Tommy: I´m so satisfied - the Complete Ko ko recordings and more 20tr. Kent 10e
Tatum, Art: Fine and dandy vol. 2 original recordings 1937-44 7e
Taylor, James Quartet: Best of Acid Jazz Years ex- 6e
Taylor, James Quartet: Get organized 5e
Texas Trumpets: Featuring the Eastside band 10e
Texier, Henri: Mosaic man 8e
Thielemans, Toots: Hard to say goodbye - very best of 4e
Thing: Action jazz 10e
Thomas, Irma: Time is on my side 24tr. Kent ex- 7e
Thomas, Irma: The soul fo New Orleans 22tr. Charly UUSI (muoveissa) 8e
Thomas, Rufus: The Funkiest man 18tr Stax ex- 5e
Thompson, Butch: Plays the works of Scott Joplin 10e
Three Degrees: Strategy digipak 10e
Three of a kind: Akasha 2-Cd 10e
Three sounds: Soul symphony ex- 10e
Toivanen, Pekka: She didn´t like the wallpaper 6e
Toivonen, Jarkko: Tuning to mellow tone 5e
Tolliver, Charles: Impact digipak 7e
Tolstoy, Viktoria: Shining on you digipak 10e
Tolstoy, Viktoria: My Swedish heart digipak 10e
Tolstoy, Viktoria: My Russian soul digipak 5e
Tolstoy, Viktoria: Pictures of me digipak 10e
Torme, Mel: Spotlight 7e
Tower of Power: Urban renewal 5e
Tower of Power: We came to play 5e
Tower of Power: Ain´t nothin stoppin us now/Back on the streets 8e
Tower of Power: Soul with A Capital S 6e
Tower of Power: Soul with Capital S 5e
Tribalistas: S/T 10e
Trio: Conflagration UUSI 17e
Trio Töykeät & Ryhmäteatteri: Rappiolla 8e
Trio Töykeät: One night in Tampere 10e
Trio Töykeät: High standards 8e
Tronzo, David: Night in Amnesia 5e
Truffaz, Erik: Mantis digipak 10e
Tuomarila, Alexi Trio: Sphere 10e
Tuominen, Jartse: Untodl stories digipak 10e
Turner, Mark/Larry Grenadier/Jeff Ballard: Fly - Sky & Country ECM slipcase ex- 8e
Tyler, Tyrone: Best of 10e
Tyner, McCoy: Tender moments Rudy Van Gelder -edition 2004 Europe 15e
Ullmann, Gernhard - Steve Swell Quartet: Desert songs & othe landscapes 10e
Umo Jazz Orchestra: Transit people 8e
UMO: Primal mind - Umo plays the music of Raoul Björkenheim digipak 10e
Underhill. Richard: Tales from the Blue Lounge 10e
Underkarl: Timetunnel 25 digipak 10e
Ursiny, Dezo-Ivan Strka: Dotla 10e
US 3: Hand on the torch 5e
Vale, Jerry: I remember Buddy 9e
Valente, Caterina: Ich bin 7e
Wallumröd, Christian Ensemble: The zoo is far ECM slipcase 10e
Wanderley, Walter: Talkin Verve 6e
Vanhanen, Mika Ensemble: Punainen lipas pahvikotelo UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Vanoni, Ornella: Del Mio Meglio 5e
V/A Best of James Bond 30th anniversary collection 5e
V/A Glass onion . Songs of the Beatles from the Atlantic & Warner jazz vaults ex- 10e
V/A Pori Jazz 2009 6e
V/A Jazz into cool ex- japani-painos ex- 10e
V/A Finnish Jazz 2002 promo digipak 14tr. hieno Ville Pirisen (Ornette Makkonen) kansikuva 7e
V/A Rough guide to Asian Underground ex- 6e
V/A Samba Brasil! ex- 4e
V/A The Best of Bond... James Bond 22 tunnusbiisiä alkuperäisesityksinä ex- 4e
V/A Cafe Buenos Aires: Nostalgic sounds of Tango Porteno 3-Cd 5e
V/A Badmuthas 18 original black movie hits 5e
V/A Radiomafia Diffusion YLE CDY 49 promo mm. Pohjola, Krakatau, P.Lahti, Rinneradio 15e
V/A Jazz on a Summer´s day - Pori Jazz 40th anniversary album 1966-2005 2-CD 10e
V/A Glass onion . Songs of the Beatles from the Atlantic & Warner jazz vaults ex- 10e
V/A Tropicalia slipcase, kirjanen, Soul Jazz Records 13e
V/A Disco Jazz vol. 1: jazz for the house generation 2-CD 7e
V/A Hast du worte? - als die instrumentals sprechen lernten 25tr. Bear Family 10e
V/A Feel like Jumping - Best of Studio One women 8e
V/A From Calypso to Disco the Roots of Black Britain 29tr. Sequel 8e
V/A Get your lie straight - A galaxy of funky soul 10e
V/A Funk-soul Brothers & Sisters: Curtom club classics vol. 2 20r. Sequel 7e
V/A Classic disco 4e
V/A Tease! Beat of the Bulesque small co 5e
V/A Lounge it - Recado Bossa Nova ex- kiva pin up -kansikuva 8e
V/A Lounge it - La Dolce Vita kuin yllä 10e
V/A Lounge it - What´s the trouble kuin yllä 10e
V/A Lounge it - Midnight blue kuin yllä 10e
V/A 30 Years of Pori Jazz festivals 15e
V/A Latin lounge 8e
V/A Let´s stick together Avery Dennisonin mainoslevy v. 1996, kiva muotoiltu, vähän kolmimaista jääraappaa muistutttava CD 5tr. 5e
V/A Maruzzella - Eurooppalaisia suosikkeja 1950-luvulta Radio Suomi RSCD 1001 vuodelta 1995. Ex- 15e
V/A Jerry Ragovoy Story: Time is on my side 24tr Ace 10e
V/A Respect Aretha´s infuences and inspiration 24tr. Ace 10e
V/A Eastern & hip -Eastern jazz grooves form the Atlantic and Warner vaults 5e
V/A All about soul - 53 original soul classics 2-CD Rhino 7e
V/A Diggin deeper 7 - the Roots of acid jazz 5e
V/A Jerry Ragovay Story Time is on my side 1953-2003 24r Ace 10e
V/A Mod Jazz 25tr. Ace/Kent 10e
V/A Stars in Las Vegas 10-CD-Box 10e
V/A Be Bop in Britain 4-CD long deleted Charly 40e
Washington, Grover Jr: Then and now 10e
Washington, Grover Jr: Anthology of 5e
Vasquez, Papo: Pirates troubadours from the Badlands 10e
Watts, Ernie: Unity 10e
Vaughan, Sarah: In Hi-fi 5e
Webster, Ben: Music for loving 2-Cd 15e
Weckl, Dave: Synenergy 10e
Vega, Ray: Squeeze squeeze 10e
Weber, Eberhard: Resume slipcase ECM 10e
Weckl, Dave Band: Synergy 4e
Wells, Mary: Compact command perfomances 22 greatest hits 6e
Westlife: Allow us to be frank erinomainen 50s-Sinatra -tyylinen viihdelevy poikabändiltä 7e
Weston, Randy: A thousand small things 10e
Weston, Randy: Zep Tep digipak 10e
Wheeler, Kenny: Angel song ECM slipcase 10e
White, Barry: All-time greatest hits 10e
White, Barry: Greatest hits 6e
Whitfield, Mark: Patrice Japsi-painos UUSI (muoveissa) 8e
Whiting, Margaret: Collectors series 26tr. Capitol 5e
Whitley, Chris: Dirt floor deleted 12e
Vibraltar: S/T 10e
Wild, Earl-Arthur Fiedler-Boston Pops: Rhapsody in blue 6e
Williams, Joe: The best of Blue Note 10e
Williams, John: Missouri breaks Brando/Nicholson-leffan soundtrack deluxe 4 bonarilla 5e
Willis, Larry: A tribute to someone deleted 15e
Wilson, Anthony: Adult themes 7e
Wilson, Nancy: Something wonderful 4e
Wilson, Reuben: Down with it 7e
Winstone, Norma: Somewhere called home pahvikotelo ECM 7e
Winter´s Jazz Workshop: Hypnosis 10e
Winter, Niklas Quartet: Live in Stockholm 10e
Vogel, Karsten: God only knows 10e
Wogram, Nils: Speed life digipak 5e
Womack, Bobby: The Poet II 4e
Womack, Bobby: Midnight mover the Bobby Womack Collection 2-Cd ex- 10e
Womack, Bobby: The poet II Razor & Tie US ex- 8e
Womack, Bobby: The Bravest man in the universe 8e
Womack, Bobby: Feels of life/I don´t know what the world is coming to 6e
Wright, Lizz: The Orchard promo-cut out
Wunderlich, Klaus: Hammond fireworks 5e
Wyclef Jean: The eclectic 5e
Väyrynen, Mika: Danse Macabe digipak 8e
XL: Surreal 8e
Åkerblom, Teemu Quartet: S/T digipak, kotelo ex- 6e
Yannatou, Savina: Songs of an other ECM slipcase 10e
Yates, Neil: Five countries UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Young, Lester: In Washington DC 1956 vol. 1 6e
Yudanov-Brötzman-Luoma: Fryed fruit 10e
Zadeh, Aziza Mustafa: S/T 6e
Zawinul, Joe Syndicate: The Immigrants 15e
Ölander, Johan Quartet: The Tongue-Twister 10e
Ölander, Johan Quartet: Tongue-Twister 10e


*Scott-Heron, Gil: I´m new here M-/M- 2010-Eu-painos pink vinyl 2xinn, ins gs 50e
*Spina, Harold Singers and Ochestra with Anthony Quinn: In my own way ... I love you ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Saksa-painbios. komea Anthony Quinn -kansi 7e
*Bachelet, Pierre: Emmanuelle original soundtarck ex/ex Ranska-orig. hieno Sylvie Kristel -kanis 13e
*Urbaniak, Michal Fusion: Smiles ahead M-/vg+ Saksa-orig. swobc 15e
*Corea, Chick: Piano improvisations vol. 2 ex/ex- Us-orig. swobc 7e
*Ponty, Jean-Luc: Open strings ex/vg+ Saksa-orig. swobc 10e
*Oregon/Elvin Jones: Together ex/ex- Us-orig. swobc 10e
*Ponty, Jean-Luc: Upon the wings of music ex/ex- Usd-orig. swobc 10e
*Jarrett, Keith: Byablue ex/ex- Us-orig. swobc 10e
*Jarrett, Keith: Fort Yawuh ex/ex- 2.painos Us quadrophonic swobc 10e
*Jarrett, Keith/Jack DeJohnette: Ruta and Daitya M-/ex- Us-orig. swobc 12e
*Last Poets: Jazzoetry ex/ex Get Back -painos 2003 20e
*Hancock, Herbie: Perfect machine M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 8e
*Longo, Michael: 900 shares of the blues M-/ex Us-orig gs co 25e
*Z: Music for sensuous lovers ex/ex- Us-orig. co ilm. Mort Garson 15e
*Morricone, Ennio: The Big Gundown ex/ex Italia-2005, värivinyyli, poster, hype sticker 20e
*Getz, Stan: Another time, another place ex/ex 60/70-luvun vaihteen Ruotsi-painos 8e
*Mulligan, Gerry: Featuring Chet Baker, Chico Hamilton M-/ex 60-luvun Ranska-painos 10e
*Mulligan, Gerry: Gerry´s time M-/ex 60-luvun Ruotsi-painos 12e
*V/A Jazz på Stampen M-/ex 8e
*Asmussen, Sven, Red Mitchell: Jazz på Stampen vol. 2 M-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 8e
*Nilsson, Gunnar & Nils-Bertil Dahlander: Jazz på Stampen vol. 3 M-/ex Ruotsi-orig 8e
*Mulligan, Gerry: Genius of Gery Mulligan ex/ex Us-68 gs 10e
*Hall, Edmond Celeste Quartet: Celestial Express M-/ex Us-orig. gs 8e
*Hall, Edmond Quartet: S/T M-/ex Tanska-orig. 8e
*Löffler, Franz: Swingin Bach Guitar M-/ex Saksa-orig. 8e
*Rich, Buddy & Alla Rakha: Rich a la Rakha ex/ex- Us-orig. gs 15e
*Hampton, Lionel: Hampton Goes europe M-/M- -67-Hollanti 7e
*Hawkins, Coleman: Sirius M-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
*Domnerus, Arne Trio: Fancy ex/M- Ruotsi-orig. 12e
*Pass, Joe: The Stones Jazz M-/M- Us-orig. Rolling Stonesia jazz-sovituksina 13e
*Hodges, Johnny: Stride right M-/ex Verve Jazz no 15 8e
*Goodman, Benny Quartet: Made in Japan M-/ex Uk-orig, 14e
*Wilson, Teddy: Swedish Jazz My way M-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
*Montgomery, Wes: Wes´s Best M-/ex 60-luvun Ranska-painos, erittäin cool kansikuva 8e
*Smith Johnny: Guitar world of M-/ex Us-orig. 15e
*Russell, Pee Wee: Ask me now! ex-/ex- Uk-orig. mono sstobc 15e
*Getz, Stan & Oscar Peterson Trio: Ex-/M- shrink Us-66 15e
*Getz, Stan & Johnny Smith: Moonlight in Vermont M-/ex 70-luvun Uk-painos 2-LP gs 10e
*Getz, Stan: Plays M-/M- 60-luvun lopun Us-painos, shrink 17e
*Previn, Andre: Modrn jazz perfomances from Gigi ex/M- -59-Us stereo shrink 10e
*Modern Jazz Quartet: Plays One never knows M-/M- -63-Us, stereo, shrink 15e
*Modern Jazz Quartet: Concorde M-/ex Uk-orig. 17e
*Manne, Shelly & Friends: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. 20e
*Burrell, Kenny: I Love Kenny Burrell - Live at the Village Vanguard M-/ex Hollanti-orig. hieno tyttökansi 12e
*Brubeck, Dave: Blues Roots M-/ex Uk-orig. 15e
*Konitz, Lee: Abstractions M-/ex -67-Uk 12e
*Asmussen Svend Sextet: S/T M-/M- Ruotri-orig. 10e
*Valente, Caterina: Greastest hits (with. Werner Muller and His Orchetra) ex-/ex 70-luvun Uk-painos, hieno kansikuva 7e
*Griffin, Johnny: The Congregation M-/ex -91-Japani -painos, ins, ei obia 35e
*Peterson, Oscar: Reunion blues ex/ex Saksa-orig. gs 8e
*Kessel, Barney with Shelly Manne and Ray Brown: The Poll winners ex-/ex- 70/80-luvun vaihteen Us-painos 7e
*Westbrook, Mike & Kate: London Bridge is broken down M-/ex 4-LP-BOX UK-orig. booklet 25e
*Bushkin, Joe: Blue angels ex/ex Us-orig, 8e
*Martin, Dean: The door is still open to my heart ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
*Raeburn, Boyd: Man with the horns ex/ex- Us-orig, wobc 10e
*Gold, Marty: Skin tight ex/ex- Us-orig. mono hieno kansikuva 20e
*Parker, Charlie: Charlie Parker memorial ex/ex- Us-orig. 15e
*Raney, Jimmy/Chuck Wayne/Joe Puma/Divk Garcia: The Fourmost guitars M-/ex- 80-luvun Jasmine-Uk 8e
*Coleman, Steve: On the edge of tomorrow M-/ex Saksa-orig. ins 10e
*Coleman, Steve: World expansion M-/ex inn Saksa-orig. 10e
*Ulmer, James Blood: Black rock M-/ex Hollanti-orig 8e
*Oregon: In concert ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
*Melvin, Brian Nightfood: Nightfood M-/ex- -89-Hollanti 15e
*Urbaniak, Michal: S/T ex/ex- Puola-orig. 8e
*Williams, Tony: A girl is a girl is a girl ex/ex- Us-orig. hieno kansikuva 15e
*Blue Hawaiians: Blue Hawai ex/ex 70-luvun alun Italia-painos, hieno kansikuva 10e
*Scott, Toni: The Complete ex/ex- Us-orig. 6e
*Waikikis: Hawaii tattoo ex/vg+ Us-orig. 7e
*Vaughn, Billy: Blue Hawaii ex-/ex Us-orig hieno kansikuva 8e
*Cole, Nat King: Sings for Two in Love ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
*Norvo, Red Trio with Tal Farlow & Charles Mingus: Move ex-/ex- Us-orig. mono 35e
*Norvo, Red: Naturally M-/ex -86-Us-painos 10e
*Cole, Nat King: Sings George Shearing M-/ex Us-orig. 15e
*Stitt, Sonny: Plays arrangements from the pen of Quincy Jones M-/ex -91-japsi -painos, ins, ei obia 15e
*Gibbs, Terry Quartet: That swing thing ex/ex Us-orig stereo 13e
*Garber, Jan: Street of Dreams ex/ex- Us-orig, mono, hieno kansikuva 10e
*Kessel, Barmey, Shelly Manne & Ray Brown: Poll winners three ex/vg+ Ranska-orig. 10e
*Shearing, George: Velvet Carpet ex-/ex Us-orig upea kansikuva 9e
*Shankar-Garbarek-Mikkelborg: Vision M-/ex Saksa-orig. sstobc 15e
*Stitt Sonny/Zoot Sims: Interaction ex/ex- -76-US 2-LP gs co 13e
*Getz, Stan - Luiz Bonfa: Jazz samba encore ex/ex Italia-69 20e
*Parker, Leo: Back to back britones ex/ex 80-luvun Krazy Kat -UK 8e
*Basie, Count: The Count! ex/ex- Us-orig. 12e
*Lutcher, Nellie: Our New Nellie ex-/ex Us-orig. hieno kansikuva 10e
*Powell, Bud Trio: S/T M-/ex -73-Japani -painos, ei obia 15e
*Denny, Martin: Romantica ex-/ex Us-orig. shrin, hieno kansikuva 15e
*Lynne, Gloria: Try a little tenderness ex-/ex- Us-orig. hieno kansikuva 8e
*Gibbs, Terry: Launching a new sound in music M-/ex Us-orig. 20e
*Tjader, Cal-Stan Getz Sextet: S/T ex-/vg+ Us-orig. red vinyl 35e
*Smith, Johnny: Foursome M-/ex -87-Espanja -repro 20e
*Auld, Georgie and His All Star Orchestra: S/T ex/vg+ Us-orig. 20e
*Kessel, barney: Plays standards vol. 2 M-/M- 80-luvun Us-painos 10e
*Woods, Phil & Gene Quill: Phil & Quill M-/ex Us-orig. swobc 40e
*Jazzpickers: For moderns only ex/ex- Us-orig. 17e
*Costa, Eddie: Guys and dolls like vibes M-/M- -90-Japani -painos, ins, obi 27e
*Pettiford, Oscar Sextet: The New Oscar Petiford sextet ex/M- -86-Us-painos 15e
*Cohn, Al - Zoot Sims Quintet: You n me ex/ex -82-Japani -painos, ins, obi 13e
*Three Sounds: At the Living room M-/ex, -87-Japani-painos, ins, ei obia 20e
*Hawkins, Coleman: Hawk returns M-/ex 91-Japani -painos, liite, obi 17e
*Young, Lester: And His Tenor-sax vol. 1 M-/ex- -84-Ranska-repro 10e
*Cohn, Al: Cohn on Saxophone M-/ex 2007-Eurphoria/Sundazed US 17e
*Garland, Hank: Subtle Swing M-/M- 2004-Euphoria, Sundazed-US 20e
*Sinatra, Frank: This is Sinatra! M-/ex 80-luvun Japani-painos, ins, ei obia 12e
*V/A Jazz for HI-fi lovers M-/ex- 2004-Sundazed/Euphoria -US 30e
*Sims, Zoot: Zoot M-/ex -84-Japani-painos, ei liitettä eikä obia 17e
*Sims, Zoot: Down home ex-/ex -92-Japani-painos, obi, ins 20e
*Damita Jo: One more time with Feeling ex/ex- Us-orig. monoi 15e
*Williams, Joe: The Greatest - Count Basie plays Joe Williams sings standards M-/ex -81-Japani-painos, ins 10e
*Heywood, Eddie: Breezin along with the Breeze M-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
*Brubeck, Dave Quartet: S/T (-57) vg+/vg+ Us-orig. red vinyl! 25e
*Three sounds: At the Living room M-/ex M-/ex -87-Japani-painos, ins, ei obia 25e
*Wood, Phil Quartet: Woodlore M-/ex- -83-Us-painos shrink 13e
*Duran, Eddie: Jazz Guitarist M-/M- 80-luvun Us-painos shrink 10e
*Hunter, Lurlean: Night life ex/ex Us-orig. 30e
*Puma, Joe: Wild kitten M-/ex 2000-Sundazed/Euphoria 180gr. 20e
*Raney, Jimmy visits Paris M-/ex 2004-Sundazed/Euphoria 180gr 25e
*Three Sounds: Good deal M-/M- -92-Japani -painos, ins, obi 50e
*Carter, Benny with Oscar Peterson Quartet: Alone together M-/ex 70/80-luvun vaihteen Saksa-painos 10e
*Burrell, Kenny: S/T (-56) ex/ex -76-Us-painos, tiny co 35e
*Griffin, Johnny: Vol. 2 M-/ex -88-Us-painos 45e
*Jennings, Bill Leo Parker Quintet: Billy in the Lion´s den M-/vg+ 80-luvun Swingtime 8e
*Wayne, Chuck: Travellin M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
*Holiday, Billie: Music for Torching M-/ex 70-luvun Us-painos 15e
*Adderley, Julian Cannonball: Cannonball M-/ex- 70/80-luvun vaihteen Hollanti-painos 10e
*Woods, Phil: Altology ex/ex- 70-luvun Us-painos 2-LP gs 10e
*Vaughan, Sarah: S/T (-55) ex/ex- 80-luvun Hollanti-painos 7e
*Olay, Ruth: The New sound of ex-/ex Us-orig. mono 13e
*Bell, Aaron Orchestra: Music from Peter Gunn vg+/ex- Us-orig. mono (-59) hieno kansikuva 10e
*Francis, Connie: Sings all time international hits ex/ex- Saksa-orig 10e
*Bebey, Francis: Ballades Africaines M-/vg+ Ranska-orig. 15e
*Duke, George: Feel ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 20e
*Shankar, Ravi/Andre Previn: Concerto for sitar & orchestra M-/ex Uk-orig. ins 15e
*Chants revoluionaires Cubains ex-/ex 70-luvun Ranska-painos, hieno Guevara-piirroskansi 10e
*Lemmon, Jack: A twist of ex/ex- 50-luvun lopun Us-painos, Epic yellow label, stereo, co 15e
*Morricone, Ennio: Il vizietto II ex/ex- Italia-orig. co 8e
*Barry, John: Goldfinger original movie sountrack M-/ex -83-Espanja-painos 8e
*Studio London Orchestra: Golden TV Themes M-/ex 80-luvun Hollanti-painos, hien JR Ewing -kansikuva 6e
*Music for Movies Videos & disahows - Around the world in many moods ex/ex 2-LP 80-luvun alun Hollanti-painos, monenmoista äänitehostetta gs 5e
*Audio-Camera 1 ex/ex 70-luvun saksa-painos 2-LP monenmoista äänitehostetta, gs, tarroja gatefoldissa 5e
*Audio-Camera 2 ex/ex 70-luvun saksa-painos kuin yllä, mutta ei 2-Lp eikä gs, tarrroja obc 5e
*Brynner, Yul: The Gypsy and I ex/ex- -79-Uk-repro -67-albumist, hieno kansikuva 15e
*Bernard, James: The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires M-/ex- Uk-orig. co Kung fu -leffan soundtrack 10e
*Williams, John: E.T ex-/ex Skandinavia-orig. 8e
*Bourtayre, Jean-Pierre: Arsene Lupin Gentleman Cambrioleur M-/ex Ranska-orig. 10e
*Morricone, Ennio: Marco Polo original soundtrack M-/ex- Saksa-orig gs 8e
*Sondheim, Steve: Red - the original sountrack ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 5e
*Barry, John: The Deep ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
*Shankar, Ravi: Gandhi original motion picture soundtrack ex/ex- Saksa-orig. gs 5e
*Bryant, Ray: Take a Bryant stop ex-/ex- Us-orig co 8e
*Mancini, Henry: The Second time around M-/ex -69-Uk 10e
*Rota, Nino: The Godfather original soundtrack ex/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
*Little Jazz and the Jimmy Ryan All-Stars: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
*Valentine, Kid Thomas and his Creole Jazz Band: S/T M-/ex- 70-luvun Us-re 8e
*V/A Surprise patie comme ca no2 M-/vg+ Ranska-orig, -64 hieno kansikuva 10e
*Thilo, Jesper/Clark Terry Quintet: Tribute to Frog ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
*Holiday, Billie: Story vol. 1 M-/ex 80-luvun alun Hollanti-painos 2-LP gs 10e
*Weather Report: Black market ex/ex 80-luvun alun Uk-painos 7e
*Jackie & Roy: Lovesick ex/ex- Us-orig. gs co 13e
*Woods. Phil & His European Rhythm Machine: At the Montreux Jazz festival ex/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
*Jazz Quartet: Tallinn M-/ex- Nl-orig. 8e
*Orchestra U.S.A: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. mono 10e
*Sinatra, Frank: Close to you ex/ex Uk-orig. 15e
*Davis, Sammy Jr: Sammy Davis Jr Show with Surprise Guest stars ex/ex Us-orig. tiny co 10e
*Rivera, Scarlet: Scarlet fever M-/ex Us-orig. 7e
*Gibbs, Terry & Buddy De Franco: Now´s the time M(-)/M- Us-orig shrink co 10e
*Shankar, Ravi: Festival from India M-/ex 2-LP gs 17e
*Blanco, Hugo and Los Amigos del Amambay:Original South American dancing ex/ex Saksa-orig. 2-Lp gs 8e
*Morricone, Ennio: Maddalena UUSI 25e




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