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33500 Tampere

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p. 0400 834 838



Country, Countryrock

LP:t (alla myös CD:t omassa osastossaan)

*Daniels, Charlie Band: Powder keg ex/ex- Eu-orig. inn 6e
*Rogers, Kenny & the Firsat Edition: Transition ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
*Rogers, Kenny: The Gambler ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
*Rondstadt, Linda: Prisoner in disguise ex/ex- Us-orig. gs 8e
*Dewnver, John: Back home again ex/ex Us-orig gs 8e
*McGhee, Wes: Long nights and banjo music M-/ex Uk-orig. ins 10e
*Haggard, Merle: It´s all in the movies M-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
*Doug Sahm: Texas roadrunner the Renner sides 1961-64 M-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 20e
*Asleep at the Wheel: Collision course ex-/vg+ Us-orig. inn 7e
*Wood, Smokey: The Houston Hiprster Western swing 1937 ex/ex- Us-orig. 15e
*V/A Western swing vol. 2 ex/ex- 70-luvun Old Timey -US 10e
*'Hokkanen, Erik & the Offbeats: S/T M-/ex Uk-orig. 13e
*Lang, k,d: Shadowland M-/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 9e

Acuff, Roy: Greatest hits ex/ex 70-luvun alun Us-painos 10e
Allen, Rex: Under the Western Skies ex/vg+ 80-luvun Stetson-Saksa 6e
Allman Brothers: Brothers and sisters ex-/ex- Us-orig. ins gs 13e
Allman Brothers Band: Win, lose or draw ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs 13e
Allman Brothers Band: Win lose or draw ex/ex- Us-orig gs 12e
Allman Brothers Band: Enloghted rogues ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn gs co 7e
Allman and Woman: Two the hard way ex/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 15e
All-Stars Country Bluegrass session: Hillbilly jazz ex-/ex- Kanada-orig. 2-Lp gs 10e
Amazing rhythm Aces Stacked deck ex/ex- Uk-orig swoc 8e
Amazing Rhythm Aces: Too stuffed to jum ex-/ex- Uk-orig. swoc 7e
Amazing Rhythm Aces: Stacked deck ex/ex- Uk-orig swoc 7e
Anderson, Bill: Presents the Po´Boys ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Anderson, John: All the people are talkin ex/ex- rw Us-orig- co 6e
Anderson, John: All the people are talkin M-/ex- Us-orig. co 6e
Anderson, Lynn: How can I unlove you ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. upea kansikuva 10e
Any old time string band: S/T M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Arnold, Eddy: Sings for housewifes & other lovers ex/ex Us-orig. co 15e
Arnold, Eddy: Have guitar will travel M-/ex Us-orig. stereo 10e
Arnold, Eddy: All-time favorites ex-/ex- 80-luvun Saksa-painos 7e
Atkins, Chet: In Hollywood Levy Mint (muoveissa),, kannesn yläreunassa 4cm alkava split Us-orig. living stereo 10e
Autry, Gene: 15 of his all-time greatest hits ex-/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos swobc 10e
Autry, Gene: Great western hits M-/vg+ 3-4 cm uper seam split 70-luvun alun Us-painos co, hieno western-kansi 8e
Autry, Gene: Focus on ex/ex 70-luvun Uk-painos 2-LP gs sstol 15e
Axton, Hoyt: Where did the Money go? ex/ex- Kanada-orig. inn 6e
Axton, Hoyt: Fearless ex-/ex- Uk-orig inn 8e

Baker, Kidd: Wheeling back to West Virginia ex-/ex 80-luvun Cattle records 8e
Bandy, Moe & Joe Stampley: Live from Bad Bob´s, Memphis M-/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Bandy, Moe: She´s not really cheatin ex(-)/ex- Uk-orig. 6e
Bandy, Moe: Following the feeling ex-/ex- Kanada-orig. 6e
Bandy, Moe: Love is what life is all about ex/ex US-orig. ruma co 7e
Bandy, Moe: Motel matches ex/ex- Kanada-orig 6e
Bare, Bobby: Detroit city ex-/ex- Saksa-Rca n. -70 10e
Bare, Bobby: This is Bare country ex-/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Bare, Bobby: TYhis is ex/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP gs 10e
Bare, Bobby: A bird named yesterday ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Bare, Bobby:: This I believe ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Bare, Bobby: Country club - Hits of vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. -76 7e
Bare, Bobby: Famous country music makers ex-/ex Uk-orig. 2-Lp gs 10e
Barnes, Ricky & the Hootowls: Ya finally said something good M-/ex Saksa-orig, 12e
Barnes, Ricky & the Hootowls: Bone country ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Barnes, Ricky & the Hootowls: Lost track of time M-/ex Ruotsi-orig 10e
Baugh, Phil: Country Guitar M-/ex Us-orig. (-65) 25e
Beat Farmers: Poor & famous ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 7e
7 Beat Farmers: Hollywood hills + 3 MAXI ex/ex- Saksa-orig. yellow vinyl co 10e
Beat Farmers: Poor & famous M-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Beat Farmers: Loud and plowed and live! M-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 2-LP ins 20e
Betts, Dickey & Greath Southern: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. ex-/ex- inn co 7e
Biller & Wakefield: Hot guitars of UUSI 13,5e
Bishop,Elvin: Hog heaven M-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Blackfoot: Vertical smiles ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 8e
Black Oak Arkansas: Ain´t life grand ex/vg+ Us-orig. ins 10e
Blacky Ranchette: Heartland ex/ex Uk-orig. inn 8e
Blanchard & Morgan: Tennessee Birdwalk ex-/vg+ Us-orig. loistava levy, aivan kuin Hazlewood & Sinatra small co 15e
Blue Ridge Highballers: 1926 recordings ex-/ex Us-orig. County 407 sstsobc 10e
Bluegrass Cardinals: Home is where the heart is ex/ex Us-orig. 9e
Bon, Joann & the Coquettes: I´ll release you ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Bond, Johnny: Ten night is a brarroom ex-/ex- Us-orig, 8e
Bonn, Skeeter: Star of the Wheeling jamboree ex/ex Cowgirlboy records LP 5111 10e
Braid: Moon Over Verrazzano ex/ex- Us-orig., co 5e
Bramblett, Randall: That other miles ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 15e
Brantner, Nipso & the Swinging Cowboys: Die Grosse Westernschau - Songs and music from Texas & Tennessee ex/ex 60-luvun lopun Saksa-painos, swobc, hieno inkkarikansi 10e
Brewer, Michael: Beauty lies ex/ex- Us-orig. inn co 7e
Browns: Looking back to see ex/ex 80-luvun Bear Family 15e
Buckaroos: Boot hill ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Buckaroos (SWE): S/T ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Buffalo, Norton: Lovin in the valley of the moon M-/ex Us-orig. shrink 10e
Byrd, Charlie: The touch of gold ex/ex 60-luvun lopun Us-painos 10e
Campbell, Glen: Burning bridges ex-/ex 70-luvun alun US-repro 9e
Carlisle, Bill: The best of ex/ex- -65-Hickory-US-orig co 20e
Carlisles: Busy body boogie M-/ex Bear Family 10e
Caroline Tar Heels: Look who´s coming 1927-29 ex-/ex 70-luvun Us-painos sstobc 10e
Carter, Carlene: Blue nun ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn wobc 7e
Carter, Carlene: C´est C Bon ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Carter, Carlene: Musical shapes M-/ex Us-orig. soittamassa Edmunds, Lowe, Bremner & Williams 8e
Carter, Carlene: Musical shapes ex/ex Saksa-orig. taustabändinä Rockpile, tuottaja N.Lowe 8e
Carter Family: Original Carter family from 1936 radio transcriptions ex-/ex Us-75 shrink 10e
Carter Family: The happiest days of all M-/ex 70-luvun alun Us-painos 10e
Carter Family: 20 of the best M-/ex 80-luvun alun Saksa-painos 8e
Cash, Johnny: America ex/ex- Uk-orig. gs 17e
Cash, Johnny & Jerry Lee Lewis: Sings Hank Williams ex/ex 70-luvun Us-Gusto/Sun 10e
Cash, Johnny: America ex/ex- Us-orig gs 10e
Cash, Johnny/Jarno Sarjanen: Country aces ex/ex 10e
Cash, Johnny: Water from the wells of home ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Cash, Johnny: Rainbow ex/ex- Hollanti-orig co 7e
Cash, Johnny: Welcome to Europe ex-/ex- 8e
Cash, Johnny: Sings Folsom Prison Blues ex-/ex 2002 Get Back -Italy 180gr. 8e
Cash, Johnny: Sings Hank Williams hieno Sundazed-repro UUSI 18,5e
Cash, Johnny: The Walls of Prison ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 12 e
Cash, Johnny: The Johnny Cash Show ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Cash, Johnny: Is coming to town M-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Cash, Johnny: With his hot and blue guitar M-/ex- 80-luvun alun Charly-painos 13e
Cash, Johnny: Original Golden Hits vol. 1 ex-/ex- Us-orig. 70s Sun 10e
Cash, Johnny: Original Golden hits vol. 2 ex-/vg+ kuin yllä 8e
Cash, Johnny: A portrait - His Greatest hits vol. 2 ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 13e
Cash, Johnny: At San Quentin ex/ex- 70-luvun lopun Hollanti-painos 8e
Caswell, Bill: Oklahoma backroads ex/ex US-orig. 7e
Clark, Roy: I never picked cotton ex/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Clark, Roy: The magnificent sanctuary band M-/M- Us-orig. shrink, small co 10e
Clark, Roy: Urban, suburban the Fantastic guitar of ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Clement, Jack: All I want to do in life M-/ex Us-orig. co 12e
Clements, Vassar: S/T ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 7e
Clifton, Roy N: Square dances with calls ex-/ex 70-luvun alun? Folkways -US, ins 15e
Cody, Commander: Flying dreams M-/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Cody, Commander & His Lost Planet Airmen: Country Casanova ex/ex- Us-orig. 13e
Coleman, Stoney: 1965 Live in L.A ex/ex Us-78 co 8,5e
Colter, Jessi: That´s the way a cowboy rocks and rolls ex-/ex Us-orig. inn 10e
Colter, Jessi: Miriam ex/ex Us-orig. inn 8e
Colter, Jesse: Diamond in the rough ex/ex- Us-orig. inn co 7e
Commander Cody: Flying dreams M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Compton Brothers: Haunted house ex-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Coolidge, Rita: Anytime anywhere ex/vg+ Italia-orig. inn 6e
Coolidge, Rita: Love me again ex/ex Us-orig. gs co 8e
Coon Creek Girls: Early Radio Favorites ex/ex 80-luvun alun Us-painos sstobcs 10e
Cooper Brothers: Pitfalls of the ballroom ex/ex Ranska-orig. 8e
Country Gazette: Don´t give up your day job ex/ex- Us-orig. swoc 8e
Country Gentlemen: Joe´s last train ex/ex- Us-orig 10e
Country Gentlemen: Good as gold M-/ex Us-orig. 7e
Cramer, Floyd: Class of 66 ex/ex Us-orig. hieno kpl 15e
Cramer, Floyd: The best of M-/ex- 70-luvun alun Uk-painos swobc 8e
Cramer, Floyd: The best of ex/ex 70-luvun Saksa-painos 8e
Critchlow, Slim: Cowboy songs ex/ex 70-luvun alun Arhoolie-Ranska 15e
Crow, Alvin & the Pleasant valley boys: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Crowell, Rodney: Street language M-/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 7e
Crowell, Rodney: Keys to the highway ex/ex- Us-orig. inn 7e
Curless, Dick: 20 great truck hits M-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 15e
Curless, Dick: The Last Blues Song ex/ex Us-orig. 13e
Curtis, Sonny: S/T (-79) M-/M- Us-orig. co 10e
Curtis, Sonny: The Sonny Curtis style ex-/vg+Us-orig, rw, co 10e

Daffan, Ted: Born to lose ex/ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy -julkaisu 10e
Dale, Jimmie: Eastern country & western of days gone by ex-/ex- 80-luvun Cattle records -Saksa 8e
Daniels, Charlie Band: Midnight wind M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Daniels. Charlie Band: Full moon M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
Daniels, Charlie Band: Midnight wind M-/ex 80-luvun alun US-painos 8e
Daniels, Charlie: Uneasy rider M-/ex- -76-Us, shrink 10e
Daniels, Charlie: Saddle tramp M-/ex Hollanti-orig. gs 10e
Dash Rip Rock: Ace of Clubs ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Davis, Jimmie: Rockin Blues ex/vg+ Bear Family 8e
Davis, Mac: It´s hard to be humble ex-/ex- sol Us-orig. 7e
Dean, Jimmy: Greatest hits M-/Ex Saksa-orig. 10e
Dean, Jimmy: Greatest hits M-/M- 70-luvun Us-painos, shrink 10e
Denver, John: Back home again M-/ex Saksa-orig. 9e
Dillards: Country tracks - the best of M-/M- Uk-orig. 10e
Dillards: Pickin and fiddlin ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos 8e
Doc Holliday: Modern medicine ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 6e
Doe, Johnny: Tribute to Johnny Cash ex-/ex- 60-luvun Marble Arch -UK 10e
Doobies: Best of - Listen to the music ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Doobie Brothers: Brotherhood M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Doobie Brothers: S/T ex/ex- 2.painos UK 10e
Doobie Brothers: What were once vices are now habits ex/ex- 70-luvun lopun Us-painos, ins 8e
Doobie Brothers: Stampade ex/ex- US-orig inn gs 10e
Doug Sahm: Hell of a spell ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Doug Sahm & Augie Meyers: Back to Dillo M-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. 8e
Drumm, Don: Bedroom eyes ex-/ex Us-orig. 7e
¨ Dudley, Dave: Dave Dudley country ex/ex Us-orig. stereo 15e
Dudley, Dave: Interstate Gold M-/ex shrink Us-orig (Sun) keltainen vinyyli 10e
Duncan, Tommy: For the last time ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Edwards, Jonathan: S/T (-71) ex/ex- Uk-orig. gs swoc 10e
Ely, Joe: Musta notta gotta lotta ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
Emmons, Buddy: Sings Bob Wills ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Everly, Don: Brother jukebox ex/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Everly. Phil: Phil´s diner ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Everly Brothers: The exciting M-/ex -72-Rca Uk 10e
Everly Brothers: Pass the chicken and listen ex-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Everett, Tom: Porchlight on in Oregon ex/ex swoc Us-orig. co 10e

Fargo, Donna: The best of ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Farmer, Hank & His Hillbillies: Deep in the heart of Texas ex/ex 70-luvun alun Saksa-painos wobc 7e
Farr Brothers: South in my soul ex(-)/ex- 8e
Felts, Narvel: Inside love ex/ex- Us-orig. ex/ex- 7e
Fender, Freddy: Before the next teardrop falls M-/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Fender, Freddy: Best of ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Fender, Freddy: Are you ready for Freddy ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Flatt, Lester: Lester Raymond Flatt ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Flatt & Scruggs: The verstile ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Floyd Country Boys: Rollin on ex-/ex Us-orig. stsobc 20e
Fonograf: Country album ex-/ex- Unkari-orig. pustan kantria v. -79, omat biisit, upea stemmat, inn, hieno die cut -sleeve 8e
Ford, Tennesee Ernie: Sings from his book of Favorite hymns ex-/ex Us-orig. 17e
Ford, Tennessee Ernie: Early country days of the late Tennessee Ernie M-/ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy-julkaisu 10e
Ford, Tennessee Ernie: Favorites vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. 15e
Frady, Garland: Pure country ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Francis, Connie: Jealous heart ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 25e
Freddie Steady´s Wild Country: Lucky Seven ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Frey, Glenn: Soul searchin ex/ex Saksa-orig. 7e

Gabriel: Sweet release ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Garrett, Snuff: Snuff Garrett´s Texas Opera company M-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Gayden, Mac: Hymn to the seeker ex/ex Us-orig, ins tiny co 5e
Gayle, Crystal: Best of M-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Gayle, Crystal: These days ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Gayle, Crystal: When I dream ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. gs 8e
Gentry, Bobbie: Way down south ex/ex- 70-luvun Uk-painos 7e
Gibson, Don: I love you so much it hurts ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos 8e
Gibson, Don: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. Metro M-529 15e
Gibson, Don: Country number one - 22 country classics ex/ex -80 Warwick Uk 7e
Gibson, Don: I´m all wrepped up in you ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Gimble, Johnny: Texas dance party M-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Goldsboro, Bobby: Through the eyes of a man ex/ex Saksa-orig. 9e
Gore, Charlie: Handsome guy from West Virginia ex/ex- 70-luvun Danny 15e

Hall, Tom T: Ballad of Forty dollars and his other greats songs ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Hollanti-painos 10e
Hamilton,George 4th & Billy Jo Spears: country giants ex/ex tupla 7e
Hamilton, George IV: Sing me a sad song - a tribute to Hank Williams M-/ex 80-luvun Stetson-Ger 10e
Hargrove, Linda: Just like you ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Harris, Phil: That´s what I like about south ex/ex -76-Us co 8e
Hart, Freddie: Please don´t tell her ex/ex 70-luvun alun Hilltop-Us 5e
Hart, Freddie: Release me ex-/ex- 70-luvun alun US-Hilltop 5e
Harvey, Alexander: Preshus child ex-/vg+ Us-orig. yhdellä biisillä Charlie Daniels, ins co 7e
Hawkins, Hawksaw: Volume 1 ex/ex- 80-luvun Sing/Official -repro 10e
Heartaches: Wichita lineman ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Hemphills: Louisiana live ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Henley, Don: I Can´t stand still M-/ex Us-orig. inn co 7e
Higwoods Stringband: Fire on the mountain ex/ex- Us-orig. sstoc, sstobc 10e
Hill-Billies: World-famous Hill-billies are coming! ex-/ex 70-luvun Couty-Us, ins, sstobc 10e
Holliday, Doc: Modern medicine ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 8e
Homer & Jethro: It ain´t necessarily square ex/ex Us-orig. 30e
Homer and Jethro: The humorous side of country music ex/M- Us-orig. shrink 25e
Houston, David: A man needs love ex/ex Us-orig. w.Bergen White & the Jordanaires co 10e
Hubbard, Ray Wylie & The Cowboy twinklies ex/ex- Us-orig,. co 10e
Hudson, Foley D: Country greats ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Husky, Ferlin: I could sing all night ex/ex- US-orig. 13e

Husky, Ferlin: The heart and soul of ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Husky, Ferlin: Songs of the home and hearts ex-/ex- 80-uvun Saksa-painos 8e
Jackson, Tommy: Square dances without calls ex/ex 80-luvun alun Us-repro sstobc 10e
Jackson, Tommy & Lloyd Ellis: Guitar & fidle ex-/ex- Us-orig. sstobc 20e
Jackson, Wanda: Please help me I´m falling ex/ex 70-luvun Us-painos 7e
Jackson, Wanda: Many moods of ex-/ex- Us-orig. sstoc 15e
James Sonny: Strictly country songs ex/ex 80-luvun Cowgilrboy 10e
James, Sonny: Need you M-/ex Us-orig shrink 12e
James, Sonny: That´s how much I love you M-/ex Us-orig 8e
James, Sonny: The best of (-66) M-/ex Uk-orig 15e
James, Sonny: The Country beat of M-/ex 90-luvun Demand-painos 12e
Japhet, Clif: Vintage western songs ex-/ex- Cattle records LP 72 40-luvun lopun levytyksiä 10e
Jason & the Scorchers: Halycon times M-/ex Saksa-orig. 2-LP, gs, ei CD:tä 25e
Jennings, Waylor: What goes around comes around ex/ex- Kanada-orig, 8e
Jennings, Waylon & Wilie Nelson: Waylon & Willie M-/Ex- 70/80-luvun Us-painos 15e
Jenkins, Bob: Sings ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Jernigan, Doug & Bucky Pizzarelli: Doug & Bucky ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Jinks, Cody: Wanting/After the fire tämän hetken kovimman kantriäijän kaksi upeaa uutuusalbumia TRIPLA-vinyylinä, hieno paketti, värivinyyli 55ecv UUSI
Johnson, Earl: Red hot breakdown ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Johnston, Tom: Everything you´ve heard is true ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn wi co Doobie brothers -kitaristi 6e
´ Jones, George: At the country store M-/ex 6e
Jones, George: Country Store collection ex-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 5e
Jones, George: Ladies choice ex-/ex Uk-orig. duets w. E.Harris, L. Lynn etc 7e
Jones, George: Great George Jones ex/ex 70-luvun alun Hollanti-painos 10e
Jones, George: Where grass won´t grow ex-/ex- Us-orig 15e
Jones, George: With Love ex/vg+ Us-orig.12e
Jones, Spike New Band of: Plays Hank Williams hits ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e

Karl & Harty: With the Cumberland Ridge Runners ex-/ex- 70-luvun Us-painos 10e
Karl & Marty: Their early mountain favorites ex/Ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy-levy 10e
Kershaw, Rusty & Doug: Louisiana man ex/vg+ Us-orig. co 15e
Kershaw, Doug: Ragin Cajun ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Kershaw, Doug: Mama Kershaw´s boy ex-/ex- Us-orig 10e
Kershaw, Doug: Louisiana man ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Kimbrough, James: Country songs for country folks ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
King, Peewee: Ballroom king ex-/ex- 80-luvun alun Uk-painos 10e
King, Pee Wee: Country and Western Hoe-Down M-/ex- Us-orig. kannessa PW Kingin, Redd Stewartin ja tanssityttöjen nimmarit, liite 50e
Laine, Frankie: The best of Hallmark US 7e
Laine, Frankie: That Lucky Old sun ex-/ex 70-luvun alun Hollanti-painos 8e
lang, k.d: Ingenue M-/ex Saksa-orig. inn wobc 10e
Larson, Nicolette: Nicolette ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn swoc 7e
Lee, Brenda: New sunrise ex-/ex swobc Saksa-orig. 8,5e
Lee, Dickey: Ashes of love ex/ex Us-orig. tiny co, sstoc 8e
Lee, Dickey: Crying over you ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Lee, Dickey: Never ending song of love ex/ex Us-orig. co sstoc 7e
Lee, Johnny: Bet your heart on me ex/ex Us-orig co 7e
Lee, Johnny: Keep me hangin on Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 6e
Lee, Johnny: Bet your heart on me ex-/ex Us-orig. co 5e
Lewis, Bobby: Things for you and I ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Lewis, Jerry Lee: Country Class M-/vg+ Us-orig sstoc 8e
Lewis, Jerry Lee: Killer country ex/vg+ Us-orig. rw 7e
Lewis, Jerry Lee: The best of vol. 2 ex/ex- Us-orig, co 8e
Lewis, Jerry Lee: Country memories ex-/Ex- Us-orig, 8e
Lilly Brothers & Don Stover: Early recordings ex/ex 70-luvun County-US 15e
Living Marimbas: Tonight Carmen & other country favorites ex/ex- Saksa-orig. (-67) 10e
Lobo: Just a singer ex(-)/ex Us-orig. co 7e
Lobo: Calumet M-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Lobo: Of a simple man M-/ex Uk-orig. 9e
Lobo: A cowboy afraid of horses ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 8e
Lone Justice: Shelter ex-/ex Saksa-orig. inn 6e
Loudermilk, John D: Encore ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Lucas, Austin: A New Home in the old world Saksa-orig. M-/M- 10e
Lucas, Austin: Collection ex/vg+ Saksa-orig. 7e
Lucas, Austin: Putting the hammer down M-/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
Luman, Bob: Still loving you ex/ex- Us-orig. promo 15e
Lynn, Loretta & the Coalminers: On the road with ex/ex Us-orig, (shrink) 15e
Lynn, Loretta: Before I´m over you ex-/ex 60-luvun Us-painos, shrink 12e
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty: The very best of ex/ex -1979-US 7e
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty: The very best of ex/ex -1979-US 7e
Lynn, Rebecca: Something pretty bad MINT SS Us-orig. Calliope Cal 7002 ei co 15e
Maggard, Cledus: White knight ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Mainer, JE: At Home vol. 1 ex/ex US -83 sstsobc 10e
Mainer, Wade and the Sons of Mountaineers: The Songs of recorded 1936-42 ex/ex 70-luvun Country 404 -US sstobc 10e
Mainer´s Mountaineers: Good ole mountain music M-/M- 70-luvun alun King-US 10e
Maphis, Joe: Hi-fi holiday for banjo vg+/vg+ Us-orig. 10e
Maphis, Joe: Boogie woogie flattop guitar pickin man ex/ex Us-orig. sstobc 10e
Maphis, Joe: Dim lights, thick smoke M-/ex Us-orig. sstosobc 10e
Mason Proffit: Last night I had the strangest dream M-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Marsh, Alonzo Ditto: Canada´s Radio Ranger ex/ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy Records Saksa 10e
Marshall Tucker Band: Greatest hits ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Martin, Benny: Turkey in the grass ex/ex Us-orig. sstsobc 10e
Martin, Benny: Tennessee jubilee M-/ex Uk-orig. vierailemassa mm. John Hartford 10e
Martin, Jimmy: Blue Grass Music 54 &56 ex/ex 70/80-luvun vaihteen hieno Japani-painos 20e
Mattea, Kathy: Walk the way the wind blows ex-/ex Us-orig. inn 7e
Mattea, Kathy: Ultold stories ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
McCall, CW: Rubber duck ex-/ex Us-orig. co 7e
McCall, CW: Wolf Greek Pass ex-/ex- US-orig. 8e
McCall, CW: Wolf Creek Pass M-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
McCall, CW: Wilderness M-/ex Us-orig. gs 7e
McDowell, Ronnie: Good time lovin man M-/M- Us-orig. shrink 13e
McClinton, Delbert: The Jealous kind ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
McCorison, Dan: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. ins co 7e
McGhee, Wes: Airmail ex-/ex- Uk-orig. inn 7e
McGinnis, Michael: Rodeo gypsies ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
McIntyre, Harold: Tragic romancer Mint(SS) Us-orig. 7e
McMurtry, James: Too long in the wasteland M-/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 15e
Medlocke, Rick and Blackfoot: S/T M-/ex Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Mercey Brothers: Homemade ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Miller, Roger: The one and only ex-/ex- -69-UK 8e
Milsap, Ronnie:Keyed up ex/ex Us-orig. co 6e
Missouri Corn Dodgers: Old time string band music ex/ex- Us-orig. sstocbc 10e
Mitchell, Guy: Heartaches by the number ex/ex Us-orig, shrink 12e
Molloy: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Molly Hatchet: S/T ex/ex- 70/80-luvun vaihteen Kanada-painos 9e
Monroe, Bill: Bluegrass memories ex-/ex Us-orig. co sstsobc 10e
Monroe, Bill: Bluegrass intrumentals ex-/ex- Us-orig. -65, swobc 15e
Monroe, Bill: Sings bluegrass, body & soul ex/ex- Us-orig. tiny co 8e
Monroe, Bill: Bluegrass ramble ex/ex- 70-luvun Us-painos, tiny co 8e
Monroe, Bill: Bean blossom M-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Monroe, Bill and James: Together again ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Monroe Brothers: Feast here tonight ex/ex -75 Bluebird-US 2-LP gs 10e
Monroe, Charlie: Memories of ex-/vg+ 70-luvun Us-painos, 2-Lp, gs, swoc, swobc 10e
Montgomery, Melba: No charge ex/ex Us-orig, shrink co 7e
Moore, Lee: Wheeling´s coffee drinking night hawk ex/ex- Cattle records LP 44 50-60-luvun levytyksiä 10e
Moore, Lee: A living legend in country music ex-/ex- 80-luvun Cattle records 7e
Mose Jones: Blackbird ex/ex- Us-orig. 6e
Mountain Line: S/T vg+/ex Uk-orig. sstsobc 10e
Mure, Bill: Songs of Hank Williams ex-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger: My Mother Killed Rock´n roll vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. 10" 10e

Nashville String Band: The bandit ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Neeley, Ted: 1974 A.D ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Nesmith, Michael: The best of M-/M- Uk-orig. -76 Rca 10e
Nesmith, Michael: From A Radio Engine to the Photon Wing M-/ex Uk-orig. inn 10e
Nesmith, Michael: Tantamount to reason ex/ex Us-orig co 10e
Nesmith, Michael: Nevada fighter M-/ex Us-orig co 10e
New Cactus Band: Son of Cactus ex/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
Newman, Jimmy: Country & Western in the 1940s and 50s vol. 2 80-luvun Castle 10e
Newton, Juice: Quiet lies ex/ex- Us-orig. inn 7e
Newton, Juice & Silver spur: S/T ex(-)/ex(-) Us-orig. ei co 8e
Newton, Wayne: Can´t you hear the song? ex-/ex US-orig. gs co 5e
Newton-John, Olivia: Making a good thing better M-/ex Saksa-orig. 8e
Nichols, Cowboy Sam with the Melody Rangers: S/T ex-/ex Cattle records LP 110 -87 Saksa 10e
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Plain dirt fashion exex- Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Dream M-/vg+ Uk-orig swoc 10e
O´ Keefe, Danny: O´Keefe ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Oklahoma Wranglers: Songs of the Old West ex/ex 70-luvun Us-painos ssobc 10e
Old Reliable String Band: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig. Folkways -64, B-puolen viimeisellä raidalla prässivika=hyppii, muuten ex- 15e
Original Bogtrotters: 1937-42 ex/ex 70-luvun Biograph-US sstobc 17e
Original soundtrack: Smokey and the Bandit 2 ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Original Soundtrack: Urban Cowboy ex-/ex- Us-orig. 2xinn 2-LP gs co hieno John Travolta -kansi 6e
Original Texas Playboys: Live & Kicking ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Osborne Brothers: Some things I want to sing about M-/ex- Us-orig. 7,5e
Osborne Brothers: Numer 1 ex/ex Us-orig. sstsobc, co 10e
Owens, Buck & His Buckaroos: In Japan Vg+/M- Us-orig shrink 8e
Owens, Buck & His Buckaroos: Carnegie Hall concert ex-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Owens, Buck: In London ex/vg+ Us-orig. rw 10e

Pacheco,Tom: Sunflowers & scarecrow M-/M- Uk 7e
Parton, Dolly: New Harvest ... First gathering ex/ex- Uk-orig ins gs 10e
Pine Hill Haints: Welcome to hte midnight opry ex-/ex Us-orig. ins 8e
Parton, Dolly: Best of ex/ex- 80-luvun alun Us-repro -70-albumista, hieno kansikuva 10e
Plainsmen: Both sides of ex-/ex(-) hrw us-orig. co 7e
Poe Sisters: Early stars of the Grand Ole Opry ex/ex- Cattle records LP 122 40-luvun levytyksiä 10e
Point Blank: Second season ex/ex- Us-orig. inn co 10e
Point Blank: The hard way ex/ex- Us-orig., co 8e
Point Blank: S/T M-/ex- Us-orig co 8e
Potliquor: First taste ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. gs 12e
Potter, Curtis: Here comes ex/ex Us-orig, co 15e
Pourcel, Frank: Western ex-/ex- Israel-orig. (-72) swobc 10e
Price, Bill & Betty: In lovin memory of Betty Price ex/ex 80-luvun Cattle records 8e
Price,Jim: Sundegos´stravelling orchestra ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Price, Kenny: Happy tracks M-/ex Us-orig. (-69) co 10e
Price, Ray: The Honky-tonk years 1951-53 M-/ex- 86-Rounder-Us 8e
Price, Ray: The history of country music presents ex/ex -81 US 6e
Pride, Charley: Country music ex/ex 80-luvun alun Us-painos 7e
Pride, Charley: Christmas in my home town M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Puckett, Riley: Old time greats vol. 1 ex/ex 70-luvun Old Homestead US sstobc 17e
Quintet: Future tense ex/ex Us-orig. co 15e
Ray, Byard & Obray Ramsey: White lighthin fresh air ex/vg+ Us-orig. gs co 15e
Ray, Wade: Bluesgrass special - Country fiddlers ex/ex- 80-luvun alun Saksa-painos, sstobc 6e
Red, White & Blue(grass): Pickin up ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
Red, White and Blue: Pickin up ex-/ex US-orig.8e
Reed, Jerry: Lookin at you M-/ex- Us-orig 7e
Reed, Jerry: Mind your love ex/ex- Us-orig,. co 10e
Reeves,Del: Before goodbye ex-/ex Us-orig. -72 co 7e
Reeves, Del: Big Daddy Del ex/ex- Us-orig co 8e
Reeves, Del: With strings and things ex/vg+ Us-orig. co 8e
Reeves, Jim: God be with you vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. 10e
Reeves, Jim: According to my heart ex/ex 70-luvun Saksa-painos 7e
Reeves, Jim: Golden records ex-/ex 70-luvun alun Saksa-painos 10e
Reeves, Jim: Talkin to your heart ex-/ex -73-RCA-Uk 7e
Reno & Smiley: Last time together ex-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Reno & Smiley: Country singing & instumentals ex-/vg+ 70-luvun Us-painos 10e
Rice, Bobby G: Instant rice ex/ex US-orig. tiny co 8e
Rich, Charlie: She called me baby ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Rich, Charlie: Very special love songs ex/Ex Kanada-orig. 10e
Rich, Charlie: The Fabulous ex/ex (shrink) 70-luvun puolivälin Us-painos tiny co 12e
Rich, Charlie: Fully realised ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Uk-painos 2-LP gs 10e
Rich, Charlie: She called me baby ex/vg+ Us-orig. small co 8e
Rich, Charlie: Songs for beautiful girls ex-/ex- 70-luvun alun Pickwick-Us 7e
Rich, Charlie: Very special love songs vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 8e
Rich, Charlie: I do my swingin at home M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Richards, Sue: Sweet sensous feelings ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Riley, Jeannie C: Down to earth ex/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Riopelle, Jerry: Take a chance M-/vg+ Us-orig. 5e
Ritter, Tex: Country classics ex-/ex- Uk-orig. (-66 Regal) 15e
Ritter, Tex: Country classics ex/ex- Uk-orig. hieno western-kansi 10e
Robbins, Marty: Greatest hits M-/ex- 70-luvun alun US-painos 10e
Robbins, Marty: The Son of Robbins ex/M- (shrink) 60-70-luvun vaihteen Us-painos 12e
Robbins, Marty: Island woman M-/M- Us-orig mono, shrink 15e
Robbins, Marty: It´s a sin ex-/ex- Us-orig, 10e
Robbins, Marty: More greatest hits ex-/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Robbins, Marty: Marty after midnight ex-/ex- Us-orig. Promo sticker ol, demo-stamp obc 12e
Robbins, Marty: Tonight carmen ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Robbins, Marty: The return of the Gunfighter ex/ex 70-luvun alun UK-repro 10e
Rodgers, Jimmie: My rought and rowdy days M-/ex 70-luvun alun Us-painos, hieno piirroskansi 10e
Robbins,Hargus "Pig":Counbtry instrumentalist of the year ex/ex Us-orig. co -77 7e
Rodgers, Jimmie: Vol. 2 Famous country-music makers ex/ex 70-luvun alun RCA-UK 2-LP gs 15e
Rodgers, Jimmy jr: Troubled times ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8,5e
Rodriguez, Johnny: Just get up and close the door rw ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Rogers, Kenny & the First edition: Country songs ex/ex 80-luvun Us-painos, co 7e
Rogers, Kenny: Love will turn you around ex/ex- Us-orig. tiny co inn 5e
Rogers, Kenny & the First Edition: Tell it all brother Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. 10e
Rogers,David: Farewell to the ryman ex-/ex co Us-orig. 4e
Rondstadt, Linda: Greatest hits ex/ex- Us-orig. gs inn 7e
Ronstadt, Linda: Hasten down the wind ex-/ex Uk-orig. inn sisäpussin reunassa siistit teipit gs 8e
Russell, Johnny: Country store collection ex-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 5e
Russell, Johnny: She´s in love with a rodeo man ex/ex Us-orig. sstoc, sstobc, co 15e
Russell, Leon: Carney ex/ex- 70-luvun US-painos swobc co 8e
Sanders, Ray: Judy ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Scruggs, Earl: His family and friends ex/ex Us-orig. swobc 15e
Scruggs, Earl: Dueling banjos M-/ex Us-orig. 15e
Scruggs, Earl Revue: Strike anywhere ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Scruggs, Earl: Top of the world M-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Scwarz, Tracy: Learn to fiddle country style vg+/ex Us-orig. Folkways 10e
Seals, Troy: Now presenting ex/ex- US-orig. 7e
Serratt, Kenny: Love and honor Mint(muoveissa) Us-orig. co 15e
Silverstein, Shel: The Great Conch Train Robbery and other songs ex/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Sir Douglas Quintet: The Collection M-/ex- 80-luvun Uk-painos 2-LP gs 8e
Shady Grove Band: On the line Mint (muoveissa)/vg+ Us-orig. co 6e
Sir Douglas Quintet: Quintessence M-/Ex Uk-orig. 10e
Shelton, Ricky Van: Loving proof ex/ex Us-orig. inn. co 7e
Shepard, Jean: This is vg+/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Sherman, Bobby: Portrait of ex/ex Us-orig. gs co 8e
Silver: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. inn co 5e
Simpson, Red: 20 great truck hits ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 15e
Sir Douglas Quintet: Mendocino ex-/ex- Us-orig co 15e
Skillet Lickers: Old time fiddle tunes and songs from North Georgia vol. 2 ex-/ex 70-luvun County-Us sstobc 10e
Skillet Lickers: S/T ex/ex- 70-luvun Country 506 -US sstsobc 10e
m Sledd, Patsy: Chip chip ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Slim Cessna´s Auto club: Cipher M-/ex Us-orig 2-Lp gs 25e
Smith, Arthur: Battling Banjos ex-/ex Us-orig. sstobc, swobc 10e
Smith, Arthur & Clay: Guitars galore ex-/ex US-orig. co sstobc 10e
Smith, Arthur - Don Reno: Feudin again ex/ex US-orig. sstsobc 10e
Smith, Arthur: In times like these ex-/ex- Us-orig? stsobc 15e
Smith, Arthur & The Crossroads Quartet: Singing on the mountain ex-/ex Us-orig. sstsobc 17e
Smith, Arthur: Great country and western hits ex/ex Us-orig. sstsobc 20e
Smith, Carl: Best ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos 8e
Smith, Carl: There stands the Glass M-/ex Us-orig. mono 15e
Smith, Carl: The Country gentleman ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Smith, Carl: The tall tall gentleman ex/ex- 60-luvun Us-painos 10e
Smith, Carl: Easy to please Mint (muoveissa) Us.orig, co 15e
Smith, Carl: Touch ex-/ex- Us-orig. 17e
Smith, Connie: Born to sing ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
Smith, Jerry: The New sound of ex/ex- Us-orig. 12e
Smith, Jerry: The Yodeling cowboy ex/ex 80-luvun Cattle records -Saksa 10e
Smith, Sammi: Help me make it through the night M-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Snow, Hank: Railroad man ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Saksa-painos 10e
Snow, Hank: Hello Love M-M- Us-orig. shrink 10e
Snow, Hank: Old country radio memories M-/ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy recordsm, sstobc 10e
Sons of Pioneers: Riders in the sky M-/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos 2-LP gs 15e
South, Joe: Midnight rainbows ex-/ex- US-orig. inn co 6e
South, Joe: Walkin shoes ex/vg+ Us-orig. co 10e
Souther, J.D: Home by dawn ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Souther-Hillman-Furay band: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. gs co 7e
Sovine, Red: Gone but not forgotten ex/ex 80-luvun Saksa-painos, Castle LP 8013 10e
Spears, Billy Jo: What I´ve got in mind ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Spears, Billie Mr Walker It´s all over ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Spears, Billie Jo: If you want me ex-/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Spicher, Buddy: Yesterday and today ex/ex- Us-orig.suorakaiverruslevy, numeroitu td. painos, gs 12e
Spicher, Buddy & Buddy Emmons: Buddies M-/M- Uk-orig. 10e
Spicher, Buddy: Fiddle classics vol. 1 M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Stafford, Terry: Say has anybody seeen my sweet gypsy rose ex/vg+ Us-orig. small co 7e
Stampley, Joe: Soul song M-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Stanley Brothers: 16 greatest hits ex-/ex- 70-luvun Gusto-US Man of constant sorrow -orig. 10e
Statler Brothers: Oh happy day ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos 8e
Steagall, Red: Lonestar bear & Bob Wills music ex/Ex Us-orig. 10e
Steagall, Red: Hang on feelin ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt ex/ex- 70-luvun lopun Us-repro 9e
Story, Carl & His Rambling Mountaineers: The Early days of ex-/ex- -80 Cattle records -Saksa 8e
Story, Carl: Country & Bluegrass classics ex-/ex- Cattle records LP 39 Saksa 8e
Story, Carl & His Rambling Mountaineers: The Bluegrass Gospel collection ex/ex Us-orig. 2-LP gs sstsobc 12e
Starwood: Homebrew ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Statler Brothers: Pictures of moments to remeber ex/ex Us-orig. ei co 13,5e
Steagall, Red: Finer things in life vg+/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Stewart, Gary: You´re not the woman you used to be ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Stewart, Gary: Little junior M-/ex Us-orig. 7e
Stevenson, B.W: We be sailin ex/ex Us-orig. ins co 8e
Stockard, Ocie: 1937 ex-/ex- 70-luvun Original Jazz Library -US 15e
Stoneman, Ernest V & His Dixie Mountaineers: 1927-28 ex-/ex 70-luvun Historical records US swobc 17e
Stoneman: Stoneman´s country ex-/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Stoneman Family: Fire on the mountain ex-/ex- Uk-orig. -64 13,5e
Stoneman Family: S/T ex-/ex Uk-orig. 6e
Stonemans: California blues ex/ex Us-orig. 12e
Sun, Joe: The sun never sets ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Sun,Joe: Out of your mind ex/ex Us-orig. 8,5e
Sun, Joe: Livin on a honky tonk time ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Swan, Billy: I can help ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Sweethearts of the Rodeo: One time one night ex/ex Uk-orig. ins 8e
Swift Jewel Cowboys: Chuck Wagon swing ex/ex- String/Topic -79 Uk 13e
Taynor, Marc et Ses Cow-boys: OK Sherif! ex-/ex 60-luvun lopun Ranska-painos wobc hieno länkkäri-kansi 10e
Taynor, Marc: Ok Sherif! ex-/ex- 70-luvun alun Ranska-painos, sama levy, eri kansi, wobc 8e
Taylor, Merle Red: Taylor Made ex/ex Us-orig. co sstobc 10e
Taylor, Chip: This side of the Big River ex/ex(-) Us-orig. co 10e
Taynor, Marc et ses Cow-Boys: Danses Cow-Boy ex-/vg+ Ranska-orig. n.1960 sswobc 10" 20e
Texas Instruments: S/T Mint/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
38 Special: Strenght in numbers ex-/ex- Us-orig inn die cut sleeve 7e
Thirty Eight Special: Tour de force ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Thompson, Hank: Movin on ex/vg+ Us-orig. tiny co 10e
Thompson, Hank: Most of all vg+/ex Us-orig. swoc 10e
Thompson, Hank: Golden country hits ex-/ex Us-orig, 10e
Thompson, Sue: And love me ex/ex- Us-orig. 60-luvun alun loistavan pop-laulajattaren 70-luvun alun hyvä kantri-albumi, pari maukasta 60´s -tyylin poppia mukana, co 10e
Tillis, Mel: It´s a long way to daytona ex/ex(-) Us-orig. co 7e
Tillis, Mel: Gratest hits ex-/M- Us-orig, (-69) shrink 10e
Tillis, Mel: Let me talk to you ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 8e
Tillis, Mel and the Statesiders: Recorder Live at the Sam Houston coliseum, Houston, Texas ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 13,5e
Tillis, Mel: Heart healer ex-/ex- US-orig. 7e
Tillis, Mel: Are you sincere ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Tillman, Floyd: The Grandest prize ex/ex 80-luvun Cow Girl Boy -Saksa 40-50-luvun levytyksiä 10e
Tin Star: Someday´s dreams ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Tillotson, Johnny: Sings ex/ex(-) Us-orig. co 12e
Tompall & the Glaser Brothers: Through the eyes of love ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 10e
Tubb, Ernest: Say something nice to Sarah ex/vg+ Us-orig. rw 10e
Tucker, Tanya: What´s your mama´s name M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Tucker, Tanya: Here´s some love ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Tucker, Tanya: TnT ex/ex- Us-orig. gs 8e
Tucny, Michal: Posledni Kvboj ex-/vg+ Tsekki-orig. 8e
Tuttle, Wesley: More days of the Yodeling cowboys vol. 1 ex/ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy -records 10e
Twitty, Conway: Now and then ex/ex- scw Us-orig. (export only) 10e
Tyler, Texas T: Remember me ex/ex Us-orig. -72 10e
V/A Music from Outlaw blues ex-/ex Us-orig 5e
V/A Texas Dancehall Favourites ex/ex- 80-luvun Ace-UK 13e
V/A All American rodeo and Wild-West-Show M-/ex Radio Ettanin mainoskansi 6e
V/A Tupla: 24 tuttua lännenlaulua Tuplan hieno mainoslevy v. 1981 2-LP gs 13e
Wagoner, Porter:; Green green grass of home ex-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Wagoneers: Stout & high ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 8e
Wagoneers: Good fortune ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
Wakefield, Frank and the Good ol boys: S/T M-/M- Us-orig. co 10e
Wakely, Jimmy: Show me the way ex/ex Us-orig. co 13,5e
Waldo, Elisabeth: Viva California ex/ex Us-orig -69 ins gs 15e
Waldron, Val and the New Shades of Grss Right on! ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
Val, Joe & the New England Bluegrass boys: Cold wind ex/M- (shrink) Us-orig. 7e
Walk the West: S/T ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Walker, Charlie: Close all the honky tonks ex/ex Us-orig, 10e
Walker, Billy: The Billy Walker show ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 7e
Walker, Billy: Portrait of Billy ex/ex- Us-orig. (-69) ei co rw 12e
Walker, Sammy: Blue Ridge Mountain Skyline ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Wallace, Jerry: The Very best of ex/ex-75-US 8e
Vasson, Henri: Hurdy Gurdy Music ex/ex Us-orig. ins 20e
Wayne, Bobby: Honky tonk ex-/ex Us-80 tiukkaa kitarainstrua co 10e
Wayne, Lee and the Nomads: Modern square dances ex-/ex- 70-luvun Us-painos wobc 8e
Weaver, Dennis: S/T ex-/ex- Uk-orig. poster 8e
Weisberg, Eric & Steve Mandell: Dueling Banjos M-/M- Us-org shrink 10e
Wells, Peggy Sue: Dynamite ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Weisberg, Eric & Steve Mandell: Dueling banjos & Deliverence ex-/ex- Us-orig. 13e
Weisberg, Eric: Rural free delivery ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
West, Dottie: Here comes my baby ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
West, Speedy: Steel guitar ex/ex- 80-luvun Stetson-repro 10e
West, Speedy: Steel guitar from outer space ex/ex- 80-luvun See for miles -painos 10e
West, Speedy: Guitar spectacular ex/ex- 80-luvun Saksa-painos 10e
Whelan, Billy: Canadian country souvenirs of the 1950s ex/ex -84 Cattle records LP 62 Saksa 10e
White, Don: Star of the WLS national barn dance ex/ex 80-luvun Cattle records 10e
White, Buck & the Down Home Folks: Poor folks pleasure M-/Ex US-orig. 5e
Whitman, Slim: Favourites ex-/ex Us-orig. (-57) Imperial ei co orig. sisäpussi 25e
Whitman, Slim: A lonesome heart ex-/ex- 60-luvun Us-painos 10e
Whitman, Slim: In love the Whitman way vg+/ex Us-orig. 10e
Whitman, Slim: The best of ex/ex -79-Us-painos co 6e
Whitman, Slim: Red river valley ex-/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Wier, Rusty: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Wier, Rusty: Don´t it make you wanna dance? ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Wills, Bob and His Texas Playboys: For the last time ex-/vg+ Us-orig. hieno boksi 2-LP booklet 20e
Wills, Bob: Tiffany transcriptions vol. 5 M-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Wills, Bob: Tiffany Transcriptions vol. 7 M-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Wills, Bob: Tiffany transcriptions ex/ex- Us-orig co 12e
Wills, Luke Rhythm Busters: High voltage gal ex/ex- Bear Family 15e
Williams, Dan: Midnight symphony ex-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Williams, Don: Visions ex-/ex(-) Uk-orig. 5e
Williams, Don: Harmony ex-/ex- Us-orig. 5e
Williams, Duke & the Extremes: Fantastic Fedora Mint (sealed)/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Williams, Hank Jr: The New South M-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Williams, Hank: Memorial album M-/ex 70-luvun alun Us-painos 10e
Williams, Hank Jr: Eleven roses ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Williams, Hank: Country store collection ex/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 6e
Williams, Hank Jr: All for the love of sunshine ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Williams, Hank: The Best of Hank William´s Original Drifting Cowboys - Live on Radio ex-/ex- Uk-orig. sssobc, swobc 17e
Williams, Hank: Original Drifting Cowboys Band: One more time around ex/ex Us-orig. sstsobc, swobc 10e
Williams, Hank (Sr.) Wait for the light to shine ex/ex 80/90-luvun Us-painos 8e
Williams, Hank: New South ex-/ex- -81-Saksa-painos co 7e
Williams; Hank Jr: Major moves M-/ex- Us-orig. inn co 8e
Williams, Tex: In Las Vegas M-/ex- 80-luvun Stetson-UK -repro 9e
Wills, Johnnie Lee: Reunion ex-/M- Us-orig. juliste 10e
Wills, Bob & his Texas Playboys:ST ex/ex 80-luvun alun Us-repro 8e
Wills, Bob & His Texas Playboys: History of M-/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Wills, Bob: King of Wester Swing M-/M- 70-luvun Us-painos 10e
Wills, Bob: The King of Western Swing ex-/ex- 80-luvun alun Charly-Uk 7e
Wills, Bob: The best of ex/ex- scw 80-luvun alun Us-painos 8e
Wills, Bob: The greatest string band hits ex/ex 70-luvun alun Us-painos co 10e
Wills, Bob/Asleep at the Wheel: Fathers and sons ex/ex- 70-luvun Us-painos 2-LP gs 15e
Wills, Bob Original Texas Playboys ex-/ex- Us-orig, inn 8e
Wills, Bob & His Texas Playboys: Anthology M-/ex- 70-luvun Us-painos 2-LP gs sstobc gs 10e
Wills, Bob & His Texas Playboys: For the last ime ex/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP-BOX, booklet, 2xinn 15e
Wills, Bob & Tommy Duncan: Hall of fame ex/ex 70-luvun alun US-painos, 2-LP, gs 15e
Wills, Johnnie Lee: Reunion ex-/ex- Us-orig. poster 8e
Wilson, Norro: Dedicated to only you ex-/ex- Us-orig. ei co 13,5e
Winchester, Jesse: Let the rough side drag ex/ex Us-orig. woc 7e
Winchester, Jesse: Nothing but a breze ex-/ex- Us-orig, inn 8e
Wiseman, Mac: The Rare singles and Radio transcription M-/ex 80-luvun Cowgirlboy-levy 10e
Wynette, Tammy: Greatest hits vol. 2 ex/ex 70-luvun Us-painos 8e
Wynette, Tammy etc: Five easy pieces -original soundtrack M-/vg+ Us-orig co 8e
Yarbrough, Glenn: Time to move on ex-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Young, Faron: Greatest hits ex-/ex Us-orig -65 mono 8e
Young, Faron: If you ain´t lovin you ain´t livin M-/M- Us-orig. 15e
Young, Faron: Top country friend M-/M- Uk-orig, 10e
Young, Faron: Sweethearts or strangers ex-/ex 80-luvun Saksa-painos 8e
Young, Faron: Singin Leavin and sayin goodbye ex/ex- Us-orig 10e


*Wylie & the Wild West: Ridin the Hi-line 5e
*16 Horsepower: Hoarse digipak 8e
*Lauderdale, Jim: Country Super Hits vol. 1 5e
*Allman Brothers Band: Win. lose and drew 5e
*Lynyrd Skynyrd: A Retrospective 4e
*Lynyrd Skynyrd: Tribute tour 1987 Live 4e
*Golden Smog: Down by the old mainstream 5e
*Golden Smog: Weird tales 5e
*Ford, Tennessee Ernie: Give me your word 1951-61 uunituore Jasmine UUSI 15e
*Jagger, Merle: Trash talking guitars digipak UUSI 15e
*Jarosz, Sarah: Follow me down digipak 5e
*Van Zandt: II co 5e
*Kentucky Headhunters: Songs from the grass string ranch 8e
*Handsome Family: Twilight 5e
*Earle. Steve: Live from Austin Texas digipak 7e
*Daniels, Charlie Band: High Lonesome ex- 8e
*Daniels, Charlie Band: Homesick heroes 10e
*Ely, Joe: Streets of sin co 5e
*Shaver, Billy Joe: Freedoms child 10e
*Shaver: Unshave Lie at Smiths Olde bar 10e
*Shaver, Billy: Live - Try and Try again 10e
*Shaver, Billy Joe: The Real Deal 10e
*Syren, Jussi: Sea of changes 8e
*Russell, Tom: Modern art digipak 5e
*V/A Wounded heart of America - Tom Russell songs digipak 7e
*Kirchen, Bill: Hot Rod Lincoln Live 8e
*Lonestar: Mountains 4e
*Ringerberg, Jason: A day at the farm 7e
*Terry, All: Good deal Lucille 34tr. Jasmine UUSI 15e
*Martin, Jimmy: God n country/Country music time 50-luvun parasta bluegrassia Jasmine UUSI 14e
*Allman Brothers Band: Shades of Two Worlds 7e
*Allman Brothers Band: An evening with First set 6e
*Allman Brothers Band: En evening with 2nd set 5e
*Watson, Dale: Jukebox Fury uutta Dalea, kovat vierailjat UUSI 20e
*Daniels, Charlie Band: The Ultimate 2-Cd 12e
*Picketts: Wicked Picketts 5e
*Hillbilly Idol: S/T 5e
*Strait, George: Blue clear sky 5e
*Syren, Jussi & the Gournbreakers: Heartgrass 5e
'Syren, Jussi & The Groundbreakers: Bluegrass singer digipak Mnt (muoveissa) 10e
*V/A Cash only - a Tribute to Johnny cash kotimaista, Bluelight 10e
*Cash, Johnny: Personal file 2-Cd digipak, slipcase 7e

A Brokeheart Pro: The Kitten Next Door Jeannette Kantzalis (The Chubbies) digipak 7e
Adams, Ryan: 29 5e
Adkins, Trace: The definitive greatest hits 2-Cd 12e
Aldean, Jason: Night train ex- 4e
Aldean, Jason: S/T 5e
Aldean, Jason: My kinda party ex- 4e
Allan, Gary: Used heart for sale 6e
Allen, Rex jr: Today´s generation Allenin kantri-psykedelia-levy v.- 69/70 18,5e
Allman Brothers: Classic 4e
Arar, Wasel & Northstate: State´s evidence 10e
Atkins, Ben: Mabelle co 6e
Autry, Gene: Don´t fence me in digipak 4e
Axton, Hoyt: Spin of the wheel long deleted Us-painos 17e
Axton, Hoyt: Lonesome road ex- 6e
Backsliders: Southern lines 5e
Baldassari, Bullock, Reischman: Travellers 10e
Ball, David: Thinkin problem 5e
Bare, Bobby: 500 miles away from home 4e
Beuamonts: Get ready for 10e
Bellamy Brothers: Very best of 5e
Benton, Barbi: S/T remastered CDR 5e
Big & Rich: Comin to your city 10e
Billie Joe (Armstrong) + Norah (Jones): Foreverly ex- pahvikansi-gs 7e
Black, Clint: Put yourself in my shoes 5e
Black, Clint: 16 biggest hits 5e
Blackfoot: Vertical smiles 15e
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings: Let´s frolic again digipak 8e
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings: South 5e
Black Oak Arkansas: Ain´t liove grand Sequel-painos ex- 5e
Bluegrass Champs: Live from the Don Owens show 12e
Bluegrass Stuff: The Old Bridge hyvin soitettua ja laulettua perinteistä bluegrassia pitkän linja eurooppalais-bändiltä UUSI 15e
Blue Rodeo: The days in between ex- 3e
Blue Rodeo: Greatest hits vol. 1 5e
Boone, Larry: Get in line 8e
Bottle Rockets: Songs of Sahm 5e
Brice, Lee: Hard 2 love 5e
Brodie, Dan: Big Black guitar 7e
Brodsky, Chuck: Radio 5e
Brooks, Garth: No fences 7e
Bucktown Kickback: Lost in your own hometown ex- 4e
Cagle, Chris: Back in the saddle 10e
Calvin, Shawn: All fall down pahvikotelo, kansi ex- 8e
Campbell, Glen: Wichita Lineman/Galveston-Where´s the playground Susie? BGO 10e
Campbell, Glen: Rhinestone cowboy 27tr. Emi 5e
Carll, Hayes: Little rock digipak 10e
Carpenter, Mary Chapin: Time sex love 7e
Carpenter, Mary Chapin: Between here and gone digipak 5e
Carpenter, Mary Chapin: The age of miracles 6e
Carpenter, Mary Chapin: A place in the world 6e
Carroll, Kevin: Redemption day UUSI 17e
Carroll, Jason Michael: Waitin in the country nuoren polven hyvä kantrimuusikko UUSI (muoveissa) 12e
Carter Cash, June: Wildwood flower 8e
Carter, Carlene: Platinum collection 4e
Cash, Johnny: 8 classic albums 6e
Cash, John & June Carter: Carryin on with 5e
Cash, Johnny Roadshow: Gold 26.8.1014 Berry Hill studios Monmouth 10e
Cash, Johnny: The soul of truth - Bootleg vol. IV 2-CD 8e
Cash, Johnny: Johnny Cash´s America CD+DVD 6e
Cash, Johnny: Nashville sessions 5e
Cash, Johnny: Ring of Fire - the Legend of Johnny 5e
Cash, Johnny: At Folsom Prison 5e
Cash, Johnny: His Sun years 3-CD-pikkuboksi 10e
Cash, Johnny: My Mother´s Hymn book 5e
Cash, Johnny: Unchained ex- 4e
Cash, Johnny: American recordings 5e
Cash, Johnny: Ragged old flag 5e
Cash, Johnny: At san Quentin (the Complete 1969 concert)/At Folsom Prison Two original albums 2-CD slipcase 8e
Cash, Johnny: Live from Austin Texas digipak 5e
Cash, Johnny: At San Quentin 5e
Cash, Johnny: American V: A hundred highways 5e
Cash, Johnny: American recordings 5e
Cash, Johnny: American V: A hundred highways 5e
Cash, Johnny: At San Quentin CD+DVD 8e
Cash, Johnny: Carryin on with 5e
Cash, Johnny: Silver 5e
Cash, Johnny: My mother´s hymn book 5e
Cash, Johnny: Original alum series (Fabulous/Hymns by/Songs of our soil/Ride this train/Orange blossom special) 5.-CD 10e
Cash, Johnny: American IV Man comes around 2-CD 8e
Cash, Johnny: The Essential 2-Cd UUSI (muoveissa) 8e
Cash, Johnny: My mother´s hymn book 5e
Cash, Johnny: Fabulous Columbia-painos 5e
Cash, Johnny: Hymns ex- 4e
Cash, Johnny: At San Quentin 8e
Cash, Johnny: At Folsom Prison ex- 4e
Cash, Johnny & June Carter: Duets 5e
Cash, Johnny: Love digipak 8e
Cash, Johnny: At Folsom Prison 19tr. 5e
Cash, Johnny: På Österråker slipcase 5e
Cash, Johnny: The Unauthorised biography DVD 10e
Cash, Johnny: Traveling Cash Bear Family 10e
Cash, Johnny: Children´s Album slipcase 5e
Cash, Johnny: Country style 1958/Guest star 1959, eli kaksi hyvää showta mainoksineen kaikkineen, cool kansikuva UUSI 17e
Cash, Johnny: My mother´s hymn book 10e
Cash, Johnny: America 5e
Cash, Johnny: Murder digipak 5e
Cash, Johnny: Live from Austin Texas digipak 6e
Cash, Johnny: Lonesome in Black The Legendary Sun recordings 2-Cd slipcase 5e
Cash, Johnny & Friends: The Johnny Cash Show 10e
Cash, Johnny vs Bob Dylan: The singer and the song 2-Cd slipcase 5e
Cash, Johnny: At San Quentin 1969 CD + DVD 10e
Cash, Johnny: Songs of our soil 2 bonaria 5e
Cash, Johnny: Ragged old flag 5e
Cash, Johnny: Ride his train 4 bonaria 5e
Cash, Johnny: The Hits Mercuryn kamaa 7e
Cash, Johnny: Personal file 2-Cd pahvikotelo, slipcase 7e
Cash, Johnny: America 5e
¨ Cash, Johnny: Walking the Line - The Legendary Sun Recordings 3-CD 7e
Cash, Johnny: Ragged old flag 5e
Cash, Johnny: Ride this train 4 bonaria 5e
Cash, Johnny: Concert behind prison walls UUSI 6e
Cash, Johnny: Children´s album slipcase 7e
Cash, Johnny: The Essential 2-CD 10e
Cash, Johnny: Personal file 2-CD slipcase, pahvikotelo 7e
Cash, Johnny: The legend of Ring of fire vol. 2 10e
Cash, Johnny: Man in black - Very best of 2-CD 7e
Cash, John Carter: Bitter harvest 5e
Cash, Rosanne: Rules of travel 7e
Cash, Rosanne: The Wheel 5e
Cash, Rosanne: Super hits 4e
Caulton, Peter: Hard road tough country Bear Family 10e
Chas Chas Cadillac: Battle Hyms CDR 12e
Chatham Country Line: Route 23 6e
Chesney, Kenny: Songs for he saints 7e
Choates, Harry: Devil in the Bayou - The Gold star recordings 2-CD digipak Bear Family 20e
Church, Eric: Chied ex- 4e
Church, Eric: Carolina 7e
Church, Eric: Caught in the act 5e
Clark, Yodeling Slim: Cowboy & yodel songs 28tr. Jasmine 7e
Clarkson, Kelly: Stronger 4e
Clarkson, Kelly: Stronger deluxe 6e
Clayhill Brothers: Twenty Below Zero suomalaista bluegrassia pitkälti omin biisein 8e
Cline, Patsy: Four star recordings UUSI 5e
Coal Porters: no 6 digipak 7e
Coe, David Allan: Best of the best - Truck drivin songs ex- 7e
Coe, David Allan: Johnny Cash is a friend of mine 10e
Cyrus, Billy Ray: Trail of tears 7e
Cline, Patsy: I can´t forget CD + DVD UUSI (muoveissa) 6e
Cline, Patsy: Four star recordings 1955-60 24 tr. UUSI 18e
Cline, Patsy: 12 Greatest hits 6e
Cline, Patsy: 20 golden hits writing on booklet 5e
Coal Porters: Los London ex- 6e
Coe, David Allan: Sings Merle Haggard ex- 7e
Costner, Kevin & Modern West: Untold truths/Turn it on/From the I stand 3-CD-BOX 20e
Craft, Paul: Brother jukebox erinomaista roots-kamaa bluegrass-honky tonk -akselilla 8e
Delbert & Glen: Subject to change 15e
Delmore Brothers: Classic cuts 1933-41 4-CD-BOX, JSP UUSI 15e
Desotos: Cross your heart digipak 8e
Diffie, Joe: A thousand winding roads/Regular Joe UUSI 12e
Digby, Amber & Justin Trevino: Keeping up appearances hyvää 50s-style kantria, hienot laulajat UUSI 18e
Digby, Amber & Justin Trevino: Keeping up appearances 10e
Digby, Amber: Passion, pride & What might have been aivan upeaa honky tonk-kantria Texasista UUSI 17e
Dixie Chicks: Wide open spaces 4e
Dixie Chicks: Top of the world tour Live DVD 7e
Dobson, Richard: Mankind plus 16 tr Bear Family digipak 10e
Donahew, Casey Band: Moving on UUSI (muoveissa) 10e
Donahew, Casey Band: Double-wide dream digipak 5e
Donahue, Jerry & Doug Morter: Brief encounters Mint (muoveissa) 12e
Draper, Rusty: No help wanted kantria, viihdettä, vähän rokkiakin 2-D UUSI 10e
Eagles: On the border 4e
Eagles: Hotel California remastered 5e
Eagles: Eagles Live 2-CD 6e
Earle, Steve & the Dues: J.T Steven uunituore tribuutti hiljan kuolleelle Justin Townes -pojalleen UUSI 20e
Edwards, Kathleen: Back to me 6e
Edwards, Kathleen: Failer ex- 5e
Edwards, Kathleen: Asking for flowers 7e
Edwards, Kathleen. Voyager 7e
Efren: Write a new song digipak ex- 7e
Ely, Joe: Live at Antone´s ex- 8e
Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts: Too little too late hyvää uuttta kantria Norjasta UUSI 15e
¨ Farr, Hugh & Karl: Texas Stomp - Hot n bluesy Fiddle/guitar and twin guitar duets 1934-40 UUSI 10e
Fleck, Bela: Ufo tofu 5e
Fleck, Bela & the Flecktones: Greatest hits of the 20th century 5e
Fleck, Bela: Bluegrass sessions Tales from the acoustic planet vol. 2 10e
Florida Georgia Line: Here´s the Good times 5e
Foster, Radney: Del Rio, TX 1959 & Labor of love 2-CD 13e
Gatlin, Bros: Adios ex- 3e
Gauthier, Mary: Between daylight and dark 5e
Gayle, Crystal: Country greatest 20tr. Emi Plys 4e
Gibson, Don: The collection 6e
Gladden, Texas: Ballad legacy 12e
Graham, Jon De: Hooray for the moon 4e
Gray, Claude: Singles collection 1958-62 uunituore Jasmine UUSI 14e
Haggard, Merle: Someday we´ll look back/I love dixie blues 2-CD 10e
Haggard, Merle: Justbetween two of us/The Fightin side of me 8e
Haggard, Merle: 20 Greatest hits 4e
Haggard, Merle: Woking in Tennessee 8e
Hanna, Chip: Old south jamboree 8e
Harris, JP: Sometimes dogs park at nothing digipak ex- 5e
Hayes, Hunter: Storyline Mint (muoveissa) 10e
Heatherly, Eric: Swimming in a champagne 7e
Hensley, Jerry: Cool breeze blowin mukana duetto Johnny Cashin kanssa UUSI 17e
Hensley, Jerry: Cool breeze lovin yksi biisi duettona Johnny Cashin, kaksi Anita Carterin kanssa 8e
Highwaymen: 2 5e
Highway Robbery: For love or money 10e
Hill, Faith: Fireflies 10e
Hot Club of Cowtown: Devlish Mary promo-cut out 7e
Husky, Ferlin: Don´t fall asleet at the wheel UUSI 7e
Jackson, Wanda: Before the fame UUSI 5e
James, Sonny: The Southern gentleman legend begins 4e
Janedear Girls: S/T ex- 8e
Jason and the Scorchers: Hell´s gates 3tr CDS 13e
Jason & the scorchers: Still standing 10e
Jaye, Jerry: My Girl Josephine 1967-76 ex- 10e
Johnson, Cody: Gotta be me 8e
Johnson, Eric: Europa live pahvikansi-gs 10e
Johnson, Eric: Ah via musicum 3e
Jones, Norah: Live from Austin Texas DVD promo-cut out 8e
Jones, George: I am what I am 5e
Jones, George: The Great lost hits 2-CD ex- 10e
Jones, George: Cold hard truth 5e
Judd, Wynonna: Wynonna 4e
Judds: Essential 5e
Kaapana, Led: Waltz of the wind havaiji-kitaran mestari 10e
Kennedy, Ray: Guitar man ex- 10e
Kirchen, Bill: King of dieselbilly kokoelma UUSI 18e
Kirchen, Bill: King of dieselbilly co 8e
Kolander, Steve: Pieces of a puzzle 10e
Kristofferson, Kris: Songs of 5e
Lafarge, Pokey: Live in Holland digipak 7e
Laine, Frankie: 20 all time greatest hits writing on booklet ex- 5e
Lang, KD: Ingenue ex- 5e
Lang, KD: Watershed ex- slipcase 5e
Lauderdale, Jim: Country super hits vol. 1 6e
Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver: My heart is yours ykkösluokan bluegrassia "Country Gentlemen" -soittajalta UUSI 17e
Lawson, Doyle: Best of the Sugarhill years 10e
Lonestar Mountain: S/T 10e
Loveless, Patty: Strong heart 8e
Lucky Tomblin Band: Red hoit from Blue rock CD+DVD 8e
Lynn, Loretta & Jan Howard: Honky tonk girls - Complete solo recordings 1958-62 30tr. Jasmine UUSI 15e
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Southern by the grace of God ex- 5e
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Skynyrd´s Innyrds/Their greatest hits 5e
Malo, Raul/Pat Flynn/Rob Ickes/Dave Pomeroy: Nashville acoustic sessions 7e
Mavericks: From Hell to Paradise 6e
Mavericks: Live in Austin Texas DVD 10e
Mavericks: In time 5e
Mavericks: S/T UUSI 7e
Mavericks: Tramboline 5e
McBride, Martina: Greatest hits 4e
McBride, Martina: Martina 5e
McBride, Martina: Greatest hits ex- 4e
McBride, Martina: Timeless 5e
McBride, Martina: Evolution 5e
McBride, Martina: Emotion 5e
McBride, Martina: Waking up laughing 5e
McCaslin, Mary & Jim Ringer: The Bramble & the Rose 13e
McClinton, Delbert: I´m with you ex- 7e
McDowell, Ronnie: At Church Street Station 1986 5e
McEntire, Reba: Rumor has it 4e
McGraw, Tim: Emotional traffic 10e
McGraw, Tim: Live like you were dying ex- 4e
McGraw, Tim: And the Dancehall doctors 5e
McGraw, Tim: All I want 5e >br> McGraw, Tim: S/T 5e
McGraw, Tim: A place in the sun ex- 4e
Melroys: S/T 10e
Micky & the Motrocasrs: Ain´t in it for the money ex- 6e
Molly Hatchet: Devil´s canyon ex- 5e
Molly Hatchet: Double trouble live 5e
Moorer, Allison: Show CD + DVD 8e
Morgan, George: Singles collection 1949-62 2-CD UUSI 10e
Mr Rick & Biscuits: Whole grain digipak 8e
Murphey. Michael: Blue sky - Night Thunder/Swans against the sun 12e
Neal, Willie Heath: Lonesome ex- 7e
Neal, Willie Heath & His Cowboys Killers: S/T 10e
Neilson, Tami: Kitchen table sessions vol. 2 15e
Nelson, Willie: Teatro 5e
Nelson, Willie: The Collection 4e
Nelson, Willie: Spirit 5e
Nesmith, Michael: Listen to the band 4e
Neumark, Julie. Dimestore halo pahvikotelo gs 4e
Newman, Jimmy C: Alligator man . 31 original recodings UUSI 6e
No Justice: Americas son digipak 10e
Okeh Wranglers: Tearing up the old dancehall 8e
Old 97´s: Too far to care ex- 5e
Old 97´s: Alive & wired 2-CD digipak 8e
Old 97´s: Most messed up Mint (muoveissa) 15e
Olson, Carla: S/T 5e
Original soundtrack: I walk the line enhanced cd 16tr. 10e
Original soundtrack: Crazy heart w. Jeff Bridges 10e
Original Soundtrack: Crazy - Music inspired by the life of Hank Garland 10e
Osborne, Joan: Pretty little stranger promo-cut out 7e
Overstreet, Paul: Sowin Love 4e
Pacheco, Tom: Tales from the Red lake 7e
Paisley, Brad: Who needs pictures 7e
Palace Brothers: There´s no-one what will tae care of you 5e
Paley, Tom: Hard luck papa 10e
Parton, Dolly: Essential 2-Cd 6e
Parton, Dolly - Linda Rondstadt - Emmylou Harris: Trio 5e
Poco: Deliverin 5e
Poco: S/T (eka) 6e
Poco: Seven ex- 4e
Primo Grande: Traveling blind 70-luvun tyylistä hyvää southern rockia Tampereelta 5tr. MCD UUSI 10e
Rafael, Joel Band: S/T 8e
Rafael, Joel Band: Old Wood Barn 10e
Ranch Romance: Blue blazes 5e
Raye, Collin: All I can be 5e
Red Moon Joe: Time & Life erinomaista Americanaa/countrya Liverpoolista 10e
Reischman, John: North of the border CDR 5e
Reeves, Jim: Radio show February 25-28.1958 28tr. Bear Family 10e
Reeves, Jim: Eight classic albums 4-Cd 6e
Rent a Cow: High noon in Wanker county 7e
Reynolds, Billy Ray: Whole lot of memories 6e
Rimes, Leann: I need you 10e
Rimes, Leann: Family 10e
Ritter, Josh: Hello starling slipcase 6e
Ritter, Tex: Capitol collectors series 25tr. 10e
Robbins, Marty: The Drifter/Saddle Tramp/What God has done/Christmas with Marty 2-CD UUSI 18e
Robbins, Marty: El Paso City/Adios Amigo Martyn -76/-77-albumit samalla CD:llä UUSI 15e
Robbins, Marty: By the time I get to Phoenix/Tonight Carmen ja -67 ja -68-albumit UUSi 15e
Rogers, Randy Band: Trouble 7e
Rogers, Kenny: After dark 5e
Rondstadt, Linda: Greatest hits ex- 4e

Runnels, Mike: Don´t tell Candy juurevaa Texas-countryä a la James Hand UUSI 17e
Runnels, Mike: Don´t tell Candy hyvää Teksasin kantria 10e
Russell, Leon & the New Grass Revival: The Live album ex- 15e
Russell, Tom: Love & Fear digipak ex- 8e
Russell, ToM. Love & fear/Song of the west 2-Cd 10e
Russell, Tom: Love & fear digipak Russellin nimarilla ex- 15e
Russell, Tom: The Rose of San Joaquin 7e
Russell, Tom & the Norwegian Wind Ensemble: Aztec Jazz 8e
Savannah: Love, me 10e
Savory, Tanya: Where we live 6e
Scanlan, Martha and the Sturat Brothers: Live in Finland digipak UUSI 13e
Scanlan, Martha: The West was burning 5e
Shaver, Billy Joe: Storyteller - Live at the Bluebird 1992 co 7e
Shea, Rick: Buffalo show 7e
Snow, Hank: Famous country music makers 20 raitaa lähinnä 50-luvun alusta: I´m movin on, the Golden rocket ym. UUSI 6e
Snow, Hank: Movin on to glory - 21 country gospel recordings UUSI 6e
Snow, Hank: I don´t hurt anymore - 20 Greatest hits UUSI 6e
Snow, Hank: I´m movin on UUSI 6e
Solal: Moonshine sessions CD+DVD ex- 5e
Sons of the San Joaquin: A cowboy´s song 10e
Speedtwinn: S/T ex- 10e
Stanley, Ralph & Friends: Clinch Moutnain Country 2-CD 8e
Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys: 1949-52 parasta bluegrassia, "I´m a man of constant sorrow" 24tr. Bear Family 10e
Stone, Doug: I though it was you ex- 4e
Stoner, Billy: S/T tenneseeläisen outlaw-country -miehen loistava albumi v. -80 ekaa kertaa CD:llä UUSI 17e
String Cheese Incident: Live from Austin Texas DVD 10e
Stuart, Marty: This one´s gonna hurt you 8e
Stuckey, Dave: Get a load of this promo-co 7e
Swift, Taylor: Speak now 2-CD 10e
Syren, Jussi: Bluegrass singer digipak 10e
Syren, Jussi: From Vyborg to LA digipak 8e
´ Syren, Jussi & the Groundbreakers: Factories & fields ex- 6e
Syren, Jussi & the Groundbreakers: The Verdict 7e
Syren, Jussi: Bluegrass Christmas UUSI 17e
Syren, Jussi: Most requested digipak 8e
Thompson Square: Just feels good ex- 4e
Tombstone, Stevie: Devils game 9e
Tombstone, Stevie: 7:30 am 8e
Tombstone, Steve: Greenwood digipak 7e
Torok, Mitchell: Red light, green light - Singles 1949-63 Jasmine UUSI 14e
Travis, Merle: Divorce me C.O.D - Country chart hits 1946-53 Jasmine UUSI 14e
Twain, Shania: Shania Now 5e
Twang Bangeras: 28 days on the road B. Kirchen, D. Wayne ym 7e
Underwood, Carrie: Carnival ride 6e
Urban, Keith: Be here 6e
Urban Horse Thieves: Won´t be long 10e
Uriah Heep: The best of part 1 yksi bonari 7e
Van Dyke, Leroy: Walk on by 2-Cd 8e
V/A Warren Hayners presents the Benefit concert vol. 2 mm. Allman Bros 2-CD 7e
V/A Golden age of American popular music the Country hits 28tr. Ace ex- 7e
V/A Country Love songs 3-CD 6e
V/A Let er buck - 25 authentic cowboy songs UUSI (muoveissa) 7e
V/A Lost notebooks of Hank Williams Dylan, Haggard, Helm ym 8e
V/A Dressed in Black - A Tribute to Johnny Cash 7e
V/A Country Got soul vol. 2 digipak ex- 5e
V/A O Brother, where art thou? original soundtrack 4e
V/A We walk the line - Inside a Norwegian prison norjalainen Cash-tribuutti mm. Vidar Busk CD+DVD, slipcase 10e
V/A Executioner´s Last songs vol. 1 8e
V/A Train Whistle Blues 2-CD ex- 4e
V/A Roots of Bluegrass 4e
V/A Kindrered Spirits - A Tribute to Johnny Cash Yoakam, R.Cash, Bruce, Marty Stuart ym 4e
V/A Dear Johnny - A Tribute to Johnny Cash D.Watson, Jesse Dayton, E.Spaghetti ymm 7e
V/A Lonesome, on´ry and mean - A tribute to Waylon Jennings promo-cut out 5e
V/A You´re the reason 30 one hit wondrs US country & western 30tr. E.Noack, Billie Jean Horton, Jo-Ann Campbell ym UUSI 10e
V/A Red hot + country J.D. Gilmore, Wilco, MJ Carpenter ym. 5e
V/A Bluegrass mountain style digipak Rounderin kokoelma 5e
V/A Way Beyond Nashville - Welcome to the Twisted side of Country music 5e
V/A Bluegrass. The Godl Collection. Monroe, Doc Watson, Hanks Snow, Merle Travis 2-CD. Slipcase 6e
V/A Keep on Truckin Not Now 2-CD slipcase 5e
V/A Bluegrass breakdown 2-CD:llinen bluegrass-klassikkoja alkuperäisesityksinä UUSI 6e
V/A Cruisin Country vol. 3 erinomainen sarja pääosin harvinaista 50-60.luvun vaihteen rokkaavaa kantria 30.tr UUSI 10e
V/A Don´t let the bastards get you down - A tribute to Kris Kristofferson 10e
V/A Blazing Bluegrass 4-CD Proper-boxi 15e
V/A O Sister! The women´s bluegrass collection digipak 5e
Van Zandt, Townes: Best of promo-cut out 5e
Watson, Dale: Best of Hightone years 8e
Watson, Dale: Whiskey or god? Heaah-albumin jenkkipainos, eri kansi kuin Eu-painoksessa UUSI 20e
Watson, Doc & Merle: Lonesome road UUSI 10e
Watson, Gene: A taste of truth digipak 5e
Wayne, Bob: Outlaw Carnie 6e
Weisberg, Eric & Steve Mandell: Dueling banjos ost Deliverance 4e
Welch, Gillian: The harrow and the harvest 10e
Wells, Kitty: Makin believe UUSI 5e
Wells, Kitty: Can´t stop lovin you UUSI 5e
Wynette, Tammy: Best of 12tr Sony 5e
Whitmore, William Elliott: Field songs digipak 10e
Whitmore, William Elliott: Animals in the dark digipak 10e
Whitmore, William Elliott: Radium death 10e
Williams, Hank: 40 greatest hits Polydorin klassikko-kokoelma 2-CD 10e
Williams, Hank: Garden spot programs laadukasta ennenjulkaisematonta Hankia UUSI 18,5e
Williams, Hank jr: Greatest hits vol. 3 ex- 4e
Williams, Hank Jr: 20 hits ex- 4e
Williams, Robin & Linda: In the company of strangers 10e
Wooden Wand: Briarwood pahvitasku ex- 8e
Word: S/T digipak 8e
Vonne, Patricia: Guitars & castanets 10e
Vonne, Patricia: Firebird 8e
Wynette, Tammy: Without walls ex- 4e
Wynn, Thomas & the Believers: Wade Waist Deep 5e
Yearwood, Trisha: Hearts in armor 4e
Yearwood, Trisha: The song remembers when 4e
Yearwood, Trisha: Where your road leads 5e
Yearwood, Trisha: Inside out 5e
Yearwood, Trisha: Jasper county 5e
Yearwood, Trisha: Real live woman 5e
Yearwood, Trisha: Thinkin about you 5e
Yearwood, Trisha:; Everybody knows ex- 4e



Uudet vinyylit ja CD:t, musakirjat



Kotimainen rock

Ulkomainen rock A-K

Ulkomainen rock L-Ö

Rock`n Roll, rockabilly

Blues, R&B

Reggae, Soul, Funk




Kotimainen iskelmä

Kotimaiset singlet

Ulkomaiset singlet